FRASER Hugh Montgomery
480988 New Zealand Army Home Guard WW2
569 Legion of Frontiersmen, New Zealand

War Medal 1939-45
New Zealand War Service Medal

Pioneer Axe [Awarded 1976]
Long Service & Efficiency Medal [Awarded 1954]
Silver Fern [Awarded 1971]
Australian Medal of Merit (AMM) [Awarded 1984]

Born 3 July 1913 New Zealand
Joined Legion 3 May 1941 Te Awamutu, New Zealand
Died 12 September 1997 Rotorua, New Zealand
Buried Kauae Cemetery, Rotorua [Block 20 Section J Plot 36]

569 FRASER Hugh Montgomery, Pnr, SF, AMM
Hugh joined the Legion of Frontiersmen at Te Awamutu in 1941, after two attempts, but was underage both times.  With the assistance of Te Awamutu Troop, he helped set up a new unit in Te Aroha after the war where 60 men enrolled on the first night.  Having moved to Rotorua, Hugh was elected OC of ‘B’ Squadron in the early fifties and carried on as OC for many years.  While OC, Hugh set up No1 Troop, Ruatahuna and Te Whaiti, No2 Troop and No3 Troop Taupo, thus having approx 90 Frontiersmen under his command.  Later Ruatahuna and Taupo set up as units of their own.  With the help of his Frontiersmen in Rotorua, a house was purchased and shifted to No1 Line and made into the Legion hall which was officially opened in September 1964.  Hugh was a very regular member to go to conferences all over New Zealand and according to reports in older journals was a very good debater on behalf of all members.  This man was a great man to travel with, with his great sense of humour and good company.  Many a trip was made up and down the line with pit stops at many a watering hole.  Hugh was presented with the LSEM in 1954, Silver Fern in 1971 and the Pioneer Axe in 1976, he became a Life Member of NZHQ in 1981.  On behalf of ‘B’ Squadron I would like to thank Mrs FRASER and family for the time they let Hugh have with us, the New Zealand Legion of Frontiersmen. 
God Guard Thee, Don NELSON.

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