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Minutes of the Legion of Frontiersmen Conference
held in Wanganui on Saturday 4th of June 2016.
Starting at 9.15 a.m.

L73 NZ Command Commandant, Colonel Sandra Parrish LSM, LSEM, LMSM, AMM, Pnr,
3242 Lieut Colonel Geoff Webb LSM, LSEM, LMSM, CTBM, Pnr
2126 Major Arthur Myers LSM, LSEM, LMSM, Pnr
L7 Major Dawn Yearbury LSM, LSEM, LMSM, Pnr
3689 Captain Murray Hamblin LSM, Pnr
L247 Captain Val Baker LSM, LCM, LSEM UK & Au, ACM, AMM, CDSC, CDMM, CTBM, MCH, CGA, Pnr.
2127 WO1 Ross Vaile LSM, LSEM, LMSM, Pnr

C.1106 Sgt Ray Hammond LSM, LSEM, LMSM, LDSC, Gold Pnr
C.4044 Fm Robin Cawte LSM, LSEM
F.1105 Fm Des Yorke LSM, LSEM, LMSM, CDSC, Gold Pnr
F.1570 Lieut Don Yearbury LSM, LSEM, LMSM, AMM, Gold Pnr
F.3992 Fm Joe Yearbury
F.L274 Fm Chris Yearbury
F.L82 Fm Doreen Alexander LSM, LSEM, Pnr, QSM
F.3976 Sgt Clive Bracey LSM, LSEM
F.L192 Fm Dale Bracey, LSM, LSEM
F.3791 Fm Anthony Tedbury
G.L104 Fm Ann Sheary LSM, LSEM, Pnr
G.4068 2nd Lieut George Adams, LSM
G.4013 Sgt Rob Roy
G.L270 Fm Raewyn Roy
G.LCpl L. Massey
G.Fm GW Massey
H.4043 Lieut Ian Bowater LSM, LSEM
H.L123 Sgt Mae Courtney LSM, LSEM
J. L254 Sgt Florrie Baker, LSM
J. L255 Cpl Ali Baker, LSM
J. 4021 Fm Wei Zhen Kim
J. 3095 SSgt Barry Coker LSEM CTBM, Pnr
J. 3980 Fm Martin Layzell
N.2112 Fm Athol Smith LSM, LSEM, Pnr
N.L175 Lieut Kathy Butler LSM, LSEM, Pnr
O.3534 Sgt/Sec Alistair Webb LSM, LSEM, Pnr
W.3403 Lieut Graham Stokes  Pnr
W.L265 Sgt Carol Stokes
Y. 3812 Cpl Reg Clarke LSM
Y. L250 Fm Bibiana Clarke LSM
Y. L300 Fm Anthony Clarke LSM
Y. L272 Sgt/Sec Julia Stevenson-Renwick
Y. Cadet Michelle Clarke

From this time point onwards in these minutes awards will not be mentioned, refer please to above lists.

RSM WO1 Ross Vaile brought the meeting to order, NZHQ and guests were brought into the meeting, taking their places at the head of the top table.  Colonel Sandra Parrish requested that the axe was brought into the meeting and placed at the head table to signify that the meeting was about to commence.
All were seated.
Lieut George Adams OC Host unit welcomed everyone to Wanganui,
Commandant Colonel Parrish welcomed everyone and introduced the Duty Mayor for Wanganui Hamish McDouall.
Hamish McDouall extended a warm welcome to all and declared the Conference open.
Salvation Army Officer Major Glen Anderson blessed the meeting.
God Save the Queen Members led by Major Arthur Myers sang God Save the Queen

Last Post Roll Call:
1430 Mitchell T.J - 'G' Squadron
1435 Wallis K.D - 'W' Troop
CMO or Past members
2130 Snodgrass J
Potter R - UK

