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Minutes of the Annual Conference of the Legion of Frontiersmen
held on Saturday June 3rd 2023 at Katikati: starting at 8.50 a.m:

Commandant Lt Colonel Val Baker LSM, LCM, LSEM LMSM, UK& Australia, ACM, AMM, CDSC, CDMM, CTBM, MCH, CGA,  Pnr
Deputy Commandant: Major Joe Yearbury LSM, LSEM,
Staff Adjutant/North Island Liaison Officer: Major Arthur Myers LSM, LSEM, LMSM, GPNR
Records Officer: Captain Ali Baker LSM LSEM
South Island Liaison Officer: Captain Murray Hamblin LSM, LSEM, LMSM Pnr

F:Lt Clive Bracey LSM, LSEM, Pnr,
  Sgt Dawn Yearbury LSM, LSEM, LMSM Pnr
  Fm Chrissy Yearbury, LSM
  Cpl Tony Tedbury,
J.Sgt Florrie Baker, LSM, LSEM,
  Cpl Martin Layzell LSM,
N.Fm Alfred Hepburn Pnr
O.Sgt/Sec A. Webb LSM, LSEM, Pnr
W.Fm Rob Roy LSM,
  Fm Roanne Roy LSM
Y.Cpl Reg Clarke LSM, LSEM
  Fm B. Clarke LSM, LSEM
  Fm A. Clarke LSM, LSEM
  Fm Vicki Jordan, LSM, LSEM
  Sgt/Sec Julia Stevenson-Renwick, LSM, LSEM,
Australia: Capt. Chris Moon (Major)

RSM WO1 Ross Vaile brought the meeting to order, NZHQ and guests were brought into the meeting, taking their places at the top table.  Lt Colonel Val Baker requested that the "Pioneer axe" was brought into the meeting by the Cpl Martin Layzell and placed at the head table to signify that the meeting was about to commence.
All were seated.
Lt Colonel Val Baker OC Host unit welcomed everyone to Katikati,
Lt Colonel Val Baker introduced Western Bay Mayor James Denyer. James extended a warm welcome to all and declared the Conference open.
Lt Colonel Baker introduced RSA Chaplin Mike Cotton who blessed the meeting.
Lt Colonel Baker  requested that Major Arthur Myers leading the singing of God Save the King

Last Post Roll Call:
June 2021 to 31 May 2022
Past members
Ray Ratu - M Squadron
Duncan Baxter - P Troop
Tony Urwin - C Troop
HRH Prince Phillip

Command members 2021 to 2022
3200 BCA Saddler - O Troop
3433 BA Clarke - O Troop
June 2022 to 31 May 2023

Past members:
1566 David KI - P Troop
2136 King LN - R Squadron
3113 Rowney GJ - U Squadron
3132 Board EH - Y squadron
3678 Hunwick BJ - P Troop
L175 Hunwick A - P Troop
Queen Elizabeth II

Command Members June 2022 to 31 May 2023
1105 Yorke RD (Des) F Troop
1570 Yearbury DA (Don) - F Troop
3087 Tom Peake - D Troop Waihi

One minutes silence was observed

Life Members - Long Service: Read from newest to longest
3466N Hohepa - 42 years - Y Squadron
3403G Stokes - 44 years - W Troop
3013S. Nelson - 46 years - P Troop
3315D West - 49 years - N Squadron
1624Bowen L - 51 years - D Troop Waihi
2112Smith A - 52 years - attached to NZHQ
2127Vaile DR - 53 years - J Troop
2126Myers AG - 53 years - Y Squadron
1846Lynch E (Ted) - 58 years - D Troop Waihi

The only two attending the conference was 2126 A Myers and 2127 R Vaile.

