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Minutes of the Annual Conference of the Legion of Frontiersmen
held on Saturday June 2nd 2018 at Invercargill: starting at 9.30

2126, Acting Commandant Lieut Colonel Arthur Myers LSM, LSEM, LMSM, Pnr
L3, Major Dawn Yearbury LSM, LSEM, LMSM, Pnr
Captain Murray Hamblin LSM, LSEM, Pnr
L247, Captain Val Baker LSM, LCM, LSEM UK& Australia, ACM, AMM, CDSC, CDMM, CTBM, MCH, CGA, Pnr
2127, WO1 RSM Ross Vaile LSM, LSEM, LMSM, Pnr

C:    4044 Lieut Robin Cawte LSM, LSEM,
F:    1570 Lieut Don Yearbury LSM, LSEM, LMSM, AMM, Gold Pnr,
3992 Cpl Joe Yearbury LSM,
3976 Sgt Clive Bracey LSM, LSEM
H.    4043 Lieut Ian Bowater LSM, LSEM
L123 Sgt M. Courtney LSM, LSEM
J.     L254 Sgt Florrie Baker, LSM
L255 Cpl Ali Baker, LSM
SSgt Barry Coker LSEM CTBM, Pnr
L104 Fm Ann Sheary LSM, LSEM, Pnr,
Cadet Patrick Sutton
O.    3534 Sgt/Sec Alistair Webb LSM, LSEM, Pnr
3577 Cpl Richard Patton
3863 Cpl Justin Stewart
Fm Danielle Edgerton
4026 Fm Michael West
3948 Fm John Brodie
3995 Fm Jeremy Miller
3833 Fm Bjorn Hamblin
Fm Nathan Webster
3946 Fm Peter Hamilton
Cadet Luke Hamblin
W.    3403 Lieut Graham Stokes Pnr
L265 Sgt Carol Stokes
Y.     3812 Cpl Reg Clarke LSM
L250 Fm Bibiana Clarke LSM

C:3978 Sgt D Gordon
E:3888 Sgt Wayne G Burrows
  3806 Fm John Osborne
  3997 Lieut Mike Smith, Pnr
F:1105 Fm Des Yorke Gold Pnr
  L82 Fm Doreen Alexander QSM Pnr
  L192 Fm Dale Bracey
  L284 Fm Chris Yearbury
  3791 Fm Tony Tedbury
H:L73 Colonel Sandra Parrish Pnr
  4045 Fm Gavin Bowater
J:3229 Fm Stephen Sheary
  4021 Fm Wei Zhen Kim
  Fm Winnie Chung
  3980 Fm Martin Layzell
N:L175 Lieut Kathy Butler Pnr
  2112 Cpl Athol Smith
  3869 Fm  Alfred Hepburn
  3172 Shane Funnell
  1547 Fm Sonny Hooke Pnr
  S. Smith
  3076 David West Pnr
O:Cadet Fm J Miller
  3839 Fm A. Lay
  Fm C. Heenan
W:      4013 Fm Rob Roy
  L270 Fm Roanne Roy
Y:L272 Sgt Julia Stevenson-Renwick
  Cadet Fm Catherine Stevenson-Renwick
  Cadet Fm Michelle Clarke
  L300 Fm Anthony Clarke
  L261 Fm Vicki Jordan
  L242 Fm Jill McNaughton
  3466 Pnr Nga Hohepa
  4086 Fm Laurence Hohepa
Moved by Capt Val Baker/Sgt Florrie Baker "That apologies be accepted" Carried

From this point onwards in these minutes awards will not be mentioned, refer please to above lists.

RSM WO1 Ross Vaile brought the meeting to order, NZHQ and guests were brought into the meeting, taking their places at the top table.  Lt Colonel Arthur Myers requested that the "Pioneer axe" was brought into the meeting by the Pioneer Sergeant and placed at the head table to signify that the meeting was about to commence.
All were seated.
Captain Murray Hamblin OC Host unit welcomed everyone to Invercargill,
Lieut Colonel Arthur Myers welcomed everyone and introduced Nigel Skelt Manager of Stadium Southland. Nigel extended a warm welcome to all and declared the Conference open.
Salvation Army Officer Captain Ann Bray blessed the meeting.
Captain Baker to record the minutes:
God Save the Queen, Members led by Lieut Col Arthur Myers sang God Save the Queen

