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Legion of Frontiersmen (New Zealand) Command
Awarded for five years service in the field

This medal first came into being in the mid 1980s and was called the Legion Service Star or the 5 Year Star.  It was and still is awarded for 5 years service in the field (Community)

The first style that was used was privatley made by a member at the time and only a very small number were struck.  Each of these was suspended from a double loop one loop of which was a split ring.  The original ribbon used was exceedingly thick and would take a lot of effort to get through the loop.  It was considered that this could have been a belt material

In the early 1990s the medals were commercially manufactured and of a far better quality and the suspension was a single ring.  Ribbon for this new medal was made by Toye Kenning in the UK and was a lot better than previously, and the newer ribbon was then the only one that was to be used for remounting medals.
This medal was awarded on completion of twelve years efficient, continuous service.  A Silver Fern was awarded as "A Grateful Tribute to those who had done Yeoman Service for the Legion in the past"  The Silver Fern was a a special award granted by New Zealand Command Headquarters to holders of the Long Service Award, who, though not qualifying for the Pioneer Axe were deemed worthy

This Medal is the oldest medal of the NZ Command, and it predates the same award from the UK.  It is believed to have been introduced between 1935 and 1940, and at this time the awards were struck by Mayer & Kean up until 1954.  Their name was stamped on the reverse of the medal, and were issued with a maroon ribbon not unlike that of the VC, and due to this confusion the ribbon was changed and a central green stripe was painted or woven on the ribbon.  At some point in time Mayer & Kean lost the original dies for the medal and the new medals after 1954 were struck by the Taranaki Manufacturing Company in Stratford, NZ

Awarded for outstanding or unusual acts of service

It is not known exactly when this award was instituted but only three of these awards were ever issued and of these three one was to an Australian Officer who had the cross remounted with the Ribbon of the Dartnell Cross.  It did however still retain the "Pioneer Cross" suspension bar.

This cross was taken out of service and renamed the NZ Cross of Merit in 1984.  The Cross of Merit awards are identified by the suspension bar having N.Z.C.M
This medal was awarded for the 90th Anniversary of the Legion of Frontiersmen in 1994.  There were just over 120 medals produced.  At the time there was a requisite 7 years of continuous service prior to 1994 required for the award.  In 1999 there were still a small number of the medals left in stock so at the annual Conference a decision was made to dispense with the seven year requirement, and it was decided that if anyone was a member in 1994 and not received the award then they could make application for said.
Type 1                     Type 3                     Type 4a                   Type 4b
Type 2

Type 1 -  This ribbon was identical to that of the Victoria Cross ribbon and was 36mm wide

Type 2 -  Centred on lighter maroon (36mm wide) printed.  The green is 5mm wide

Type 3 -  Wider on a VC red.  One sided printed (36mm wide).  The green is 8mm wide and was a cheap replacement for the type 2

Type 4 - Red/black style ribbon 1992 - 2004 (32mm wide)

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