Service Awards
New Zealand Operational Service Medal
The Rhodesia Medal
New Zealand Army Long Service & Good Conduct Medal and bar
New Zealand Corrections Long Service Medal
New Zealand Defence Service Medal
National Service, Territorial, Regular
US Antarctic Service Medal
Zimbabwe Independence Medal [1980]
Polonia Restituta [Poland] [1999]
Polish Ex-Servicemen's Association Combatant Cross [2019]
Poland Cultural Meritorius Medal [Zasluzony dla Kultury Polskiej] [2022]

US Army Air Assault Qualification Badge
New Zealand Veterans Badge
Rhodesia Marksman's Badge

Awards from the Legion of Frontiersmen
Legion of Frontiersman Pioneer Axe [2018]
New Zealand Legion Long Service & Efficiency Medal [2010]
New Zealand Legion Service Medal [2009]
New Zealand Command Centennial Medal [2011]
Australian Service Medal [2009]
Annand Frontiersman Service Cross - For Merit [2007]

Te Awamutu Volunteer Fire Brigade Awards
UFBA Service Medal
Four 2 year service bars
Year of the Volunteer Medal [2001]
+10 device [2011]
Te Awamutu Volunteer Fire Brigade Centennial Medal [2013]
Subritzky-Count Kusza, Michael Raphael Gabriel
V100514, Royal New Zealand Navy
E100514, Royal New Zealand Artillery
E100514, Royal New Zealand Air Force
4008, Legion of Frontiersmen, New Zealand

Born 1950 in Katikati, New Zealand, from an old Polish noble family (ennobled Poland 1495), Polish Lord..

Saint Joseph's Convent Waihi, Waihi College. Married Marilyn (nee: Williams)  6 Children.
Retired professional soldier. 
Served in the Royal New Zealand Navy.
Royal New Zealand Artillery.
Royal New Zealand Air Force.
US Navy-Task Force 43 Antarctica.
Polish (Independent) Reserve Brigade, Polish Government (In Exile). 
13 Tours of Duty, including peacekeeping, Operation Agila (Rhodesian War 1979-80) and various other overseas exercises and overseas training. 
Enlisted into the Legion of Frontiersmen (New Zealand) Command ('P' Troop) in 1996.

Has declined/refused any form of promotion since his enlistment in the Legion of Frontiersmen.

New Zealand historian, author and war poet: Numerous published papers (chivalry, heraldry and nobility), documents (NZ history and military history), articles and poems in a wide variety of media; a dozen books on a variety of subjects and, -
The Subritzky Legend - Official New Zealand Sesqui Centennial Project (Heritage Press, 1990),
Subritzky Shipping  A Heritage of Sail 1843-1993 (Three Feathers 1993),
The Vietnam Scrapbook "The Second ANZAC Adventure - Official New Zealand Army 150th Anniversary Project " (Three Feathers, 1995),
History of the Polish Government (in exile) 1939-1990 (Three Feathers, 1996).
Numerous poetry awards.
"The Flak Jacket Collection", an anthology of personal war poems 2001.
Song of War - War poetry for Kiwi College Kids (Kiwiana Publishing, 2003).