Last Post Roll Call:
Patron Lady Norma Beattie - (9 May 2018)
1106 Sgt R Hammond GPnr - 'C' Troop - (11 February 2018)
3242 Lieut Col G. Webb - 'N' Squadron - (30 August 2017)
1379 Fm L.K Turvey - 'R' Squadron - (19 July 2017)
3467 Fm D Ellery - 'E' Squadron - (13 February 2017)
L215 Fm C.W Gordon - 'C' Troop - (22 October 2017)
One minutes silence was observed

Life Members - Long Service:
1105 R.D Yorke - 63 years - 'F' Troop
1360 A.W Lepper - 62 years - 'L' Squadron
1570 D.A Yearbury - 58 years - 'F' Troop
1846 J Lynch - 53 years - 'D' Troop
2126 A.G Myers - 48 years - 'Y' Squadron
2127 D.R Vaile - 48years - 'J' Troop
2112 A.H Smith - 47 years - 'N' Squadron
1624 L. Bowen - 46 years - 'D' Troop
3315 D West - 44 years - 'N' Squadron
3087 T Peake - 43 years - 'D' Troop Waihi
3013 S Nelson - 41 years - 'P' Troop

Meeting broke for morning tea.

Commandants Report: Read by Acting Commandant Lieut Col Arthur Myers
Attached copy:
Moved Captain Baker/RSM Vaile “That the Commandant’s report be received and accepted. Carried

Records Officers Report:
First of all I would like to say how sorry I was to hear about the death of our Patron Lady Beattie who I met when she attended the Whangarei Conference in 2009.  It was a real pleasure to have her with us and easy to entertain. She will be sadly missed by her family.
As this is probably going to be my last conference as your Records Officer I would like to thank all those who have helped me in some way over the past 13 years and wish whoever takes over all the best in the coming year as it can be quite a thankless job at times especially when people question decisions that you have made. God Guard Thee Dawn.

Election of Commandant:
Moved by SSgt Barry Coker/WO1 Ross Vaile “That although the vote was counted on Fridayrather than Saturday, due to the availability of the JP, the voting results be allowed to stand." Carried
Lieut Colonel Arthur Myers announced the results of the election, in the order on the voting paper.  Clive Bracey 33 Val Baker 45, Val Baker is duly elected Commandant.
Moved Lt Ian Bowater/Pnr Ann Sheary “That the voting papers be destroyed” Carried
Minutes of Previous Conference:
Moved Pnr Ann Sheary/Sgt Clive Bracey “That the minutes be taken as read and are a true and correct record.” Carried

Matters Arising:

Correspondence: Inwards/Outwards
Unit Reports:
The unit reports are to be printed in the journal using those yearly reports supplied to NZHQ with the annual returns.
Moved Captain Baker/Lt Ian Bowater ‘That they be taken as supplied” Carried
Financial Report:
Queries were raised on the following points:
Gold bars are in fact medal mounting bars for the LMSM,
Silver bars are also medal mounting bars,
St George medals missing from the inventory are still in the possession of Records Officer.
Queried how many members in the Command as Gold Pnr Ray Hammond had asked last year and this year’s balance sheets make it no clearer.
Moved by Captain Baker/Pnr Ann Sheary “That there be more transparency shown in the balance sheets.” Carried
The charges to paid out of interest for all of the Troop/Squadron funds being held in trust are to be allocated to those Troops or Squadrons.
Major Yearbury spoke on B Squadron money this was to show in future a balance of $663.00 less the expenses of capitations each year as a small income and Expenditure account.
T Troop funds should not be showing as a separate item as it was to go straight into General funds when the account was closed and agreed upon by the members of T Troop and NZHQ. Half went to general funds and the other half was paid out to a charity of the Troop’s choice.
Moved WO1 Ross Vaile/Pnr Ann Sheary “that T Troop funds be removed from the balance sheets”  Carried
Moved Major Yearbury/Captain Murray Hamblin “That the financial report as presented be accepted” Carried

Appointment of Auditor:
Moved Captain Val Baker/Sgt Clive Bracey “That Katikati Chartered Accountants Limited (KCA)  be the new auditor.” Carried

