DOIG Hepburn Elliott
5146 6th Dragoon Guards.
5057 1st Kings Dragoon Guards, South Africa.
Kolar Gold Fields Volunteers - Auxiliary Force India.
41838 RNZAF Home Guard Service, WW2.
204 Legion of Frontiersmen, New Zealand.

Queen's South Africa
Cape Colony, Orange Free State, South Africa 1902
War Medal 1939-45
New Zealand War Service Medal
Volunteer Long Service Medal

Frontiersmen Awards
Silver Fern Award
New Zealand Legion Long Service & Efficiency Medal [1955]

Shooting Awards:
aViceroy of India Best Shot Medal: Presented by Lord Minto (1910)
bKolar Gold Field Volunteers Regimental Medal. 1st type. Bronze 'Dewar Shield 1911 Runners up.
cKolar Gold Field Volunteers Regimental Medal. 1st type. Bronze 'The Dewar Shield 1915-16 “C” Coy. Runners up.'
dKolar Gold Field Volunteers Regimental Medal. 2nd type. Silver 'Dewar Shield won by Vol: Doig B. Co. K.G.F.V.
eKolar Gold Field Volunteers Regimental Medal. 2nd type. Silver 'The Dewar Shield 1916-17 “C” Coy Winners'
f India vs Transvaal Rifle Competition 1908-1909. Silver. Reverse engraved
gIndian Volunteer Rifle Association: Competition badge for 1911.
hKolar Gold Field Volunteers Annual Shooting Competition Badge: Dated 1908.
i Kolar Gold Field Volunteers Annual Shooting Competition Badge: Dated 1910
j Kolar Gold Field Volunteers Annual Shooting Competition Badge: Dated 1913
kKolar Gold Field Volunteers Annual Shooting Competition Badge: Dated 1922
l National Rifle Association: The Bell Medal. Bronze. With dated '1905' clasp
m      National Rifle Association Medal. Rifle Clubs Medal. Bronze
nSociety of Miniature Rifle Clubs. Bronze. 'Field Marshal Roberts' Medal

Born 25 July 1881 Edinburgh, Scotland
Died 23 May 1967 Motueka, New Zealand
Buried Motueka Cemetery [RSA Row 1, Plot 64]
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Hepburn Doig, son of Hepburn ELLIOTT and Ellen DOIG, was a native of, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, where he was born on 25 July 1881.
Hepburn enlisted in the British Army on 30 January 1901, for a short service contract of '7 Years with the Colours & 5 Years on the Army Reserve', and on 1 February 1901, was posted to the 1st King's Dragoon Guards at Aldershot, England.  Hepburn served in the South African War with the 1st King's Dragoon Guards, and remained in South Africa between, 22 March 1902 to 24 January 1903.
Hepburn never returned to the United Kingdom, while in the service of the British Army, and from South Africa proceeded to British India from, where he served from 25 January 1903, until the date that he took his discharge from the British Army on 29 January 1909. In India, Hepburn. served with the 6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers), which regiment he had transferred to on 6 February 1903.  Hepburn was a model soldier, whose conduct was described as 'Exemplary' with no entries for misconduct during his service.  The highest rank attained during his service was Lance Corporal.
During his service in South India, specifically in Mysore State (at the British Cantonment of Bangalore), Hepburn (25 years) married Elizabeth Maude Davies (17) a Eurasian girl from Kolar Gold Field, the couple being married at Bangalore on 19 September 1906. At the time of his wedding, Hepburn was holding the rank of 'Lance Corporal'.
Evidently life in India appealed to Hepburn, and after taking his discharge form the British Army, he took up employment working in the Kolar Gold Field of Mysore State, and in which place he became a member of the Kolar Gold Field Volunteers. By 1910, Hepburn was holding the position of 'Cyanide Foreman' (by 1920 he was being described as an 'Amalgamator') based at Rogers Camp, Mysore Mine.
On 5 June 1910, a son, David Alexander Doig, was born to Hepburn & Elizabeth DOIG.  Hepburn Elliott DOIG, continued to work in India through the 1920's, but is recorded to have re-located to New Zealand by the time of the Second World War where he served with the Royal New Zealand Air Force.
Hepburn Elliott DOIG, died at Motueka, Tasman District, New Zealand, on 23 May 1967, where he is buried, and where a memorial plaque commemorates his military service in the South African War.