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Legion of Frontiersmen (New Zealand) Command

New Zealand Legion Meritorious Service Medal

New Zealand Legion Meritorious Service Medal
1The Legion of Frontiersmen New Zealand Command Instituted the Legion Meritorious Service Medal, the award being conferred on members of New Zealand Headquarters Staff whose service to the Legion is considered to warrant the granting of the decoration.
2The medal will be properly known as the "New Zealand Meritorious Service Medal" which is described as a "circular silver medal with the central words "God Guard Thee" and the outside words being Legion of Frontiersmen, on the reverse side the words "for Meritorious Service".  The Medal shall be suspended from a bar suspender and a 32 mm wide ribbon being a green ribbon with a brown boarder on each side with a central brown strip.
3The medal will be worn above the left breast pocket of the Legion Uniform in accordance with the New Zealand Command order of Wear.
4In uniform when ribbons only are worn, the wearing of a ribbon bar shall denote the award.
5Those to whom the Medal is awarded may wear Miniature medals on appropriate Legion occasions

General rules on awards of the New Zealand Command
1New Zealand Headquarters shall maintain a register of names of awardees.
2The Commandant New Zealand Command may, by order under his hand, reinstate, cancel, or annul any award to a member of the Legion of Frontiersmen (NZ) Command by recommendation of an Appeals Board, or other such committee empowered to investigate the awardees for the Command, with the exception of the Gold Pioneer Axe.
3Every Award made or revoked will be notified in Routine orders. (Journal)
4There will be no post nominal to any award except the Gold Pioneer Axe, Pioneer Axe, and Pioneer Cross
5No award shall be made to a member who has been convicted of any criminal offence in a civil court or Military Tribunal, during that time being accumulated for the award
6When a second and/or subsequent award of a medal is made, the multiple award shall be indicated; on the suspension ribbon of the original award by the wearing of a silver metal bar 32mm wide with a representation of a Mural Crown thereon.  When ribbons only are worn, by the wearing of a silver star device centrally on the ribbon.
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