Commandants Report: Read by Lt Col Val Baker.
Commandants Report:
Firstly I would like to thank each and every one of you for attending our conference, as our numbers reduce I am pleased to see that our spirit has not diminished by those who have attended.
I stand before you today giving my fifth report as Commandant of this our New Zealand Command, I recently read amongst some of the archives of 1984 which I have drawn some inspiration as some things don’t change over time. It is important to remember as we have a representative from Australia with us today.
The Legion of Frontiersmen is a worldwide organisation; there are noticeable differences between commands, and however the objectives of the Legion of Frontiersmen have remained the same over the years; the support of the lawful government, to ensure the Freedoms for which so much sacrifice has been made, the service to our communities, and finally the brotherhood.
It is ironical that although some countries have encountered difficulties that in many cases have resulted in parting of ways, the common objectives of the different Divisions of Frontiersmen have resulted in a common bond of friendship and association that could well be an example to many.
This does not mean that our organisation has been exempt from problems and frustrations, but it does mean that we have been able to cope with most of them successfully.  This may be due, in part, to the structure upon which the organisation was built.  We can maybe compare it with a Beach.  A Beach consists of a collection of pebbles of various sizes and compositions.  Together, they serve a useful purpose.  Individually, they have little purpose.  Some, due to size, have to be disposed of to ensure the serviceability of the Beach.
So it is with our membership.  I is composed of persons from all walks of life.  Creed, Colour, or Political viewpoints have no bearing.  We voluntarily unite with a common purpose.  To operate, it is necessary that some will have greater responsibility than others.  Thus, we have a system of N.C.O’s and officers, but basically, we are all equal.  It must be remembered that if we didn’t have the membership, there would be no need for the N.C.O’s and Officers, and when, as so often happens, Rank and Egotism prevail, then that individual becomes a Boulder on the Beach, and must be removed. Nobody is irreplaceable.  We have had members and leaders who have been exceptionally dedicated, but when they passed on, others have been found to take over, and it must be ever thus.
The ability and dedication of those who have been given the responsibility of directing the Command, and the loyalty of the membership that comprise the Command.  It is a combination that makes each individual an essential part, and the reason that Today, all Frontiersmen, whatever Command or Division they belong to, look to the New Zealand Command for support as we unite with the world brotherhood of which they are a part of as we are.
To that end we strive for what is better for the Legion not the individual, we come together as people for a better cause and to assist our community for a much better future, trustworthy in the knowledge that it’s for all the pebbles on the beach.
Moved Captain Ali Baker/RSM Ross Vaile “That the Commandant’s report be received and accepted. Carried
Nominations for the Alan Lepper Trophy: Commandant read the rules and called for nominations: They being Reg Clarke, Dawn Yearbury and Julia Stevenson-Renwick.
Commandant appointed two members to be scrutinizers: Those being Chris Moon and Tim Reynolds.  Members could vote on voting papers supplied writing 1st choice on the papers and then 2nd and 3rd or just one vote.  This would be done and handed into either of the two men for them to count the votes and then hand the results to the commandant to announce at the cabaret.

E.  Lt Mike Smith E Squadron, Gary Domingo,
F.  Fm S Peachy,
H.  G. Bowater Pnr
I.   Capt Andrae Peipi,
J.   Pnr Stephen Sheary. Pnr Ann Sheary, Fm WZ Kim, Hon Capt Mark Beech, Fm P Moanaroa
N.  Pnr Dave West, Capt K Butler Pnr
O.  Pnr R. Paton, Cpl P Hamilton
P.   Fm S & E Nelson, Fm M. Subritzky
W.  Lt G Stokes Pnr & Fm C. Stokes
Y.   Fm J McNaughton, Fm C Stevenson-Renwick, Fm M. Clarke,
Attached NZHQ Pnr A. Smith
Moved by  Pnr A Hepburn/Fm Rob Roy “That apologies be accepted" Carried

Meeting broke for morning tea.
From this point onwards in these minutes awards will not be mentioned, refer please to above lists.
Minutes of Previous Conference:
Moved Gold Pnr Arthur Myers/Pnr Murray Hamblin “That the minutes be taken as read and are a true and correct record. For conference 2021 and the postal vote 2022” Carried

Matters Arising:

Correspondence: Inwards/Outwards

Unit Reports:
The unit reports are to be printed in the journal using those yearly reports supplied to NZHQ with the annual returns; this has been done in the March issue. Two reports that were not handed in by the last journal from W Troop and N. Squadron were read by Captain Baker these are to be printed into the June issue of the journal.
Moved Pnr A Hepburn/Fm Rob Roy carried
Discussion took place on the two reports and the possible closure of N Squadron.

Financial Report:
Sgt F Baker gave a report on the financials:
Discussion followed:
B squadron money is nearly due for the 10 years that the finances are held for the possible restarting of the unit.  It was decided that this would require a remit to the next conference to transfer the remaining funds over to NZHQ general funds.  It was explained how the figure reduced from $1000.00 to just over $600.00 when previously it was recorded in the back on the records officers journal but it now shows in the financials, it could get lost otherwise if there is a change in officers.
L Squadron would also need to be looked at as this unit was closed not long after B Squadron.
Discussion also was on Charities Commission and Incorporated society’s changes that are coming forward.  Many units who thought that they had complied are not and it was suggested that they needed to look into this themselves.
Discussion also took place regarding receiving money from interest of a unit and then drawing on money from the new unit.  Frontiersmen must decide which units they have assistance paid from they are not able to draw on both units for assistance. This is like double dipping, and could be seen as pecuniary gain.
Moved Gold Pnr Ross Vaile/Fm Rob Roy  “That the financial accounts be accepted” carried

Public Liability:
Discussion on Public Liability and the spreading of the costs of this policy.  Moved Lt Col Val Baker/Capt Murray Hamblin “That the command continues having Public Liability paid for by NZHQ” carried.

