Pioneer Axe [2012]
Commandant General's Award (CGA)
Canadian Honour Badge [2016]

New Zealand Legion Meritorious Service Medal [2018]
Legion Cross of Merit
New Zealand Long Service & Efficiency Medal [2017]
New Zealand Legion Service Medal [2011]
New Zealand Command Centennial Medal [2011]
New Zealand 90th Anniversary Medal [1994]
Australian Cross of Merit [1984]
Australian Medal of Merit [Bronze] [1984]
Australian Long and Efficient Service Medal
3 Bars
Australian Service Medal [2008]
Australian Centennial Medal [2004]
Australian 75th Anniversary Medal [1984]
Legion Long Service and Efficiency Medal (UK)
Belgian 75th Anniversary Medal [1984]
Canadian Division Meritorious Service Medal
Canadian Division Service Cross
Canadian Division Torchbearers Medal
Metcalf Cross of Honour [2014]
Scottish Saltire Decoration [2018]

Life Member Katikati RSA [2020]
BAKER Valerie
L247 Legion of Frontiersmen, New Zealand
Commandant of New Zealand Command, Legion of  Frontiersmen
Behobeho          East Africa 1915 - 1917          Nyangao          Kilimanjaro          Great War 1917          Belgium 1914 -18
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