Life Members - Long Service:
1105 R.D Yorke - 61 years - 'F' Troop
1106 R. Hammond - 61 years - 'C' Troop
1360 A.W Lepper - 60 years - 'L' Squadron
1379 L.K Turvey - 59 years - 'R' Troop
1570 D.A Yearbury-  56 years - 'F' Troop
1846 J Lynch - 51 years - 'D' Troop
1850 N.J Parrish - 51 years - 'H' Troop
2126 A.G Myers - 46 years - 'Y' Squadron
2127 D.R Vaile - 46 years - 'J' Troop
2112 A.H Smith - 45 years - ''N Squadron
1624 L.W Bowen - 44 years - Waihi D Troop
3315 D West - 42 years - 'N Squadron
3087 T Peake -  41 years - 'D Troop Waihi

Captain Baker handed out the page missing from the Journal which was the NZHQ QM stores:
Hats to be ordered, sizes still have not been supplied, other than F Troop's, need to record sizes and inform Captain Baker.

Meeting broke for morning tea.

J Troop Fm N. Chung
C Troop Fm D. Gordon
C Troop Fm K. Gordon
Y Squad Fm Nga Hohepa
Y Squad Fm Laurence Hophepa
Y Squad Fm Catherine Stevenson-Renwick
Y Squad Fm Vicky Jordan
Y Squad Fm Jill McNaughton
N Squad Fm A. Hepburn
N Squad Assoc. S. Hooke
N Squad Assoc. S. Funnell
N Squad Fm D. West Pnr
H Troop Cpl G. Bowater
H Troop Fm R Parrish
H Troop Pnr N. Parrish
G Squad Fm S. Sheary
G Squad Fm W. Seeley
G Squad Sec G. Brotherstone
G Squad P. Phitu
O Troop Cpl R Patton Pnr

Moved by Capt Val Baker/Sgt Florrie Baker "That apologies be accepted" carried

Minutes of Previous Conference:
Moved Gold Pnr Ray Hammond/Lt Colonel Geoff Webb “That the minutes be taken as read and are a true and correct record.” carried

Matters Arising:
Page 2: Election of Commandant alter "was" to "were": to now read:
"Major Arthur Meyers, announced that as there were no other nominations for Commandant Sandra Parrish has been re-elected as Commandant for a further three year term.
Pnr Doreen Alexander should have the title QSM after her name it was omitted in error.
Lt George Adams was listed as a Pioneer when he is not this was added in error.

Error in Numbers recorded from 2015 and 2016 minutes Smith AH should read 2112 not 2122, D West should read 3315 not 2315.

Captain Baker replied to each, that the minutes taken at Whangarei had been lost in the post by mistake and had been made up from Memory or lists supplied after conference, Captain Baker apologised to the members that  she had not picked up  these mistakes and that Colonel Sandra Parrish and Pnr Barry Coker  both also proof read the minutes prior to circulation and all had missed these errors.

Amendments: As listed above Major Dawn Yearbury/Pnr Graeme Stokes Moved "that amendments as listed be recorded in the minutes."  carried

Outward/Inward Correspondence:
Captain Baker stated that she had one letter received on Friday the day she left for conference from Alexander Turnbull Library and an email from Geoff Pocock on the Shield.
Discussion followed.
Moved Colonel Sandra Parrish/WO1 Ross Vaile "That Captain Baker forward copies of issues of the journal which were surplus to archives to the Alexander Turnbull Library." carried.
Re Geoff Pocock's email - Captain Baker was to continue to investigate the new lead.
Pnr Ann Sheary read out a letter from our Patron Lady Beattie which was a letter of apology to the command for not being able to attend this conference or any further conferences.
Moved Lt Colonel Geoff Webb/Gold Pnr Ray Hammond "that all Inwards/Outwards correspondence be received and approved." carried

Commandants Report:
Read by Colonel Sandra Parrish:
Moved by Gold Pnr Ray Hammond/Pnr Ann Sheary “that the report be accepted”carried

Unit Reports:
The unit reports are to be printed in the journal using those yearly reports supplied to NZHQ with the annual returns.
Financial Report:
Moved Major Dawn Yearbury/Fm Dale Bracey “that the financial report as presented be accepted” Carried
Matters arising from the Financial Report:
Discussion on Trust accounts:
Gold Pnr Ray Hammond asked what happens to the money which is in trusts.
Moved Lt Colonel Geoff Webb/Pnr Ann Sheary
"That the money on fixed deposit in the name of Z Troop to be put in NZHQ name"carried
It was then raised that under the constitution and the rules that section 17 B applies

"In the event of a Unit disbanding, or being disbanded by Headquarters or ceasing to function, the Unit funds, shall be held in trust for a period of five years or until the unit is reformed at which time a joint decision on the quantity of funds required will be carried out.  At no time will these funds be transferred into general funds of the Legion without the consent of a 75% majority of units attending conference after 10 years dated from the time of the unit disbanding."