Decorations and Medals:
- US Antarctica Medal (1973)
- New Zealand Operational Service Medal (1980)
- Rhodesia Medal (1980)
- Zimbabwe Independence Medal (1981)
- United Fire Brigades Assn. Medal 1983 (2 Clasps)
- US Congressional Cold War Certificate (2000)
- UN International Year of the Volunteer Service Medal 2001-
citation "For Dedicated Commitment to Humanitarian Causes".
- Received the Legion of Frontiersmen Centennial Medal (2003)
- Awarded the Most Honorable Order of St Barbara by the US Field Artillery Association (2006);
- Awarded the Annand Service Cross by the Independent Overseas Command of the LOF (2007)
(LOF Foreign Award)
- Awarded the NZ Legion Service Medal (2008)
- Awarded the US Coast Guard Commendation Medal (2008)
- Awarded the US Navy Meritorious Service Order (2009)
- Awarded the Australian Service Medal by the Australian Division, Legion of Frontiersmen (2009)
(LOF Foreign Award)
- Awarded the Long Service & Efficiency Medal by the NZ Command of the Legion of Frontiersmen (2010)
- Awarded the New Zealand Command Centennial Medal of the Legion of Frontiersmen (2011)
- Awarded the Pioneer Plaque (In Black) by the NZ Command Legion of Frontiersmen (2011)
- Awarded the 'PRIDE OF TE AWAMUTU' award for outstanding achievemen in the community (2011)
- Co-awarded the Frontiersman of the Year trophy by the New Zealand Command (2012)
- Awarded the 'Pioneer Axe' by the New Zealand Command (2018)

Child of Destiny The Tom Rangi Story (Three Feathers, 1991)
Nobility of the Polish Commonwealth (Polish Nobility Association 1991)
The Vietnam Scrapbook "The Second ANZAC Adventure" (1994)
"With Our Boys in Vietnam" - Poems by Betty May Brown (Three Feathers, 1996)
Poems of Distant Wars (Brian Riggir, 2001)
Waikato Word Weavers (Kiwiana Publishing 2002)
The Great Kiwi Summer Poetry Slam 2001/02 (Kiwiana Press, 2002)
Locked Down - An Anthology of New Zealand Prison Poetry (Kiwiana Press 2002)
Kiwi Gunners in War and Peace (Kiwiana Publishing 2003)
Who will cry for the Soldiers (Kiwiana Publishing 2003)
Soldiers of the Empire - History of the New Zealand Command Legion of Frontiersmen (Legion Press 2011)
Smoke Eaters - History of the Te Awamutu Volunteer Fire Brigade 1913-2013
The Vietnam Scrapbook "The Second ANZAC Adventure" [updated and reformatted] (2016)

Nominated for New Zealand Book of the Year Awards 1996 and 2001; named Book of the Quarter by Texas State University April - June 1998; honoured by the NZ ex-Vietnam Services Association by having a copy of his book The Vietnam Scrapbook "The Second ANZAC Adventure" laid at the Vietnam War Memorial "Wall" in Washington D.C. during the 1997 pilgrimage; awarded the American Vietnam Veterans (honorary) Distinguished Service Medal 1997, citation "for his contribution to all veterans of the Asian conflict and immortalising the Vietnam Veterans of New Zealand for all time". 

Assisted with the official New Zealand Millennium Television Series "Our People - Our Century" TVNZ, 2000. Most recently was selected to have his work published in the Australian war poetry anthology "The Happy Warrior".

Operation Enduring Freedom 2001/2002/2003/2004/2005, daily electronic news service "Subritzky's Word of the Day" to all ships in the US Navy's 5th Fleet in the Persian Gulf.

Honorary Lieutenant Colonel Polish (Independent) Reserve Brigade 1990,
Knight of Justice - Order of Saint Stanislas (Grand Cross) 1990;
Honorary Colonel California State Medical Reserve 1991,
New Zealand Kings Empire Veterans 1995;
Honorary Member 28 (Maori) Battalion Assn. 2001, 2002
Knight of Justice - Order of Saint Lazarus 2003
President IWVPA (International War Veterans Poetry Archive) 2001 -
National President New Zealand Antarctic Veterans Association 2002 -
Polish Nobility Association 1986.
Executive Te Awamutu Returned Services Association 1986,
ANZAC Day (Memorial Day) Parade Commander 2001- 2009
Knight Commander of the Eagle of Georgia 2008

Subritzky has written some of the most important New Zealand war poetry of the 20th and 21st century, and is one of the best known New Zealand poets on the international scene. He is regarded as 'The Kiwi Kipling.' -LINK-
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