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Minutes of the Legion of Frontiersmen conference
held in Whangarei on Saturday 30th May 2015.
Starting at 9.30 a.m.

Lieut Kathryn Butler Pnr, Lieut Colonel Geoffrey Webb Pnr, Gold Pnr Des Yorke,  Lieut Don Yearbury Gold Pnr, Major Dawn Yearbury Pnr, Fm Joe Yearbury, Fm Chris Yearbury, Sgt Clive Bracey, Fm Dale Bracey, Fm Doreen Alexander, Sgt Gold Pnr Ray Hammond, Fm Robin Cawte, Fm Stephen Sheary, Sgt/Sec Ann Sheary Pnr, Sgt Julia Stevenson-Renwick, Sgt Alister Webb Pnr, Lieut George Adams Pnr,  RSM Ross Vaile Pnr, Captain Val Baker Pnr, Sgt Florrie Baker, Cpl Ali Baker, Fm Wei Zhen Kim, Captain Murray Hamblin Pnr, Fm Mae Courtney, Pnr Barry Coker, Major Arthur Myers Pnr, Fm Reg Clarke, Fm Bibiana Clarke, Cadet Michelle Clarke, Colonel Sandra Parrish Pnr, Lieut Ian Bowater, Fm Tony Tedbury,

RSM Vaile brings the meeting to order, NZHQ and guests are brought into the meeting taking places at the head of the meeting.  Colonel Sandra Parrish requests that the axe is brought into the meeting and placed at the head table to signify that the meeting is about to commence.
All are seated.
Lieut Don Yearbury OC Host unit welcomes everyone to Whangarei,
Commandant Colonel Parrish welcomes everyone she then introduces the National MP for Whangarei Dr Shane Reti.
Dr Shane Reti replies and declares the Conference open.
Salvation Army Officer Frank Lundburg blessed the meeting.
God Save the Queen Members led by Frank Lundburg sang God Save the Queen
As there is a bit of time before breaking for morning tea,
RSM Ross Vaile asks that list of Long Service names are read out, this Major Dawn Yearbury does.

Life Members - Long Service:
1105 R.D Yorke - 60 years - 'F' Troop
1106 R. Hammond - 60 years - 'C' Troop
1360 A.W Lepper - 59 years - 'L' Squadron
1379 L.K Turvey - 58 years - 'R' Troop
1435 K.D Wallis - 57 years - 'W' Troop
1570 DA Yearbury - 55 years - 'F' Troop
1846 J Lynch - 50 years - 'D' Troop
1850 N Parrish - 50 years - 'H' Troop
2126 A.G Myers - 45 years - 'B' Squadron
2127 D.R Vaile - 45 years - 'J' Troop
2122 A.H Smith - 44 years - 'N' Squadron
2315 D West - 41 years - 'N' Squadron
3087 T Peake - 40 years - 'D' Troop Waihi

Dr Shane Reti asked a question regarding some of the history of the LOF.
Captain Baker takes the opportunity to recount some of the History of the Command.
Meeting broke for morning tea.

All those members that had not been able to attend the conference.
Moved Gold Pnr Ray Hammond/Colonel Sandra Parrish “that apologies be accepted: carried.

Last Post:
1656 J.P Kane - 'Y' Squadron
3868 J.D Rose - 'L' Squadron
3100 M Tawhi - 'Y' Squadron
3084 W Fairless - 'W' Troop
1916 D.C Reidy - 'H' Troop
3909 B. McCorkindale - 'O' Troop

Minutes of Previous Conference:
Moved Gold Pnr Ray Hammond/Lt Colonel Geoff Webb “That the minutes be taken as read and are a true and correct record.” carried

Matters Arising:
Nil other than that which will be discussed in general business:

Commandants Report: CONFERENCE 2015 WHANGAREI:
Read by Colonel Sandra Parrish:Welcome to everyone who has managed to make the trip to Whangarei for this 2015 Conference. Once hundred years since the War in Gallipoli, 9000 members of the Legion of Frontiersmen lost their lives during World War I, giving their lives for all of us to have a better life in the years to come. I was really amazed at how 100 years of Gallipoli was remembered around New Zealand not only just by our Units but the general Public alike.
It is really pleasing to hear that “O” Troop Invercargill now have 16 Members.  Well done Guys. To all other Units I would  like to thank you all for doing what you can to keep the NZ Command operational.  In this day and age it is getting harder and the core of our Members coming into the older age bracket, but still want to be active and I salute you all.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all New Zealand Headquarters Staff for their continuing support, without them it would make my position a lot harder.
Once again we have lost valuable Members over the Great Divide and unfortunately a lot of our history goes with them. To families of these members please accept my sincere condolences., they will be sorely missed by all.  Enjoy your Conference.
Moved by Lieut Colonel Geoff Webb/RSM Ross Vaile “that the report be accepted” carried

Outward/Inward Correspondence:
Captain Baker stated that she had one letter received on Friday the day she left for conference but felt it needed to be discussed in General Business.  Matter held over.

