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Minutes of the Legion of Frontiersmen Conference held in Whakatane
on Saturday 31st May 2014 Starting at 9.30 a.m.

Present: Fm Athol Smith, Lieut Kathryn Butler, Lieut Colonel Geoffrey Webb, Gold Pnr Des Yorke, Gold Pnr Don Yearbury, Major Dawn Yearbury, Fm Rob Roy, Fm Joe Yearbury, Fm Chris Yearbury, Sgt Clive Bracey, Fm Dale Bracey, Fm Doreen Alexander, Sgt Gold Pnr Ray Hammond, Fm Robin Cawte, Fm Alfred Hepburn, Fm Stephen Sheary, Pnr Ann Sheary, Fm Julia Stevenson-Renwick, Fm Catherine Stevenson-Renwick and Fm DJ Ehu, Lt Nga Hohepa, Fm Richard Paton, Fm Alister Webb, Lt George Adams, Laurence Hohepa, RSM Ross Vaile, Fm Vicky Jordan, Captain Val Baker, Sgt Florrie Baker and Cpl Ali Baker, Fm Wei Zhen Kim, Captain Murray Hamblin, Fm May Courtney, Fm Barry  Coker, Errol Board, Major Arthur Myers, Fm Reg Clarke, Fm Bibiana Clarke, Cadet Michelle Clarke, Fm Anthony Clarke, Cadet Katy Hunia and Pnr Neil Parrish and Colonel Sandra Parrish.

RSM Vaile brings the meeting to order, NZHQ and guests are brought into the meeting taking places at the head of the meeting.  Colonel Sandra Parrish requests that the axe is brought into the meeting and placed at the head table to signify that the meeting is about to commence.
All are seated.
Major Arthur Myers welcomes everyone to Whakatane, who are also celebrating the 70th year of Y Squadron.
Commandant Colonel Parrish welcomes everyone especially to G Squadron Wanganui, she then introduces the Mayor Tony Bonne.
Mayor Tony Bonne replies and declares that the conference meeting is now open.
Minister Tessa Keen blesses the meeting.

“Pnr Dave West N Squadron, Sgt Carol Stokes, & Lt Graham Stokes W. Troop.
Pnr Morris Tawhi B. Squadron, Fm Mike Subritzky P Troop, Lieut Mike Smith, Sgt Tony Tahatika, Fm John & Fm Donna Osborn E. Squadron. Fm Catherine & Lt Derek Gordon C. Troop, Fm T. Tedbury F. Troop, Lieut Ian Bowater  & Fm Gavin Bowater Pnr Dave Reidy H. Troop, Pnr NZPC Pat Kane Y Squadron. Gold Pnr Alan Lepper attached NZHQ,
Fm Paiheke Whitu, Fm George Massey, Fm Lillian Massey L269, F, Wayne Seeley, Fm Graeme Brotherston.”
Moved Ray Hammond C. Troop/Capt Val Baker J. Troop “that apologies be accepted: carried.

Last Post:
1246 I Dalton - 'L' Squadron - (10 March 2014)
3832 V.B Priar - 'L' Squadron - (13 March 2014)
3019 D.P Nelson - 'B' Squadron - (11 May 2014)
L40 R. Reidy - 'H' Troop - (22 August 2013)

Life Members - Long Service:
1105 R.D Yorke - 59 years - 'F' Troop
1106 R. Hammond - 59 years - 'C' Troop
1360 A.W Lepper - 58 years - 'L' Squadron
1379 I.K Turvey - 57 years - 'R' Troop
1435 K.D Wallis - 56 years - 'W' Troop
1570 D.A Yearbury - 54 years - 'F' Troop
1656 P Kane - 52 years - 'Y' Squadron
1846 J Lynch - 49 years - 'D' Troop
1850 N Parrish - 49 years - 'H' Troop
1916 D.C Reidy - 45 years - 'H' Troop
2126 A.G Myers - 44 years - 'B' Squadron
2127 D.R Vaile - 44 years - 'J' Troop
2122 A.H Smith - 43 years - 'N' Squadron
2315 D West - 40 years - 'N' Squadron