Full Frontiersmen
Moved RSM Ross Vaile/Sgt Alistair Webb “That membership fee be $40.00, plus a further $10.00 for new members joining” Carried
Moved Lt Ian Bowater/Sgt Clive Bracey “That membership fee be $10.00, plus a further $2.00 for new cadets joining” Carried
Moved Lt Ian Bowater/Cpl Joe Yearbury “That membership fee be $10.00, plus a further $2.00 for new associates joining” Carried

Conference Venues:

Public Liability Insurance:
Moved Captain Val Baker/Lt Ian Bowater  “That NZHQ pay for the insurance” Carried

Lieut Colonel Myers asked Captain Baker to handle the remits:
Cpl Joe Yearbury challenged the validity of the submission dates of the remits after discussion it was agreed all was in order. 
Captain Baker stated that if the close off date for remits was two months prior to conference this would be the 2nd of April and as the remits had been signed by J Troop on the 2nd of March and O Troop on the 9th of March and had been given to NZHQ shortly afterwards so that they could be discussed at their Meeting on the 7th of April, they had infact reached NZHQ in the time frame required.  They do not have to reach NZHQ by the same day as the return date for Capitations which is the 28th of February.
Remits: J1 to J36 Moved by J Troop Seconded by O Troop
(Constitution Remits  J1 to J6, J8, J9, J35 & J36)

Remit J1 Constitution
6. Alteration and amendments to rules and constitution:
Amend to:
6 (b)  
“Amendments to the Constitution may only be made at a General Meeting (Annual Conference) of the Legion in accordance with a resolution proposed by a Unit/and seconded by a further unit pursuant to clause 12(b).
Passed Unanimously

Remit J2 Constitution
6. Alteration and amendments to rules and constitution:
6 (d)
Amendment to the Remit:  
Moved Sgt Barry Coker J Troop/Sgt Alistair Webb O Troop.
“Amend Charities Commission to Charities Services” Passed Unanimously
Amendment becomes the motion.
Amend to:
6(d) (d)
Amendments to the Constitution become effective only after being passed by the Members at a General Meeting (Annual Conference) and approved by the Registrar of Incorporated Societies and advised to the Charities Services.
Passed Unanimously

Remit J3 Constitution:
8. Executive:
Discussion followed dropping in numbers within the Command:

Amend to:
One Commandant with rank of Lieutenant ColonelPassed Unanimously

Remit J4 Constitution:

8. Executive:
Amend to:
One Deputy Commandant with rank of MajorPassed Unanimously

Remit J5 Constitution:
8. Executive:
Amend to:
One Records Officer with the rank of Captain who shall act as Treasurer and keep the Master Roll.Passed Unanimously

Remit J6 Constitution:
8. Executive:
Insert New Rule
Headquarters staff roles may be combined, provided that there are at least six members on Headquarters.Passed Unanimously

---- Recessed for photos and lunch.----

Appointment of New Staff Officers:
As the Bank details would be changing due to the elections it needed to be recorded the new staff of the incoming Commandant:
Captain Val Baker stated that the following positions would be filled for her staff:
Commandant & Overseas Liaison Officer Val Baker J Troop
Deputy Commandant would be Joe Yearbury of F Troop
Adjutant and Records Officer would be combined Barry Coker of J Troop
North Island Liaison Officer would be Arthur Myers Y Squadron
South Island Liaison Officer would be Murray Hamblin O Troop
RSM would be Ross Vaile of J Troop
One other appointment was yet to be announced and this would come after conference when the person would be contacted.

Captain Baker continued with the remits

Remit J7 Rule Financial
Amend to:
Section 7.10   The Commandant, Deputy Commandant and Records Officer shall receive and pay out all monies, and cheques shall be signed by any two of these officers.Passed Unanimously

Remit J8 Constitution:
11. Duties of Headquarters:
Amend to:
11(a)        To open a Bank account in the name of the Legion which shall be operated upon by the Treasurer (Records Officer), Commandant and Deputy Commandant duly appointed as signatories to the Account, with cheques being signed jointly by any two of these three officers.Passed Unanimously

Remit J9 Constitution
17. Disbanding and Dissolution
Insert New Rule
17(f)The Units stores, records, archives and memorabilia shall be forwarded to the Quartermaster and/or Archivist for storage.Passed Unanimously

Remit J10 Rule
Election of Commandant
Amend to:
Section 2.1.4  Deleted 2018 Passed Unanimously

Remit J11 Rule
Election of Commandant
Amend to:
Section 2.1.5   Deleted 2018Passed Unanimously

Remit J12 Rule
Election of Commandant
Insert New Rule
Section 2.2.3The Commandant elect will be party to the proceedings of conference and will take over the Command at the conclusion of the Church Parade.
Passed Unanimously.

