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The following was announced in the IOC June 2007 Command Orders:

Annand Service Cross
Awarded to three outstanding Kiwi Frontiersmen

In the Legion of Frontiersmen, Independent Overseas Command (IOC), Orders dated June 2007, the following three outstanding New Zealanders were awarded The Annand Service Cross for their individual acts of service to the Brotherhood of the Legion of Frontiersmen.


The Award of the Annand Service Cross.

1.  Brigadier General Douglas J. Baker JP, QSM, AFSC (LOF-NZ) (Posthumous) effective 31 May 2007.
2.   Frontiersman Michael Subritzky AFSC (LOF-NZ) effective 31 May 2007.
3.   Corporal Michael Smith AFSC (LOF-NZ) effective 31 May 2007.

(NOTE): The Annand Frontiersmen Service Cross is the IOC's premier award and takes precedence over all other IOC honours and awards. The above three are the first New Zealand Frontiersmen to be so decorated. Well Done Kiwi!!!


The award of the Annand Service Cross to Brigadier General Douglas J. Baker QSM, AFSC, pp. (LOF-NZ) (Posthumous) was a "Lifetime Achievement Award" for his very many years of service to the Legion worldwide.

The award of the Annand Service Cross to both Frontiersman Michael Subritzky AFSC and Corporal Michael Smith AFSC was due to their unmasking of the "Military Wannabe" (Impostor/Liar) "Lieutenant General Robin Weatherall MC. BS. LM etc, etc etc." who had taken over Command of the IOC branch of the Legion by guile. The two Mike's are both ex-servicemen, military historians and also medal and badge experts. They worked on the Robin Weatherall case for some few months.  The entire story of the unmasking of this lying clown who had never pulled on a combat boot, or even wore a military uniform can be found here:

The two Mike's astuteness has also been acknowledged world-wide by War Veterans organisations.



By Order of the Commandant General, the following is indicated:
1These regulations are to be cited as "The Annand Frontiersmen Service Cross Regulations, 2003."

2The Annand Frontiersmen Service Cross is the Command's premier award and takes precedence over all other
  Command honors and awards. The cross has two classes and is awarded by the Command to a member in good
  standing who has performed:
  aDistinguished Conduct above and beyond that which could be normally expected of them either for a
   specific act or for performance over a period of time, or
  bActs of a hazardous nature where life is in danger, the Cross is awarded for valor.

3The Annand Frontiersmen Service Cross is named in honor of Second Lieutenant Richard Wallace Annand, VC;
  Colonel-in-Chief of the Command and recipient of the Victoria Cross. A member of 2nd. Battalion of the Durham
  Light Infantry, Royal Army when awarded the Victoria Cross. On May 15, 1940 near the River Dyle in Belgium.
  Second Lieutenant Annand (age 25) inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy with hand grenades. He was
  wounded, but after having his wounds dressed, he made another attack on the enemy position the same evening.
  Later, when the position became hopeless and when Lieutenant Annand’s platoon was ordered to withdraw,
  Lieutenant Annand discovered that his batman was wounded and missing. He returned at once to the former
  position and brought him back in a wheelbarrow before collapsing from loss of blood. He later achieved the rank
  of Captain

4The post-nominal entitlement for the Annand Frontiersmen Service Cross is AFSC. The post-nominal entitlement
  to the Annand Frontiersmen Service Cross awarded for valor is AFSCV. The post-nominal entitlement for the
  awarding of both grades is AFSCV, AFSC. The awarding of a bar is denoted by the post-nominal entitlement

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