God Save the Queen Members led by Major Myers sang God save the Queen
10.15 Broke for morning tea
10.45 reconvened the meeting:

Minutes of Previous Conference: Moved Gold Pnr Ray Hammond/Lt Colonel Geoff Webb “That the minutes be taken as read and are a true and correct record.” carried

Matters Arising:
Nil other than that which will be discussed in general business:

Commandants Report: CONFERENCE 2014 WHAKATANE
Good Morning and Welcome, to this 2014 Conference.  It is really great to see so many here and also a large welcome to members of G Squadron who have rejoined New Zealand Command.
It is with a heavy heart that I mention the passing over the great divide of another our valuable members, Pnr Don Nelson. You will be sorely missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing you and also those who worked with you on duties. R.I.P. my friend.
To Major Myers and the members of “Y” Squadron I thank you all for making this conference affordable for all Members to attend.
Well what a year this one has been with several Units closing their doors, with Members transferring to other Units.  This will mean that some of our Members will not be able to do duties or attend meetings for that Unit as they are too far away, but at least it keeps them in the Legion.  But in saying this “Charity starts at Home” and we also are big in Comradeship, so please look after these Members.
The ongoing Saga with Wayne Stokes, well at long last on Saturday 24th May after a phone call from myself to say where he would be the papers were again served on him.  Originally the papers were served on him after about 30 attempts, we sent the papers to the Court House in Palmerston North and they returned them saying that they could not be served on a Sunday so everything had to be done again.  The papers were served the second time with no further cost to us.
NZHQ are looking at having a Parade at the Monument at National Park on the 9th November 2014, as it is the 100 years of the beginning of World War 1. I would like to see a good muster if at all possible. I realise that distance is also a problem for some. Please send your forms back to Major Arthur Myers by the due date, so it can be discussed at NZHQ Meeting early August.
If you have been asked to help another Unit with a Duty, please phone your Officer Commanding in case the Unit requesting your assistance has not been able to make contact with him/her.  This saves aggravation to both Units and helps to keep all records straight.  Common sense really but not always happening.
Next year is the time for Election of your Commandant   if you are thinking of standing for this position please get your nomination into the Adjutant Major  Arthur Myers by the 28th February 2015.
I must take the time to acknowledge my staff for all the valuable work they do.  We work as a team as I have repeatedly said.  Thank you all most sincerely it makes my position easier.
I think you have heard enough of my voice, so please enjoy your Conference.
Gold Pioneer Alan Lepper from New Plymouth sends to you all his Regards and Best Wishes for Conference. God Guard Thee Colonel Sandra Parrish
Read by Colonel Sandra Parrish: Moved by Lt Colonel Geoff Webb/RSM Ross Vaile “that the report be accepted” carried

Outward/Inward Correspondence:
Capt Hamblin Letter to Members of U & V
“Dear Ralph, My name is Murray Hamblin, I am the OC for O Troop in Invercargill as well as the South Island Liaison Officer.   
I am sending you this letter in regards to your unit closing down.   I would like to offer you a couple of options for you to stay in the Legion if you are interested.  As your subs have not been paid, you are unfinancial at the moment, so you are currently classed as non-members.  The first option I can offer you is for you to pay your subs directly to Head Quarters.  This means you will be attached to them as members.  The second option is that you could join O Troop.  The unit will pay the subs and then you could make regular payments to pay them back.  As we are quite some distance from you, we realise you won’t be attending meetings but minutes and correspondence regarding O Troop will be forwarded to each member.
Please think about these options and contact me personally on the above numbers.  I will send transfer papers accordingly.  I do hope you choose to stay in the Legion of Frontiersmen, but ultimately it is your decision and we will accept it either way,
Murray etc etc.