It was  Moved  Capt Baker/Cpl A Baker "that the above motion must be rescinded due to this section." carried.

Discussion followed and it was recommended that Pnr Ann Sheary as the last remaining member of the unit Z Troop formulate a remit to be present at the next year's conference on the funds as the 10 years would fall due 2017.

It was pointed out that there was a clause in the Constitution Section 17c (iii) that states what will happen to any excess funds if the Comand is wound up, and while there were still younger members wishing to carry on there was no reason for anyone to have too many concerns - it would be more important to find more members.

Moved Colonel Sandra Parrish/WO1 Ross Vaile “that the auditor remain the same” carried 

Discussion opened, due to NZHQ having the funds and members being concerned about what would happened with those funds in the future.
Moved WO1  Ross Vaile/Sgt Clive Bracey “That they be reduced by $10.00 on full membership for one year and be re-visited in 2017.” carried

Conference Venues:
2017:Taupo. Lt Colonel Geoff Webb gave a report: Conference will be at Chantilly's Motor Lodge ( 07 376 5720 address is 112 Tamamutu St, Taupo, 3330 NZ, rate will be $68.00 per person based on twin/double (2 persons) or triple rooms (3 persons) per night. Continental Breakfast will be $12.50 per person per day Cooked breakfast would be $18.50 per person per day. When booking you need to inform them that you are with the LOF at the time. Further information will be placed in the journal.
2018: Invercargill

Before the start of remits it was raised by Gold Pnr Ray Hammond the matter relating to remits being printed in the journal in February prior to them going to NZHQ. Sgt Florrie Baker replied that NZHQ did not have the right to veto any remits put forward and having them printed meant that all members would be able to see and discuss the remits prior to conference.  It did not matter if overseas commands saw any of those remits that where being put forward as we are not a secret society.

Remit 1.
1 Slides p43 Insert New Section
NZHQ staff will wear gold badges of rank on russet brown with red stripes slides.
Officers/N.C.O.s to wear gold badges of rank on black slides.
Frontiersmen wear gold on black slides.
Unit colour slides/brassards may be worn until replaced with black slides.
No metal insignia to be used on slides.
Moved J Troop/Y Squadron   8 to 1carried
F Troop recorded their vote against

Remit 2.
Amend P42
Section SUMMER DRESS: Hat, white shirt (preferably with epaulettes), black tie, navy/ black slacks/skirt, black socks, black shoes. As an alternate, open necked white shirts with wide reveres may be worn.
“Frontiersmen slides and rank badges to be worn where practicable.”
“Unit Colour Frontiersmen slides only to be worn.
Officers /N.C.O.s to wear badges of rank on Unit colour slides/brassards.
No metal insignia to be used on epaulette.“

Will now read
Section SUMMER DRESS: Hat, white shirt (preferably with epaulettes), black tie, navy/ black slacks/skirt, black socks, black shoes. As an alternate, open necked white shirts with wide reveres may be worn.
Frontiersmen slides and rank badges to be worn where practicable.
Sam Browne belts/waist belts, NOT worn.
Medal ribbons may be worn.
Moved J  Troop/Y Squadroncarried

Remit 3.
Amend p42
Section WORKING DRESS: Summer dress with the following options subject to approval
by the Unit O.C. Navy/black jersey (preferably with epaulettes) may be worn.
Black boots c/w gaiters may replace shoes.
“F/m” to “Frontiersmen” slides and rank badges to be worn where practicable.
Will now read
Section WORKING DRESS: Summer dress with the following options subject to approval by the Unit O.C. Navy/black jersey (preferably with epaulettes) may be worn.
Black boots c/w gaiters may replace shoes.
Frontiersmen slides and rank badges to be worn where practicable.