Remit J13 Rule
Amend to:
Section 16.1.1
The Unit, as soon as possible after the final acceptance of member, will supply free of charge, 1 set of Regalia, 1 Stetson Hat (c/w hat band), 1 black tunic, 1 Waist Belt.
Passed Unanimously

Remit J14 Rule
Amend to:
Section 16.1.2
Members to provide black shoes, black socks/stockings, black slacks, white shirt and black tie. Female members shall have the option of a skirt instead of slacks.
Passed Unanimously

Remit J15 Rule
Amend to:
Section 16.2.1
DRILL ORDER: (MEN) Hat, tunic, slacks, black shoes and black socks, waist belt, (Sam Browne for officers) black tie, white shirt.
DRILL ORDER: (WOMEN) Hat, tunic, waist belt, white shirt, black tie, black low heeled shoes and black slacks with socks or black skirt with black stockings.
Passed Unanimously

Remit J16 Rule
Mess Dress
Amend to:
Miniature medals only may be worn on the Mess jacket, and these are worn on the left lapel, the bottom being 1cm above the collar badge.  Pioneer Axe will be worn on the right lapel in line with medals.  Officers shall wear ‘Dress’ stars and crowns (NZ/UK Army or LOF).  Chevrons to be gold on red (NZ/UK Army)
Passed Unanimously

Remit J17 Rule
Mess Dress
Insert New Rule
Collar Badges with a red backing will be worn on the Mess jacket lapels by all members.  The top of the badge shall be 18cm below the shoulder seam. Gorget patches will not be worn.Passed Unanimously

Remit J18 Rule
Amend to:
MEMBERS FAMILY MEDALS:  Full size or miniature LOF and other medals as authorised by the NZDF “Order of Wear” may be worn above the right breast pocket on LOF Church and Ceremonial Parades or duties as specified by the unit OC.  No unofficial medals may be worn.Passed Unanimously

Remit J19 Rule
Amend to:
SUMMER DRESS: Hat, white shirt (preferably with epaulettes), black tie, black slacks/skirt, black socks, black shoes. As an alternate, open necked white shirts with wide reveres may be worn. Frontiersmen slides and rank badges to be worn where practicable. Sam Browne belts/waist belts, NOT worn. Medal ribbons may be worn.
Passed Unanimously

Remit J20 Rule
Amend to:
WORKING DRESS: Summer dress with the following options subject to approval by the Unit O.C. Black jersey (preferably with epaulettes) may be worn. Black boots complete with gaiters may replace shoes. Frontiersmen slides and rank badges to be worn where practicable.Passed Unanimously

Remit J21 Rule
Amend to:
Probationer Frontiersmen may only wear uniform at the discretion of the Unit OC.
Passed Unanimously

Remit J22 Rule
Amend to:
Section 16.2.8
TUNIC: Will be of black serge/gabardine open neck type, may have patch pockets with small Frontiersmen buttons, worn with white shirt and black tie.
Passed Unanimously

Remit J23 Rule
Amend to:
Section 16.2.13
SLACKS: Will be of black serge/gabardine without cuffs.
Passed Unanimously

Remit J24 Rule
Amend to:
SKIRTS: Will be black skirt, length should be measured by being level to the ground when kneeling.
Passed Unanimously

Remit J25 Rule
Insert New Rule
Section 16.2.19
Lanyards of red & green may be worn on the right shoulder of the tunic, afterhaving obtained individual dispensation from the Commandant.
Passed Unanimously

Remit J26 Rule
Badges of Rank
Amend to:
Section 16.4.1
ColonelCrown and two stars on both shoulders.
Passed Unanimously

Remit J27 Rule
Badges of Rank
Amend to:
Section 16.4.2
Lieutenant ColonelCrown and star on both shoulders.
Passed Unanimously

Remit J28 Rule
Badges of Rank
Amend to:
Section 16.4.3
Major    Crown on both shoulders.
Passed Unanimously

Remit J29 Rule
Badges of Rank
Amend to:
Section 16.4.4Deleted 2018
Passed Unanimously

Remit J30 Rule
Non-Executive Roles
Insert New Rule
Section 2.4Non-Executive Roles
Passed Unanimously