Reply from U & V Squadrons:
Dear Murray,
Thank you for your letter, yes it is sad to be closing down but sign of the times plus we are all getting older.  Congratulations on your letter heading, you are the only one who is good enough to put names and addresses at the top.  Usually we have to search through old records, they don’t even put them on the journal any longer.
Here is the list you asked for, Lois and I will not be joining.
Ralph Askin 386 Junction Road RD 3 Ashburton 033037116   
John Bradie 34 Solway St Oamaru03 4348555
Donald Gundry 112 William Street Ashburton 03 308 7989
Bill Cornelious  9 Bridge st Ashburton 03 3084522
Robert Clinton 14 McKee Place Ashburton
Graeme Robinson and Christopher Robinson 35 Rowan Ave Aranui Christchurch
Pnr Les Turvey Dunedin is being looked after by HQ as he is a life member.  He’s pretty vague anyway.
Kind regards God Guard Thee David.
Discussion took place on these letters
Captain Baker made the comment that the last journal did have the addresses of all members of which NZHQ had, some are incorrect and that is the fault of the members for not making sure that correct and up to date information was being supplied to NZHQ. The phone number and the address for the journal was in every issue and it is noted by Captain Baker as Editor that she has never received a report from U & V and has guessed numbers to send for the last eight years. David is as guilty as the rest.
Moved Gold Pnr Ray Hammond/Lt Colonel Geoff Webb “that Outwards be approved and Inwards accepted.” carried
A second letter from Dave Bradley to Colonel Sandra Parrish was to be held over until General Business.

Unit Reports:
C. Troop:
Greetings from the sunny Hawkes Bay, another year has passed us by and nothing much has changed.  Still managing to keep going though at times it has been a struggle due to health reasons and getting older.  Derek is getting a little better after his heart problem, I am managing to get around a little after my Hip op, but it slows you down Robin is the only healthy one and manages to keep us going. Financially we are doing alright so can keep going for a while, why give up when we are still alive, long may we live to keep the Legions name around.  To all that are sick get well soon as we cannot do with out you. To those that have lost love ones we send our Deepest Sympathy. That’s all from here see you all at conference. God Guard Thee 1106 R. Hammond Sgt G. Pnr

D. Troop:
Another year gone, time waits for nobody.  What has the Troop to show for the 2013 year is very little.
A&P Show went off well with 31 Squadron ATC coming in to assist, Rural fire has been quiet with only 1 wild fire and control burns in Port Waikato, long hours and mileage taking its toll, dangerous conditions, steep ridges and access making it hard, 3 hours from base to fires with off road 14 ton appliance, water shortage did not help.
Conference, members were going to attend but on the receipt of letter from HQ stating we could not vote, as our financial sheet was late, this upset our Troop as HQ had been notified twice that it would be late as the member who received the bank statements was down south for 2 months and we could not get them. The bank would not release copies etc. 2013 papers are down at the accountants.  They have been on holiday for 3 weeks so papers will be forwarded to HQ on receipt.
At conference the Troop were looking at setting up a welfare fund for senior the LOF to assist if required for members in their twilight years , this has been canned.
It is quiet on the cards that the Troop will close its books this year as we can see no future in the Legion, there is no incentive or direction in the future.  This discussion will not be taken lightly.
God Guard Thee, Acting OC Frontiersmen L Bowen.

OC Report F Troop 9/2/14
It is with pleasure that I present this report 2014
Another year has passed and I would like to thank you all for your assistance during the last 12 months with everything staying stable and with out the dedication we would not be able to continue to function as we do.
We have an increase in our membership with 2 of our associates becoming full members and the possibility of another prospective associate coming on board.
We have shown a small increase in our finances this year.
Duties have remained steady with our usual Growers Market every Saturday, organizing entry and some parking restricting the buskers and whatever else the management want, car park surveillance for the Old Time Dance Club twice a month, Waipu Caledonian Society games on New Years Day car parking and Mid Northern rodeo 2 days car parking and gate keeping.
It is pleasing to hear that Dale is at last able to return to work again even if it is only part time at present.
In conclusion I would like to thank you all once again for your support.
God Guard Thee Lieut Don Yearbury OC F Troop Whangarei

H Troop:
Kia Ora and greetings to Headquarters and all units near and far from the sunny but cold and windy Taupo-Nui-a-Tia
Our duties have dropped right away but still we have kept ourselves busy with the help of “B” and “Y” Squadron’s and also Lt Colonel Geoff Webb which I thank you all for your help.  I have taken up position as the general manager of the Taupo Motorsport Park which will keep me very busy.  We had a nasty scare when Lt Colonel G. Webb had a massive heart attack and was flown to Waikato Hospital thankfully Geoff was treated at Waikato hospital and was sent home hopefully to make a full recovery.  Geoff you gave us one hell of a fright.  Our A.G.M was held on February 12th 2014 and it was very pleasing to have the Commandant and Neil Parrish attending.  Well that is about all for now and I look forward to seeing you all at conference at Whakatane. God Bless you all Sgt/Sec Ian Bowater.

