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VAILE Douglas Ross
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Ross was born in Whangarei on the 17th day of January 1943, was married on 1 June 1968, and has a daughter and a son and two grandchildren.  Ross joined the New Zealand Army on 5 August 1964 and served in Malaya, Borneo and Singapore, and was discharged in 1967.  Ross joined the Legion of Frontiersmen on 11 September 1970 and has held every office in 'F' Troop, plus many years as the RSM on New Zealand Headquarters.
Ross has served on many committees over the years including - School, Judo, Whangarei R.S.A, and is a life member of the Whangarei A&P. Society.
Ross has not missed an conference since 1981, a record very few could match.  He has a wide knowledge of Legion protocol and the running of Headquarters, and a man who will help the Legion move forward into the future.