Amendment put Sgt Clive Bracey F Troop/Capt Val Baker "Alter c/w to read "complete with" in the same remit. carried

Amendment became the motion and now reads:

Section WORKING DRESS: Summer dress with the following options subject to approval by the Unit O.C. Navy/black jersey (preferably with epaulettes) may be worn.
Black boots complete with gaiters may replace shoes.
Frontiersmen slides and rank badges to be worn where practicable.        carried

Remit 4.
Nationality  p10
4 (b) All members must be New Zealand citizens (either by birth or naturalisation) or citizens
of another commonwealth country.
Clause will now read
4 (b) Deleted.

Moved J Troop/Y SquadronCarried

Remit 5.

Administration Motion

Financial Report

Please present the current year’s annual accounts in detail in Dollars and Cents.
The previous year’s accounts may be presented in Dollars only, as a guide to compare with.

Moved J Troop/Y SquadronCarried

Remit 6.

Conference p28

Section 7.12.1 The Entertaining Unit for the Annual Conference shall receive $20.00 per
financial member, and any expense above that amount shall be borne by the Unit.

Amend to
Section 7.12.1 The Host Unit for the Annual Conference shall receive $20.00 per Life Member & Financial Frontiersmen, and any expense above that amount shall be borne by the Unit.
These numbers are as at 31 December, accumulated from the annual returns of all units, & will be made available, to the Host Unit by March 31 each year, i.e. one month after annual returns have been filed.
Cadets and Associate members will not be included in the count.
Moved J Troop/Y Squadroncarried

Photos taken at 12 and then had lunch
Restart meeting at 1.20

Remit 7.
Other badges

Insert New Section p45
Section 17.1.6
Membership and decorative badges will not be worn on Legion uniforms.
Moved J Troop/Y Squadroncarried

Remit 8.
Cadets are being charged $9 renewal fee & $10 Annual Fee + $2 joining fee
but it states on the enrolment form Form 1 sheet 2 that the Cadet Annual fee is $10
Even if passed at conference that capitations remain the same, the Fees should be recorded Annually in the minutes.
Moved J Troop/Y Squadroncarried

Remit 9.

Section 23.0 PART 2:
After the three month’s probation and applicant is duly accepted, the following ceremony will be carried out:
CANDIDATE Now signs and dates the Enrolment Form……………………………….
Amend ‘Signs’ to ‘Re-signs’, amend “applicant” to” new member” & “CANDIDATE” to “NEW MEMBER”
Section will now read
After the three months’ probation and the new member is duly accepted, the following ceremony will be carried out:
NEW MEMBER now re-signs and dates the Enrolment Form
Moved J Troop/Y Squadroncarried

Remit 10.

Update Section 25 Form 1
Add POSTCODE, Add CLUB/ &  **Yes/No, Add Phone (Home) & (Mobile) for Referees, Add criminal & (Please specify), Cadets Joining fee $10, add AFTER ACCEPTANCE NEW MEMBER’S SIGNATURE & DATE

Moved J Troop/Y Squadroncarried

Remit 11.

Moved J Troop/Y Squadroncarried

Remit 12.
Update Award Form Headings

Section 25.0
(a) Pioneer Cross
(b) Pioneer Axe
(c) Legion Meritorious Service Medal
(d) Long Service and Efficiency Medal
(e) New Zealand Legion Star of Merit
(f) other awards

(8f) APPLICATION FOR other awards
Moved J Troop/Y SquadronCarried

Remit 13.
13  p43
Section 16.2.8 TUNIC
Amend clause “patch pockets on each breast with small Frontiersmen buttons down front” to
“may have patch pockets with small Frontiersmen buttons”.
Will now read
Section 16.2.8 TUNIC: Will be of navy/black (preferably black) serge/gabardine open neck type, may have patch pockets with small Frontiersmen buttons, worn with white shirt and black tie.

