COSSART Sidney Joseph
47 Corporal, Queensland Mounted Infantry
6159 Legion of Frontiersmen, Queensland, Australia

Queen's South Africa Medal
Rhodesia, Transvaal, Orange Free State, Relief of Mafeking, South Africa 1901

Born 24 June 1878 Pipe Clay, Perseverence, Crow's Nest, Queensland, Australia
Died 7 April 1954 Queensland, Australia
Buried Gatton Cemetery, Queensland

Sidney (also spelt Sydney) Joseph Cossart was born on 24 June 1878.  He joined 3rd Queensland Mounted Infantry (3rd Queensland Bushmen), as a Private, service number 47, in January or February 1900 when the regiment was formed as part of the third Queensland contingent to be sent to South Africa. The Queensland Mounted Infantry left Brisbane on 1 March, 1900 onboard the transport ‘Duke of Portland’ and arrived at Cape Town on 2 April, 1900.  On its arrival in South Africa, 3rd Queensland Mounted Infantry was incorporated into the Rhodesian Field Force becoming the 2nd Regiment, Private Cossart participated in operations in Rhodesia, the Transvaal, and Orange Free State. The most notable action being the Relief of Mafeking. During his service in Africa he served as Acting Corporal. During May 1901, 3rd Queensland Mounted Infantry was relieved from further service in South Africa. Private Cossart returned to Queensland.

The following article appeared in the The Courier Mail on 30 December 1911.
DEATH OF A PIONEER. Mr. Joseph Cossart, of Gatton.
On the evening of Christmas Day there passed away at his residence, Babbiloora New Farm, an old resident of Queensland, Mr. Joseph Cossart, late of Gatton. The deceased gentleman was a brother of Mr. John Cossart, of Toowoomba, Mr. James Cossart, of Dugandan, and Mrs Maddern, of Crows Nest. The late Mr. Cossart came to Queensland from County Antrim, North of Ireland, where he was born on November 14, 1840, in company with his father and mother and other members of their family on the ship The Flying Cloud in the year 1864. Soon after the arrival of the Cossart family they went to the Toowoomba district, and were amongst the pioneer settlers upon the lands surrounding the Perseverance Creek. Mr Cossart was engaged nearly the whole of his 47 years' residence in Queensland in connection with, the timber industry. Mainly through his instrumentality some of the large milling concerns that have been operating for upwards of 40 years in the Perseverance district were established, as he directed the attention of interested parties to the vast timber resources there. About the year1890 he removed to the Dugandan district, where he remained for about 11 years. Subsequently, with his son Sidney, he took over the timber milling business at Gatton. About three years ago, on account of the progress of the business, his other three sons Leslie, Percy and Norman, were taken into it. Some months ago his health began to fail rapidly, and on account of this he retired from the business, leaving it to his sons. During the late Mr Cossart's stay in Gatton he took a prominent part in many of the movements for the welfare of the district. He was one of the prime movers and held the position of chairman in connection with the erection of the fine monument in Gatton to the memory of the soldiers who fell in the South African wars. It is interesting to note that two of the late gentleman's sons, Sidney and Percy, were actively engaged in the South African fighting campaign, and saw some hard fighting Mr Sidney Cossart is now an active member of the Legion of Frontiersmen in Brisbane. The late Mr Cossart was a man who was highly respected by all who knew him. He was a man of strong personal conviction and led according thereto. He was for many years a layman of the Primitive Methodist Church in the Toowoomba district. During the months of of his sufferings he manifested all those qualities of patience, endurance and faith in a manner consistent with his life and beliefs. He leaves a wife and eight children - four sons and four daughters. His remains were interred at the Toowong Cemetery. The service at the house was conducted by the Rev. C. Martin who assisted by the Rev. R. Stewart, conducted the final offices at the grave."

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