BRADLEY David Alfred
3321, Legion of Frontiersmen, nEW zEALAND

Quote from Nomination form
David was born in Christchurch on 2 January 1941. He lived on the family farm at Courtenay, 25 miles west of the city. After his schooling he returned to continue his farming career. David and his wife Lois were married in 1963 whence they moved to Ashburton where he was employed by the Ministry of Works as a Fitter and Turner, a position he remained in for 17 years until the department closed down and he became redundant. David found further employment with the local meat works until he decided that it was not for him.
At the present time David is semi-retired, and occasionally helps his son-in-law on the farm.  David and Lois have two sons and two daughters.  While the boys were young he became a local Scout Leader for two years.  Their eldest son Christopher is very involved with the local Search and Rescue team that has formed in Ashburton.

Service in the legion of Frontiersmen
Joined - U Squadron 11 December 1978
Held the office of Adjutant in 1988
Held the office of Officer Commanding U Squadron 1989 - 1993 & 1995 - 1997
Presently holds position of Officer Commanding U & V Troops
South Island Liaison Officer 1993 - 2001

Commemorative Medal (1994)
Long Service & Efficiency Medal (1993)
Legion Star of Merit (1994)
Silver Fern (1996)
Overseas Command Award (1996)
Legion Cross of Merit (1999)
Legion Centennial Medal (2004)

Since becoming a member of the legion of Frontiersmen, David has spent many hours doing various duties for the units he has belonged, working with the Ministry of Transport as an auxiliary officer for approximately 4 years.

In more recent times he has been involved with the forming of the Emergency Rescue Team.  He has done a lot of promotional work trying to interest younger members in joining the Legion.
Behobeho          East Africa 1915 - 1917          Nyangao          Kilimanjaro          Great War 1917          Belgium 1914 -18
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