ROSE John Daniel
3868 Legion of Frontiersmen, New Zealand

Pioneer Axe [2009]
Legion Meritorious Service Medal [2003]
Legion Long Service & Efficiency Medal [2003]
Legion Service Medal [1997]
Silver Fern [2007]
90th Anniversary Medal [1994]
New Zealand Centennial Medal [2011]
CMO Centennial Medal [2004]

Born 17 July 1937
Died 2 October 2014 New Plymouth, New Zealand

3868 ROSE John Daniel
John Rose joined the Legion in 1992 until 2013 when the Unit closed due to the age and health of Members and also the lack of duties. He worked his way through different positions within the Unit becoming Officer Commanding, a position he held for several years. While John was in this position in 2006 I became the first woman Commandant of the Legion and was required to elect my staff. Knowing the passion that John held for the Legion I asked him to become my North Island Liaison Officer, a position he held until health became an issue.  While on our three monthly travels to Head Quarters Meetings in either Taupo or Te Awamutu John and I talked most of the way, how was Nancy did she have any Craft Fairs this weekend, his Grandchildren whom he was very proud of and then we would start to put the Legion to right. On the way home it would be much the same discussing things that had come up in the meeting. We would stop at Te Kuiti to refuel the car and also to buy an ice cream something neither of us should be having oh well it helped us on our way through the Awakino Gorge and Mount Messenger we would say.  John was a very proud man, and this showed to all in the way he wore his Uniform, it was always Immaculate. He was also very proud of his Medals he received:-
1997 Five Year Star.
2003 LSEM Long Service & Efficiency Medal.
2003 LMSM Legion Meritorious Service Medal.
2007 Silver Fern.
2009 Silver Axe known to Legion members as the Pioneer Axe.
There would have had to be a very good reason for John to miss out on a duty he was there Rain Hail or Shine.
These memories of John I will treasure forever.
God Guard Thee John.
Colonel Sandra Parrish Pnr, LSM, LSEM, LMSM, AMM
Commandant, Legion of Frontiersmen NZ Command
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