HENRY David Baden Trantall
New Zealand Home Guard Service WW2
19466, Legion of Frontiersmen, New Zealand

War Medal 1939-45
New Zealand War Service Medal

Pioneer Axe [1968]
Silver Fern [1964]
Legion Meritorious Service Medal [1976]
Long Service & Efficiency Medal [1947]
Canadian Division Distinguished Service Cross [1984]

Born 16 July 1900 New Zealand
Died 17 January 1988 Hawera, New Zealand
Buried Hawera General Cemetery [id 8642]

19466 HENRY David Baden, Pnr, LMSM, SF
One of New Zealand Command, and our oldest and most respected members Baden HENRY passed away on 17th January 1988.  Baden joined the Legion of Frontiersmen on 23rd June 1930 and during the 57 years he was a member, he saw the formation of ‘M’ Squadron, which consisted of Troops from Manaia, Eltham and Hawera.  Holding the office of Adjutant for a short period before taking the OC position which he held until through falling members it was disbanded. During Baden’s time in the Legion, he attended most conferences, always looking forward to a chat with old friends.  At the annual meeting of ‘Z’ Troop in 1980, Baden was made the first life member of the Troop, which he treasured.  He received a similar honour at the Wellington Conference held in 1984.  During Baden’s early life he had a carrying business in Palmerston North where he was also a volunteer fireman for a number of years.  On moving to Hawera he joined the New Zealand Railways where he remained as yardman until he retired.  Throughout Baden’s time in the Legion he was always a very active and conscientious member, always available for duty even after his eyesight failed.  Baden in survived by his two sons’, Celvan in New Plymouth and David in Australia, to whom our sympathies are extended. A MEMBER WE SHALL REMEMBER AND MISS.  On behalf of ‘Z’ Troop may I express my thanks to members who travelled from Palmerston North, Wanganui, New Plymouth and Stratford, for attending the funeral to pay their last respects to an old and respected member.
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