O.C Report J. Troop 2013 Year.
Firstly I would like to congratulate everyone for the very successful conference run at Katikati.  By all account everyone enjoyed the weekend and left happy.
To everyone that has assisted with duties in Katikati, Waihi & Tauranga I believe we should all be patted on the back for great attitudes, appearance and comradeship.  The true spirit of the Legion of Frontiersmen carry’s on with our presentation to the public.
A good turnout for ANZAC Day and special thanks came forward from the RSA to all who attended both the Dawn service and civic one. A date that is fast approaching us again for all to keep in mind as I am sure we will be wanting to turn out for the day.
A special thanks to Gail, our associate member who has played a huge part in the continued support of our members an asset to us all.
The Troop’s finances are in good shape and we are hoping to procure a few rain jackets and other equipment that we as members will put into good use on duties like the one for the inaugural meeting and swearing in of the Mayor and councillors, a thanks to Gail who has put on a uniform to help out.
The Lions Club has come forward and paid the donation for the Christmas Parade early which is nice to see.
I hope all are looking forward to conference in Whakatane which is at a very low price this year.
Val Baker OC

O.C Report N. Squadron.
I wish to submit my Annual Report for the year ending 31st December 2013.
Our duties have fallen on a limited membership, and I am grateful for the support given by our associate members, who have also assisted with duties during the year. Client: Manawatu performing Arts Competition, Rose City Porcelain Doll Club, and one other this term with the West End School Centenary Reunion, held in April, out at the Awapuni Race Course.
Lieut Colonel Webb Pnr is assisting H Troop and Fm A. Smith Pnr has been assisting W Troop.  I must thank these two members for their very valuable assistance.
We as a unit know that if it weren’t for members assistance, we would not be able to do some of these duties we are asked to perform.
The Annual Conference was held in Katikati, with three members able to attend. A Lot of positive good came out of the conference.  Addressing membership numbers to the Squadron/Troops active, that are financially in a good position, to step up and support other units, that are struggling and on the verge of closure.
The executive and members from N have extended to the following members from M Squadron now closed, our warm welcome attached into N Squadron.
It’s about the brotherhood and sisterhood of the Legion to help one another. Welcome to Fm David West Pnr and Cpl Steve Smith Pnr and FM Fiona Smith.
We have a healthy balance sheet,income from duties worked a little short.  We did receive a generous koha donation from the duty with West End School reunion.
Once again, good communication within the unit ensures better workings.
To Lieut Colonel Webb Pnr, Pnr S. Hooke & wife Audrey, that have been unwell, we wish you good health after your rough spin.
In closing, may I wish you all success in the coming year 2014.
OC Kathy Butler L84

OC O Troop Report 2013
Good evening Comrades. It’s been a pleasure to serve you for the time I’ve been in and very proud the way you guys have conducted yourselves.
For once I can say there’s been no downs so you can pat yourselves on the back.  There will always be room for improvement but that will take its own course.  I would like to Welcome Shane, Libby and Jeremy into our group and please make them feel welcome and help them anyway we can.  We’ve done 423.5 hours of duties in 2013 and that’s outstanding. I’ve enjoyed my job as your OC and you guys made my job much easier.  I do want to carry on as your O.C for 2014 it would be a pleasure.
God Guard Thee Capt Murray Hamblin.