Remit J31 Rule
Non-Executive Roles
Insert New Rule
Section 2.4.1Editor
The Editor will receive and edit journal reports, and publish Routine Orders, and arrange the printing and distribution of “The Frontiersman” journal on a regular basis. This role is to be confirmed annually at the Annual Conference.
Passed Unanimously

Remit J32 Rule
Non-Executive Roles
Insert New Rule
Section 2.4.2Archivist
The Archivist shall store all historical records and documentation and memorabilia under appropriate conditions.  This role is to be confirmed annually at the Annual Conference.Passed Unanimously

Remit J33 Rule
Non-Executive Roles
Insert New Rule:
Section 2.4.3Webmaster
The Webmaster shall maintain his Legion of Frontiersmen, NZ Command website.  This role is to be confirmed annually at the Annual Conference.
Passed Unanimously

Remit J34 Rule
Non-Executive Roles
Insert New Rule
Section 2.4.4Quartermaster
The Quartermaster shall be responsible for the stock and equipment of the Legion held at the designated Headquarters Q Store. He/she shall take orders and supply to units any stock or equipment available and collect monies, if applicable, and forward to the Records Officer, for receipting and banking.  He/she shall show a stock list at all Headquarters and general meetings of the Legion.  He/she shall notify Headquarters when the stores have been depleted so as to order replacements.  This role is to be confirmed annually at the Annual Conference.Passed Unanimously

Remit J35 Constitution
8. Executive:
Amend to:
8(a)(vi)Deleted 2018 see Rule Section 2.4.4 Passed Unanimously

Remit J36 Constitution
9. Duties of Office Bearers:
Amend to:
9(f)Deleted 2018 see Rule Section 2.4.4Passed Unanimously:

Remit J37
Withdrawn by J Troop & O Troop

Non-Executive Role Appointments:

Editor: Moved RSM Ross Vaile/Sgt Clive Bracey "That the Editor remain as Val Baker".
SSgt Barry Coker to assist with proof reading.
Archivist: Moved Lieut Colonel Arthur Myers/Lieut Robin Cawte "That J Troop be the archivist"
Quartermaster: Moved Lieut Colonel Arthur Myers/Lieut Ian Bowater "That J Troop become stores Quartermaster"
Webmaster: Moved RSM Ross Vaile/Lieut Ian Bowater "That Lieut Mike Smith be the Commands Webmaster"

General Business:
Letter from N. Squadron regarding the 24 Centennial medals still available from 2011. Discussion took place as Ann & Stephen Sheary had attended the conference in 2011, they did not purchase at the time, they would like to be able to have 2 of these medals. This was agreed to by the Command members.
The remainder of the medals being 22 and their re-use: The following was moved
Moved Captain Val Baker/Sgt Clive Bracey "That the 22 medals would be re-purposed."   carried
Moved Sgt Clive Bracey/RSM Ross Vaile "That the ribbon colour be changed so it does not effect those that have already been issued."
Moved Captain Val Baker/RSM Ross Vaile "That NZHQ is to establish the rules for the repurposed medals"

The second part of the letter received from N Squadron: Is to consider changing the conferences to every 2 years.   It was the general feelings of the members that to change either the time of year or to every two years would start a downward trend for the Command.  There would also need to be a constitution change.
Moved Pnr Ann Sheary/Captain Val Baker "To stay as it is with conferences every year."  Carried

National Park Monument:
Captain Baker spoke that an offer had been made to clean the monument by the National Park Fire brigade; Lt Bowater was also known to the brigade and would work in with them. NZHQ to provide materials.
It was moved by Lieut Robin Cawte/Lieut Graham Stokes "That the Command purchase the product called "No Sweat" and the white paint required for the cleaning of the monument and the small wall surrounding it."

November 11th 2018 Armistice Day at National Park:
It was discussed that whoever wished to attend would make the effort to attend especially if contact could be made to see if the National Park group where going to have a parade.  Captain Baker to make contact with the group and inform members.  Lieut Ian Bowater would like to attend as did RSM Ross Vaile.
Moved Sgt Clive Bracey/Pnr Ann Sheary "That the Command would supply a wreath to be laid on the LOF behalf."  Carried
Patron of the LOF:
Discussion followed Moved Sgt Clive Bracey/Lieut Robin Cawte "That Sgt Clive Bracey and Cpl Joe Yearbury approach Dr Shane Reti to see if he would become the Command Patron" Carried
They would then advise the Command via NZHQ.

