FUNNELL David Spencer
New Zealand Home Guard, WW2
801 Legion of Frontiersmen, New Zealand

Queen's Service Medal for Community Service
New Years Honours list 1985
FOR COMMUNITY SERVICE for his many years of service to the community and the Legion of Frontiersmen.
Mr Funnell has been a member of the Legion of Frontiersmen since 1951.  A Commanding Officer 1963-1969 and since 1976.  Largely
responsible for the local squadron having its own freehold headquarters.  He is well known in the city for his community work.  In 1978 he
received the Pioneer Cross, the highest award of the Legion.

Long Service & Efficiency Medal
Awarded 1961
David Spencer Funnell was attested as a member of the Legion of Frontiersmen on the 2nd August 1951 and has thus completed ten years
of service with ‘N’ Squadron.  Although young when he joined he had the qualifications of a true Frontiersman [Stockman, Driver and
It is evident from his age that he was too young to serve in the military in WW2, but he was a member of the Home Guard and has
been awarded his medals for this.
In February 1952, just six months after enlistment, he was appointed Troop Secretary with the rank of Corporal, and has been continually in office ever since.
Lieut Funnell has been exemplary in carrying out his duties in the respective positions he has held and has, in addition, taken his part in any other capacity that he saw necessary.  He has been a regular member of the ANZAC Day Guard and has made it his business to arrange the loan of rifles from the Army.  He is always smart in appearance and well turned out in uniform.
From the very first he set out to amass the funds to acquire a hall for the use of the Squadron, and it is very largely due to his efforts that when a suitable property came on the market, sufficient money had been accumulated to pay the deposit.  When the property had been bought and the necessary alterations were being made by our late comrade Arch Gardiner, Lieut Funnell spent much of his spare time assisting him and did more than all the rest of the Squadron members.
Since the hall was completed he has been its caretaker and in sole charge of letting.  He has made it his business to see that the hall is at all times spotlessly clean for ourselves and our clients.
Lieut Funnell’s car is at all times available to go anywhere that is necessary for Legion, Squadron or Troop business and we have several members who would probably not be able to attend meetings if he did not pick them up.
Lieut Funnell has become a member of the Ashhurst Rifle Club in order to improve his own shooting skills, generally to assist the Squadron in shooting for the Legion trophies.  It is due to his efforts as Range Safety Officer that we obtain the assistance of the club and its members.

Queen's Service Medal
War Service Medal
New Zealand War Service Medal

Pioneer Axe (Gold) [1996]
Pioneer Axe (Silver)
Commandant General's Award
Pioneer Cross [1979]
Legion Meritorious Service Medal
Silver Fern [1964]
Long Service & Efficiency Medal [1961]
Legion Service Medal [1987]
Australian Medal of Merit (AMM) [1984]
Canadian Division Medal of Merit [1986]

Born 2 May 1926 Stratford, New Zealand
Enlisted in Home Guard
Discharged from Home Guard
Enlisted into Legion of Frontiersmen 2 August 1951
Discharged from Legion of Frontiersmen 6 August 2012
Died 6 August 2012 Palmerston Norh, New Zealand
Buried Kelvin Grove Cemetery, Palmerston North [Area R, Block 12, Plot 115]

Being awarded the Queen's Service Medal by Governor General Sir David Beattie
Behobeho          East Africa 1915 - 1917          Nyangao          Kilimanjaro          Great War 1917          Belgium 1914 -18
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