OC Major A. Myers Report For 2013.
I would like to present my annual report to the meeting.
Another year has ended and I would like to thank you all for your attendance to meetings and duties.
As you all know 2014 is our year of hosting the annual conference and feel that you all will do your best in helping out in more ways than one.
I would like to thank Julia in the way she has worked with minutes and the treasury side of the Squadron.
Look forward to working alongside you all for the next year and hope we can get some more duties to help us.
Lt Officer Commander A Myers.
Fm Barry Coker/Pnr Anne Sheary Moved “that Reports be printed in the journal” carried

Financial Report:
Moved Colonel Sandra Parrish/Lieut Colonel Geoff Webb “that the financial report as presented be accepted”
Two questions were raised; The large figure which was for ribbon purchase equipment.
And that the purchase of targets did not show on the balance sheets.
A further discussion was held on term deposits:
It was discussion that the interest of Z Troops should all be given into the general funds in future. Moved Pnr Anne Sheary as the last surviving member of Z Troop/Gold Pnr Ray Hammond “That in future all interest raised from funds on fixed deposit in the name of Z Troop be put into General funds” carried
It was also recorded that NZHQ was only holding two meetings a year now.

Moved Major Dawn Yearbury/Fm Barry Coker “that the auditor remain the same” carried 

Moved Major Dawn Yearbury/Lt Colonel Geoff Webb “That they remain the same” carried

Conference Venues:
2015 Whangarei Major Dawn Yearbury spoke on the conference and handed out a costing of the accommodation.   All members need to book their own motels.
2016:        As there was two offers for conferences in 2016 this would be discussed in General business.

Introduction of new members: 
George Adams,G Squadron
Stephen Sheary       G Squadron
Anne Sheary            G Squadron
Rob Roy   G. Squadron
Wei Zhen Kim           J Troop
Chris Yearbury
Joe Yearbury
past members present Laurence Hohepa, Errol Board also introduced to members.
Meeting broke for break at 11.30
Photos taken at 12 and then had lunch
Restart meeting at 1.30

Remit 1.
Motion to conference for an administrative directive for NZHQ.
“As T. Troop Paeroa as a unit has closed, that funds received by NZHQ be split 50 - 50, in that 50% is paid to the Paeroa Museum as per the request of the last member of the unit and the remaining 50% be transferred to general funds of NZHQ rather than placing on fixed deposit.”
Reason Administrative directive:
This is contrary to the rules of a unit closing down where the funds would normally be placed on fixed deposit.  However due to the small amount of money involved and to assist the wishes of T Troop it is felt to be a good compromise.
Moved J. Troop seconded Y Squadron
Passed unanimously

Remit 2.
Alter rule 2.1.4:
Delete 70 and replace with 72.
Rule would now read:
Be not more than seventy-two (72) years of age in the year of election.
Reason: it is felt that at present with the age of the possible candidates for elections in 2015 to be too restrictive, this will still mean that a Frontiersman will be capable of holding the position until they are 75 at the end of their term rather than raising the age to 75 and therefore being 78 at the end of the three year term.
Moved J. Troop seconded Y Squadron
Passed unanimously

General Business:
B. Squadron letter from the late Pnr Don Nelson regarding the closure and finances of B. Squadron.
As Don was the second signatory of the account with the accountant and that the Squadron was to close down and its members to transfer to Y Squadron Whakatane the transfer of funds and the closing down of the account needed to be dealt with.  As Major Arthur Myers was also an existing member of B, and Captain Val Baker had some experience in such matters.
It was moved by Colonel Sandra Parrish/Pnr Anne Sheary “that Captain Val Baker & Major Arthur Myers to handle the matter with the bank” carried

Discussion on Financial report:
Distribution of excess funds with concern of the income of receiving greater than 10,000 a year as income.  Although the interest was not subject to income tax as the LOF was a registered charity and did not pay with holding tax, if it received income greater than 10,000 it would have to pay a larger fee for charitable status, this was still a minimum amount.   One idea was for NZHQ to pay for all conferences, as had Y Squadron been able to pay for everyone to encourage people to attend.
A lengthy discussion followed with those for and against this proposal.
It was also briefly discussed about spending excess on uniforms for members, and travel assistance.
Moved by RSM Ross Vaile/Pnr Anne Sheary “That the levy to conference that NZHQ pays to Host unit be set at $20.00 per member.” carried unanimously.