Conference Levies:
Moved Lt Clive Bracey/Fm Tony Tedbury "That the levies remain at $15.00 per head for life members and full membership." Carried

Moved RSM Ross Vaile Gold Pnr/Lt Clive Bracey “That Florrie Baker would do the accounts.” Carried
Archivist: Editor: Quartermaster: Webmaster:
Moved Lt Col Val Baker/ Gold Pnr Ross Vaile "that all positions remain the same” carried
Capitations: held over until remits:

Moved 'I' Troop/'J' Troop
1: All references with the rule book and constitution if any relating to the Queen be altered to refer to the King” Carried

2: Alter section 14.6.1 New Zealand Meritorious Medal:
“The Legion of Frontiersmen New Zealand Command instituted the Legion Meritorious Service Medal, the award being conferred on members of New Zealand Headquarters staff, as well as any Frontiersman who has done exceptional work on behalf of Headquarters/Command over a number of years but is not a direct member of NZHQ Staff, this person must have two members of NZHQ propose the appointment.” - Carried

Moved 'J' troop/'I' Troop
1: “That the NZ Command accepts an affiliation application with CanAm (CMO) (Canada/North America joint command), the Queensland Area and New South Wales Area whether jointly or under the umbrella or the name Legion of Frontiersmen Australia (LFA) and J Squadron CMO NZ, all three being kindred bodies who abide by the MOU and also do not affect the autonomy of the NZ command.” - Carried

2: “That the New Zealand Command reimburses Lieut Mike Smith for half of the current years website fee which is $81.00” - Carried

3: “That the NZ Command increases the subscription fees by a minimum of $5.00 for Frontiersmen and Veteran Members for an effective from 1/1/24”
After much discussion and the understanding that the costs of the command per person was in fact on average $69.50 per person and understanding that if the command did not increase in membership that the cost per individual would only increase.

It was moved amendment to the above, Fm Rob Roy/Lt Clive Bracey “That capitation for full members and Veterans would increase by $10.00 to $60.00 effective from 1/1/24” carried

4: “That all journals are sent out via internet to the units throughout New Zealand, any cost of printing for individuals is met by the unit of the individual personally.” 
Discussion followed:   It was asked well who reads the journal these days anyway, Chris Moon indicated that many people overseas read the NZ Journal with much interest. If people wanted to read the journal then it was easier and more cost effective to send via email. - Carried

5: “That every unit which currently complies with the incorporated societies standards needs to ensure they are compliant by the transitional extension period for the re-incorporation.”

Discussion followed - Carried

Capitations: - Moved Lt Col Val Baker / Capt Ali Baker
Life membership: - "That life membership remain at Zero"
Associates: - "That associates are $10.00 for renewal plus $2.00 for new associates"
Cadets: - "That cadets are $10.00 for renewal plus $2.00 for new cadets"
Veterans: - “That veteran is $60.00”
Full members: - “That membership for full members be $60.00 plus $10.00 for new members" carried

Conference Venues:
2024 Whangarei
2025       ?

Shooting Targets:
Shooting targets are still at Whakatane: But the targets should be used by a target shooting club.
Moved Gold Pnr Ross Vaile/Fm Roanne Roy “That the targets are taken to Whakatane Y squadron to be given to their club” carried.
General Business:
9.30 was the time for everyone to met at the church service at 10.a.m
A discussion at times heated on the Sunday church parade, took place.  Suggestion in future that a white board be made available for people to better understand.  Parade would be weather dependant.
Discussion on doing duties in uniform for another organisation:
W Troop members do work for other community groups who know they are Frontiersmen members.  Only hours done say on poppy day in the name of the Legion can be accepted as work for the Legion,  if you are collecting and wearing any other uniform identification for example Salvation army, etc then this is not community hours to be recorded as work for the Legion.  If members are unsure then it is better to seek advice from the OC of the unit.
Oath of Allegiance:
Captain Murray Hamblin took the command to swear the Oath of Allegiance.
God Defend New Zealand Anthem
Capt Ali Baker played through the computer the national anthem sung in Maori and then in English. 
Cpl Martin Layzell came forward to take out the axe:
Lt Col Val Baker stated as there was no further business the Conference would be closed at 4.00pm


Silver Fern

Legion Meritorious Service Medal
L255 BAKER Ali

Claude Bathe Rose Bowl - Cpl Martin Layzell
Baden Henry Trophy - Fm Anthony Clarke
Carlin Trophy - Lt Clive Bracey
Dip Stick Award - Gold Pnr Ross Vaile
Stirrers Spoon - Sgt Bjorn Hamblin
Doug Baker Round Tuit Award - Hon Captain Mark Beech
Ray Hammond Memorial Inspiration Trophy - Hon Capt Andrae Peipi
Alan Lepper Memorial Trophy - Cpl Reg Clarke
Claude Bathe Memorial Shield/Frontiersman of the Year: 2023 - Sgt Florrie Baker