Election of Commandant:
Major Arthur Meyers, announced that as there was no other nominations for Commandant Sandra Parrish has been re-elected as Commandant for a further three year term.

Unit Reports:
C. Troop:
Gold Pnr Ray Hammond gave his verbally: Pretty much the same, all members having health issues to deal with.
All other reports have been printed in the journal May 2015 issue.
Discussion followed regarding the journal.  Colonel Sandra Parrish requested that Unit reports be in to the editor by the 25th of the month due.

Financial Report:
Moved Colonel Sandra Parrish/Lt Colonel Geoff Webb “that the financial report as presented be accepted” Carried
Matters arising from the financial Report:
Lt Colonel Geoff Webb queried the amount that a NZHQ cheque could be written out for from the trading account. Major Dawn Yearbury established the amount of approximately $22 - $23,000.00.
Moved Captain Val Baker/Sgt/Sec Ann Sheary “that further monies be invested on fixed deposit once an assessment was made on expenditure.” carried
Fm Barry Coker pointed out that on page 12 the column heading ‘Unit Cost” should be ‘Net Realisable Value’ Major Dawn Yearbury would have it corrected for the following years annual report.
Regarding the stock of equipment, a discussion followed as some equipment was in limited amounts. It was Moved by Captain Val Baker/Sgt Sec Ann Sheary “That NZHQ look at purchasing equipment to augment existing stock.” carried

Moved Gold Pnr Ray Hammond/Colonel Sandra Parrish “that the auditor remain the same” carried 

Moved Major Dawn Yearbury/Lt Colonel Geoff Webb “That they remain the same” carried

Conference Venues:
2016 Wanganui Sgt/Sec Pnr Ann Sheary handed out information and registration forms for next year’s conference.
2017:   Taupo

Photos taken at 12 and then had lunch

Restart meeting at 1.30

Remit 1.
“That the current QM stores be used by NZHQ to outfit all members with appropriate uniforms & equipment upon request by such member’s unit at no cost to that unit.”
Moved J. Troop seconded Y Squadron
Amendment Moved Fm Barry Coker/Captain Val Baker “To amend ‘the current’ to ‘all’ carried
Remit as amended Moved J Troop/seconded Y Squadron
Passed unanimously

Remit 2.
Insert after section 17.1.1

“ To obtain Marksmen’s badge applicant must shoot 3 separate shooting trophy targets with an 85% minimum score, on all three”

“ Applicant may then wear badge for one year & must re-qualify annually.”

“ Once attained for further 3 years applicant may continue to wear for life.”
Moved J. Troop seconded Y Squadron
Passed unanimously

Remit 2 B.
“That Rules through may be applied retrospectively.”
Moved J Troop seconded Y Squadron

Passed unanimously

Remit 3.
“Alter Form 5a to new format and to include phone & email details.”
Moved amendment Major Dawn Yearbury/Captain Val Baker “to include ‘current address’ carried
Remit as amended Moved J Troop seconded Y Squadron
Passed unanimously

Remit 4.
“Amend Section 7.12.1 $8.00 to $20.00 and alter the word Squadron to unit in the 2 places”
Moved J Troop seconded Y Squadron
Passed unanimously
Discussion followed regarding how the money is work out, some members of F Troop did not realize that the amount of $20.00 per head was not based on numbers attending a conference but the number of registered membership of the whole command. So a unit would currently receive approximately $1,600 to $1,700 membership including life members, to help run a conference this should assist to keep costs in check for as many members as possible to attend conferences.
Moved Major Dawn Yearbury/Captain Val Baker “That payment be made retrospectively to include this conference’

General Business:
Public Liability Insurance:
Major Dawn Yearbury raised the question on whether this coverage was necessary:
After some discussion the members concluded yes it was necessary, NZHQ would continue to pay for coverage.

H Troop Funds:
Lieut Colonel Geoff Webb informed the meeting of the progress that H Troop had made with securing back their control of funds, he made a point of informing members that they must be very sure of how they have tied up Troop/Squadron money in the future.
Lieut Ian Bowater raised the state of hats, H Troop would like to donate sufficient money from their freed up money to purchase 20 new hats. 

Volunteer Medals:
Pnr Alistair Webb, raised the matter for his troop members regarding the introduction of a new medal to be struck by NZHQ for the one hundred year volunteer medal. 
As there is a volunteer medal available to the public, there appears to be no need to strike a Legion one, it was also felt we already had a five year Medal for community service.