Binding of the 1912 to 1933 journals:
Discussion followed: Moved RSM Ross Vaile/Lt Ian Bowater "That NZHQ pay for the 1912-1933 journals to be bound" carried
Sgt Bracey spoke on the information in the journals, and that comments of a non positive manner in the journal need to cease.

Lieut Robin Cawte asked about the uniform that belonged to the late Gold Pnr Ray Hammond.  The family had handed these back to stores for re-distribution, it was in fact a jacket that the QM stores had already given to Ray only one year beforehand, the Mess Jacket Ray had himself handed in at Taupo, the medals are being held by the family.  Ray had also sent a lot of papers and materials to Captain Baker for archives only one month before his death. It was understood that Ray's death was a great loss to C Troop as it was to the entire Command.

Discussion took place on the use of some of Z Troops funds which has now been transferred into General Funds
Moved Sgt Clive Bracey/Pnr Ann Sheary. "That some of Z Troops funds which are in general funds be used for the purchase of new uniforms as and when required."

SSgt Barry Coker asked that the members of the Command show their appreciation for all the work Peter Hamilton had done in transporting members to and from venues and their hotels.

Major Yearbury asked of Pnr Ann Sheary why the G Squadron account had not been closed. Captain Baker replied as she had instructed Pnr Sheary not to, until after the elections of conference, as the constitution on the unit needed to be sorted out first to fix an error that had been made by some of the NZ Staff members without the knowledge of others. Once this was completed the account would be closed accordingly.

Introduction of O Troop Members:
Each of those new members from O Troop who had not attended a conference before stood and introduced themselves to the Command.
Beattie Family:

Major Yearbury has a sympathy card to send to the family, however as SSgt Coker had sent out messages from the Command and from J Troop it was felt that a card was not necessary.

Meeting recessed for afternoon tea.

Captain Murray Hamblin led the Command reciting the Oath of Allegiance.

Lieut Colonel Myers led the Command in singing God Defend New Zealand.

RSM Ross Vaile brought the Command to attention.

Pioneer Sergeant came forward to March out the "Pioneer axe" from the top table

Lieut Colonel Arthur Myers declared the meeting closed.

There were no shooting competitions held for 2018:

Legion Star of Merit [LSM]
3948 BRODIE John
3946 HAMILTON Peter
Long Service & Efficiency Medal [LSEM]
3948 BRODIE John
Pioneer Axe [Pnr]
4043 BOWATER Ian
Legion Meritorious Service Medal [LMSM]
3689 HAMBLIN Murray
L247 BAKER Val
90th Anniversary Medal
3095 COKER Barry  
3403 STOKES Graham  
2126 MYERS Arthur          
3466 HOHEPA Nga

Personal Associate Life Member of the 1st & (2nd Aus) Highlands LOF with Blue ribbon:
2127 VAILE Ross

The Scottish Command Saltire Decoration:   
3997 SMITH Mike
L247 BAKER Val

Medal of Honour, 6th Para Regt, Donna Isabella's Own
Gold Medal
4041 DOMINGO Gary
Silver Medal
3997 SMITH Mike

Claude Bathe Rose Bowl: Cpl Justin Stewart
Baden Henry Trophy: Fm Danielle Edgerton
Carlin Trophy: Sgt Florrie Baker & Cpl Ali Baker
Dip Stick Award: RSM Ross Vaile
Stirrers Spoon: Lieut Graham Stokes
Doug Baker Round Tuit Award: Sgt Alistair Webb
Certificate of Participation: Fm Adrian Lay, Cadet Luke Hamblin, Fm Danielle Edgerton,
Certificate of Inspiration: Fm Michael West, Fm Bjorn Hamblin, Fm Jeremy Miller,
Certificate of Dedication: Fm Laura Hamblin, Fm Peter Hamilton, Fm John Brodie, Cpl Justin Stewart,
Certificate of Leadership: Sgt Alistair Webb & Cpl Richard Patton.
Ray Hammond Memorial Inspiration Trophy: Fm Bjorn Hamblin
Claude Bathe Memorial Shield / Frontiersman of the Year: Captain Murray Hamblin

The Awards of the Legion
Past & present Patrons and Commandants of the Command