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BAKER Douglas John
Home Guard Service, WW2
913, Brigadier, Legion of Frontiersmen, New Zealand

Doug Baker joined as a Legion Cadet in 1940, and a Frontiersmen in 1943, thus the years of service as a cadet have been included
in his 66 total years of service, It is known that his father and two brothers were also members, and they were held over to become full
Frontiersmen till the youngest one was 18, so all three were intiated in the same night.  It is known that he was the O.C of Tauranga
for many years.
He ran in the elections for Commandant in 1980 at the conference in Tauranga. His tern as Commandant was from 1980 to 1989,
but he stood down in the last year of his term after the 1988 conference to appoint his new 2 IC Neil Dalton to take over, to then show
the way for the future choice of leadership.  Doug instigated the 'Frontiersmen of the Year award' for the 1981 conference and was
won by Morris A'Court of 'N' Sqaudron or was it Lyal Bowen,
At the 1986 Conference in Rotorua Doug was elected to become Brigadier in front of 100 odd men. Some say 150 men, but a lot
more than we have at our annual conferences these days. This appointment was for life.  Later Doug was made Deputy Commandant General (DCG) to the U.K. Command, this was after he stood down as Commandant about 1986, but U.K  differs on the date.
Doug Baker is the longest serving Frontiersmen world wide, and since one has to be a cadet, or join at a very young age, to beat him I don't see it will ever happen.
He has over 20 awards including the Queens Service Medal (QSM) the 1990 NZ Commemorative Medal, NZ War Service Medal, and other Legion awards, including Commander in the Knights templar etc. 
The Legion has been a passion for him, in fact so much so that the Legion took over the office work at times.
In his term of Commandant he worked with his team to be presented the new colours when many on HQ said it could not be done.  He was laughed at, but others told them to listen and so it began, and now we have our colours.
Doug passed over the great divide on 28th June 2006

Queen's Service Medal
Gazetted in New Years Honours List 1992
Mr BAKER has been active in the Legion of Frontiersmen since 1940, and is currently Commandant of the New Zealand Legion, with the ranking of Colonel.  Past Chairman of the Katikati Cemetery Board; Past member and Deputy Chairman of the Katikati Doman Board, has been active in providing equipment and labour, undertaking a wide variety of community projects to help those in need.  He is also active as a voluntary social worker in his community.

Queen's Service Medal
New Zwaland Sesquicentennial Medal
New Zealand War Service Medal
New Zealand Cross of Merit
Pioneer Cross
Legion Cross of Merit
Legion Meritorious Service Medal
Legion Long Service & Efficiency Medal
Legion 90th Anniversary Medal
Australian Cross of Merit
Australian Medal of Merit
Australian 75th Anniversary Medal
Canadian Division Meritorious Service Medal
Canadian Division Efficient Service Medal
Canadian Division Service Cross
Canadian Division Torchbearers Medal
Belgian Anniversary Medal
Annand Frontiersman's Service Cross [AFSC] for merit

Commandant General's Award
Gold Pioneer Axe

Born 20 January 1926 New Zealand
Died 28 June 2006 Katikati, New Zealand
Buried Katikati Cemetery, New Zealand (Plot 3200)
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