The Entertaining Squadron for the Annual Conference shall receive $8.00 per
financial member, and any expense above that amount shall be borne by the Squadron

Section 7.12.1
Major Dawn Yearbury would like to know approximate numbers attending conference next year to help with making arrangements.
Major Arthur Myers spoke about members having consideration towards other members when making arrangements to attend conference each year. It is very hard to organise catering and especially accommodation if people can’t make up their minds if they are attending or not and then to stop and change at the last minute unless due to health.  
It was discussed that no bookings would be taken from any member if not book by a cut off date, this date would be included in the journal and it is being pointed out no late registrations would be taken.

Letter from Lieut Dave Bradley to Colonel Sandra Parrish, with regard to closing down U & V Squadron.
The command wish to know a few matters and the following 5 motions where moved.
Moved Captain Val Baker/Fm Alf Hepburn
“That a full stock take be done on all equipment held by the two squadrons and forwarded to NZHQ”carried  
Moved Captain Val Baker/Sgt Clive Bracey
“that the horse statue being given to the Museum as part of the display that is mentioned in the letter.”     carried
Moved Captain Val Baker/Lt Colonel Geoff Webb
“that only enough items be given to the Museum to make up a display and all else be forwarded to NZHQ”
Moved Captain Val Baker/Pnr Anne Sheary
“That the cost of shipment of these items to be sent to NZHQ be paid for by NZHQ.”
Moved Captain Val Baker/Colonel Sandra Parrish
“That a copy of the receipts or a letter be requested to come as receipts from the two recipients of the donations made by the Squadron mentioned in their letter”

Conference venues revisited:       
2016 G Squadron Wanganui
2017 H Troop Taupo

Z Troop Funds:
Pnr Anne Sheary brought up that it wasn’t necessary to keep splitting the money received in interest from Z Troop funds and adding a portion of it onto the principle when it should be used for the benefit of the command.  As the last surviving ex member of the unit the following was moved:
Moved Pnr Anne Sheary/Fm Rob Roy
“That all interest received from the Z Troop term deposits be paid forthwith straight to NZHQ” carried

K. Squadron:
Colonel Sandra Parrish spoke on the Masterton unit which had closed that there are uniforms in the area that are being held and that contact should be made for their return to NZHQ
Lt George Adams stated that all extra uniforms have been returned to Matamata to Bob & Bev Chessum. Past Member Rangi Apiata would like to rejoin and the nearest unit is W. Troop.
Fm Alf Hepburn, raised the matter of the safety of members as shown this morning with the fire alarm being set off at 6 in the morning and everyone having to report at the front of the motel complex. Although this is a requirement in the work place, due to the motel being their property they had an officer or person in charge to do this. Further discussion took place.
Meeting broke for afternoon tea.
The meeting adjourned to the wharanui to witness the light show that was put on by the local Marae.  Enjoyed by all.
Conference resumed:
A short discussion took place on how many would be interested in attending the November Remembrance Day Parade which was being discussed for November 9th at National Park Cenotaph. (20)
The meeting then took the Oath of Allegiance
Sang God Defend NZ
Conference concluded 4.00 p.m.

Pioneer Axe [Pnr]:
3095 Barry Coker
3577 Richard Patton
3687 Murray Hamblin
Long Service & Efficiency Medal [LSEM]:
3863 JG Stewart
Legion Star of Merit [LSM]:
L272 Julia Stevenson-Renwick
L250 B. Clarke
Cadet A Clarke
Cadet K. Hunia
3812 Reg Clarke
Cadet S. Armstrong
Cadet M. Clarke

Stirrers Award
3095 Barry Coker
Round Tuit Award
Jointly: Gold Pioneers Don Yearbury, Des Yorke & Ray Hammond
Frontiersman of the Year 2014
Major Arthur Myers

Shooting Awards
Chalk Cup
Des Connelly
Weston Cup
John Ball & Irene Cameron
Pioneer Cup:
Anthony Clarke & Des Connelly
© NZ Command LF
© NZ Command LF
The Awards of the Legion
Past & present Patrons and Commandants of the Command