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New Zealand Headquarters Staff 2013
The Minutes of the Legion of Frontiersmen Conference
held in Katikati on Saturday 1st June 2013:
Starting at 9.00a.m

Present: Pnr Maurice Tawhi B. Squadron, Fm Robin Cawte C. Troop, Gold Pnr Ray Hammond C. Troop, Lt Mike Smith & Sgt/Sec Tony Tahatika E. Squadron, Major Dawn Yearbury, Lt Don Yearbury, Sgt/Sec Clive Bracey, Fm Dale Bracey, Corporal Doreen Alexander F. Troop, Sgt/Sec Mae Courtney, Fm Gavin Bowater, Lt Ian Bowater H. Troop,  Fm Barry Coker, Cadet Leighton Hu, Fm Ali Baker, Fm Florrie Baker, Captain Val Baker & RSM WO1 Ross Vaile J. Troop, Colonel Sandra Parrish, Lt Neil Parrish, Pnr Dave West, Pnr Ray West M. Squadron, Lt Colonel Geoff Webb, Lt Kathy Butler & Fm Alf Hepburn N. Squadron, Captain Murray Hamblin, Cpl Richard Paton, Sgt/Sec Alistair Webb O. Troop, Pnr Graeme Stokes, Sgt/Sec Carol Stokes W. Troop, Major Arthur Myers, Cadet Anthony Clarke, Cadet Michelle Clarke, Fm Viv Clarke, Fm Reg Clarke, Cadet Katie Hunia, Fm Vicky Jordan, Sgt/Sec Julia Stevenson-Renwick, Y Squadron, plus Companions Assoc Member Gail Coker, Geoff Bell, Junior Grant, Tim Reynolds,

RSM Vaile bought members to order, NZHQ was introduced to Mayor Ross Paterson and St Paul’s Church Elder George Wilks lead in by Captain Murray Hamblin. Once all had taken up positions Colonel Parrish then requested that the axe be brought in by Gold Pnr Ray Hammond to signify that the conference has started.
All are seated.

Conference Agenda:
Captain Baker welcomed everyone on behalf of the Host Unit J. Troop, informing the meeting of the fire exits and toilets facilities in both halls.
Colonel Parrish, welcomed everyone attending conference, at which time Colonel Parrish asked the Mayor to address the conference and officially open the conference.
Mayor Ross Paterson:
Welcome, tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.
It is great for me to be here today and I welcome you all to our District – The Western Bay. In this District we pride ourselves on our diversity of communities, our farming and horticultural industries, our lovely beaches, our rich bicultural history and our commitment to creating a strong economic future.  In our District we have the urban communities of Katikati, Waihi Beach, Te Puke, Omokoroa and Maketu each surrounded by pastoral and horticultural land and fringed by coastline.
Being so centrally located in the North Island, the Western Bay District and sub-region has a vibrant economic base – not only driven by horticulture, dairying and dry stock, but by vibrant industry, trades and new commerce.  The Port of Tauranga attracts large companies to locate their headquarters here and, with good arterial links of road and rail, we are ideally placed as a hub for industry and commerce.  In addition the Western Bay is a magnet for people wanting an attractive lifestyle, a good climate and plenty of things to do in their leisure time. 
Here today I believe there are Legion members from as far north as Whangarei and from the deep south- Invercargill.  Welcome to the Western Bay of Plenty.
Of the 100 members across the country in the Legion of Frontiersmen – 50 are here for this occasion – that is a super turnout.
I have had a long association with the Legion in this District and huge admiration for its continuing contribution to community life.  My special appreciation and acknowledgement goes to the dedication of Val Baker who is such a fantastic ambassador for the Legion and, through the projects of J Troop, keeps the Legion in the forefront of community life.  Thanks for all your work in organising this conference Val.  Val represents four generations of Frontiersmen and her children are among the youngest in the country.  I had the great honour of being with J. troop when it won the supreme award at the Trustpower Western Bay of Plenty Community Awards in 2010.  This was the reward for the Legion’s project in the Katikati Cemetery – restoring the cemetery from its former drab image to a wonderful place for families and visitors to spend time.  It is testimony to the ethic and vision of the Legion that it chose a project that was not, on the surface glamorous, but that would and has turned into a treasure for the community – for the families of loved ones buried there and a historic journey for the casual visitor.
The Project entailed photographing all the Veterans’ gravestones for historical record, removing broken concrete bases to be re-grassed, identifying unmarked graves and attaching donated wooden crosses.
The Legion even commemorated the graves of historical significance by having bronze plaques made with references to archives and other places of interest in Katikati.
J. Troop has really taken the cemetery under its wing and is currently working on creating an Epitaph Board to recognize those people buried there and to write their history.  My Council has forged a strong working relationship with J. Troop – and our reserves staff has been thrilled to help where possible in the project’s progress.  In view of its history of service tot his country, it is sad that the Legion is a diminishing force in today’s society.  The New Zealand Command of the Legion of Frontiersmen was established in 1911 by two officers of the Legion, Captain John Cook a South African War Veteran and Captain Pat Taylor.  In New Zealand, many members of the Legion enlisted into the Otago Mounted Rifles Regiment.  The Legion has a very unique and proud history.  Frontiersmen served their country in the First and Second World Wars and have continued to serve their communities in a civilian capacity providing a vast array of services. The Legion teaches: Selfless service, Discipline, Respect for others, respect for tradition, and the desire to do voluntary work and to give without seeking reward.
These are all great values that within the fabric of strong communities.  We are proud to have the Legion still so active within our Western Bay District.  I wish you all a memorable stay in our District and declare your conference officially open.