Moved J. Troop/Y SquadronCarried

Remit 14.
Wearing of Awards
Add new Section
The Commandant General’s Mural Crown will be worn before (to the wearer’s right) the Gold Pioneer Axe or the Pioneer Axe, 25mm above the right breast pocket.
The Canadian Command Honour Badge will be worn after (to the wearer’s left) the above awards, 25mm above the right breast pocket.
The Commandant General's Mural Crown will be worn closest to the heart (to wearers left) the Gold Pioneer Axe or Pioneer  Axe, 25mm above the right breast pocket.
The Canadian Command Honour Badge will be worn before (to the wearers right) the above awards, 25 mm above the right breast pocket.

Moved  Lt Colonel Geoff Webb/Fm Ann Sheary Pnr carried

The amendment became the motion carried

Remit 15.
Supreme Control 
Section 21.0
Amend numbering of the third section Heading from Section 21.1 to Section 21.2.0
Will now read

Section 21.2.0  In the interest of discipline N.Z.H.Q. may disband any Squadron or Troop any
time and no member of the Unit so disbanded shall be allowed to join another Unit of the Legion of Frontiersmen without the approval of the N.Z.H.Q.
Any Unit so disbanded will wind up the affairs of the Unit as laid down in (Sec. 7).
Moved J Troop/Y Squadroncarried
Remit 16.
Shooting Rules
Section 22.1.8
Amend Rule 21.1.4 to Section 22.1.4
Will now read

Section 22.1.8  The winning Squadron or Troop shall bear the cost of engraving. NOTE: Re-Section  22.1.4 above, be sure to identify female and Cadet members.
Moved J Troop/Y SquadronCarried
General Business:
Discussion on Lanyards:
Should lanyards be worn on the tunic & for what purpose?
Would it be worn on the right or left shoulder of the tunic?  On the left it may get dirty if doing rifle drill.
Where does the tail go - under the armpit or into breast pocket?
Should a whistle, torch or knife etc. be attached to the tail end and stored in the pocket?
Will NZHQ staff wear a brown and red lanyard?
Should all others wear a green and red lanyard or a white lanyard or no lanyard?
What is the extra cost?
After many view points on Lanyards, for and against
Moved Capt Val Baker/Sgt Clive Bracey
"that those units wearing Lanyard  would formulate remits to come forward at the next  conference".Carried
Moved Capt Val Baker/Fm Joe Yearbury
"That units wearing Lanyards be given one years grace period." Carried
Roll Call list:
Discussion on distances of membership on reasons why some members registered with one unit and not another, eg E Squadron members living in the same area as D Troop Waihi. corrections where made to the list. 
Shooting trophy Insurance: (All Trophy's)

Retiring Trophies:
Marksman Badge:
Qualifing for the two individual Shooting Trophies:Daldy and Chalk Cups

Public Liability Insurance Val/Geoff

Oath of Alligance
God Defend NZ
Axe was removed from the room and conference was closed.
Members dismissed.

Saturday Night awards:
New Zealand Pioneer Axe [Pnr]
Fm Mae Courtney

Marksman’s badge:
Fm Anthony Clarke
Independent Command Canada Command Honour Badge:
Lt Colonel Geoff Webb
Major Arthur Meyers
Captain Murray Hamblin
Fm Gavin Bowater
Fm Reg Clarke
Sgt Ray Hammond Gold Pnr
Stirrers Award:
Fm Sgt Clive Bracey
Round Tuit Award:
Sgt Julia Stevenson-Renwick
Dipstick Award:
Lt Col Geoff Webb
Frontiersman of the Year 2016
Fm Doreen Alexander Pnr QSM
LASS Carlin Shield: 
Fm Carole Stokes

Shooting Trophies:
Weston: Y Squadron
Pioneer: Y Squadron
D'esterre: Y Squadron
Memorial Cup: Y Squadron
Allen Bridge: Y Squadron
Chalk: Rick Ruiterman.
Daldy: Irene Cameron
Runner Up team "J & Y combined"

Sunday Awards:
Best Dressed Frontierswoman on Parade:
Major Dawn Yearbury
Best Dressed Frontiersman on Parade:
Fm Martin Layzell

© NZ Command LF
© NZ Command LF
The Awards of the Legion
Past & present Patrons and Commandants of the Command
2016_Feb Journal_1.pdf
2016_Feb Journal_1.pdf