Cadets attending Meetings:
Major Dawn Yearbury, raised the matter of cadets attending the conferences rather than being able to join with companions.
A great discussion took place, many older members having their say on their views on this matter many of whom had no cadets in their own units. Sgt Florrie Baker then spoke as a past cadet who had come through the ranks, how she felt about attending conferences as a cadet having fun and how now after getting to know members and becoming more comfortable with participation there was plenty of time for the more serious side of conferences. 
Captain Baker felt that as the rule book states that unit OC can decide on whether to take on cadets in their units it was really up to those units with cadets to decide on them attending the conference meeting or going with the companions:
Moved Captain Val Baker/Sgt Ann Sheary “That the Unit OCs are best placed to make the call as to whether a Cadet is of suitable maturity to attend the Conference Meetings.” carried

Leading on from the cadet discussion, Captain Val Baker expressed concern that there was nothing arranged for companions attending the Whangarei conference weekend. There were 7 companions, who were to go shopping with no transport to town, nor were they given an agenda, which included time tables for morning tea, lunch, photos and afternoon tea as had been supplied in the past.  Companions are all part of the conference structure, J Troop is happy to provide bingo equipment as has been done at the last three conferences, if asked, and the host unit could put up the prizes whether that was lollies and money or straight money. Captain Baker asked that Wanganui and other future conference host units ensure that companions are considered. 
Generally the members felt that this was acceptable.

Letter from Rob Roy, G Squadron Wanganui:
Letter held over from correspondence received by Captain Baker, Fm Rob Roy queried his service time as a Frontiersmen while under CMO and now that the unit has transferred back to NZ Command.  Some discussion followed and Sgt Ann Sheary advised the meeting on a few more issues which had been raised.  The meeting decided that Captain Baker was to reply to Fm Rob Roy. It was noted in the rule book under awards all hours and therefore years of service are counted regardless of whether they were a member of another command, so long as they belonged to a LOF Command. This would apply to overseas or to a CMO unit. It was also pointed out that in fact that the OC of a unit was to appoint his own staff and may remove staff from a position held at any time if he/she thought a member was not able to fulfil the duty given to that person.

Lt George Adams:
Lt Adams informed the meeting that he had received an invitation and attended a reception held in the Pioneer Room of the Wanganui War Memorial Centre on 14th of May 2015.  The reception was for HRH Prince Harry and the invitation was from the Office of the Mayor of the Wanganui District Council.  It was a great honour and Lt Adams informed the meeting that Prince Harry was very approachable and commented on the uniform and said he had seen it before in London.

Shooting trophies:
RSM Ross Vaile stated to those members who are shooting that no one was to mark the targets as only he could mark the targets. Any targets received in future that had been marked in any fashion, i.e. either with gauge equipment or pen will  not be counted.  Targets should only have the name printed clearly of the contestant on it. (No signatures, must be readable) There was also a problem with targets having more than the allowed number of shots on them, which was not therefore accepted.

NZ Ex Firefighters Assoc. John Gildroy Grant VC invitation:
Captain Val Baker reported that five members of J Troop will respond to an invitation received from the NZ Ex Firefighters Association on Sunday 21st June 2015 to honour Firefighters who served their country on Active Service at a Remembrance Service at the grave of 2nd Lt John Gildroy Grant V.C.  John was also a member of the Legion of Frontiersmen and one of the VC holders which we acknowledge. This service is to be held at the Waikumete Cemetery, Glen Eden Auckland.

Major Shooting Awards:
Chalk Cup: John Ball, 
Daldy Cup: I. Cameron
Weston Cup: Y Squadron
Pioneer Cup: Y Squadron
Allen Bridge Shield: Y Squadron
Memorial Cup: Y Squadron
D’Esterre Cup: Y Squadron
Cadet Trophy: Not awarded
Results to be printed in the journal
The meeting then took the Oath of Allegiance
All joined in singing God Defend New Zealand.

Conference concluded 4.00 p.m.

NZ Pioneer Cross [NZPC]:
1850 Neil John Parrish
Legion Star of Merit [LSM]:
3909  Barry Ross McCorkindale         [Posthumously]
Cadet B. Hamblin                

Life membership:
3087 T Peake
Marksman’s badge:
Fm Anthony Clarke
Stirrers Award:
Captain Val Baker
Round Tuit Award:
Major Arthur Myers
Dipstick Award:
Colonel Sandra Parrish (1st Year of presentation donated by F Troop)
Frontiersman of the Year 2015:
Lieut Ian Bowater H Troop
LASS Carlin Shield:
Fm Chris Yearbury
Best Dressed Frontierswoman on Parade:
Fm Chris Yearbury
Best Dressed Frontiersman on Parade:
Pnr Alistair Webb

The Awards of the Legion
Past & present Patrons and Commandants of the Command