Colonel Parrish asked St Paul’s Elder George Wilks to bless the meeting:
George Wilks:
My Name is George Wilks; I am a retired elder in the local Presbyterian Church.  Before I ask God’s blessing on this conference I hope you don’t mind if I give a brief tribute to the Late Douglas Baker, Brigadier to you, and a friend to me.  Because of my friendship and respect for Doug, I feel an extra privilege in performing this duty today.  Doug often attended St Paul’s Church, and when I had occasion to go into the mill, he would usually invite me into his office, and we would discuss the world and church affairs, and he was generous in supporting St Paul’s financially.  During the shooting season, he would come out to my farm with his golden spaniel and shotgun, to enjoy walking around the bush-line, in the hope of sighting a pheasant, his pleasure being in the hunt, rather than in the kill, especially in later years. So rest in peace, comrade and friend.

Prayer. Shall we bow our heads and ask for God’s blessing on this national conference.
Eternal God, the aim of the Legion, is to serve you, the Queen, and our country, and we pray that you will be present during this conference, as the members here discuss ways to effectively do that.  In every generation there are challenges to be met, injustices to be put right, and social concerns to be wisely confronted and rectified.  The values and aims of the Legion are honorable and worthy, may they be always at the forefront of its planning and operations we pray.  As we look out at your world today, the world you created so long ago, and declared to be very good, we see so much that is not very good.  We search for peace, but there is no peace – for justice, but we see so much that is unjust – for equality, but find so much inequality.  So Lord, as this Legion look to, and plans for the future, we pray that you will inspire, lead and guide their planning, and it’s execution, for the betterment of society, and the glory of your name.  And we ask these things in the name of your son Jesus, whose life, and example, we seek to follow. Amen.

Last Post:
Major Dawn Yearbury Read:
801 Funnell D.S - 'N' Squadron (6 August 2012)
3539 Lane A. - 'D' Troop (29 January 2013)
Colonel Parrish asked meeting to stand for one minute of silence.

Moved A. Myers/Colonel S. Parrish “That the following named apologies be accepted.
B. Squadron Pnr D. Nelson, Pnr N. Hohepa, Pnr D. Ellery, Y. Squadron Pnr P. Kane, Cadet K. Stevenson-Renwick, Cadet DJ Ehu, Cadet S. Armstrong, Fm J. McNaughton, C. Troop Lt D. Gordon, Fm K Gordon, M. Squadron Fm S. Smith & Fm F. Smith, N. Squadron, Fm A. Smith, Fm S. Hooke, Assoc S. Funnell, E. Squadron Fm E. Smallman, P. Troop Fm M. Subritzky, W. Troop Lt W. Fairless & W. Stokes, H. Troop Pnr D. Reidy.”

Major Myers Lead the meeting in singing God Save the Queen.

Roll Call: Long Service:
1105 Yorke R.D - 58 years - 'F' Troop
1106 Hammond R - 58 years - 'C' Troop
1360 Lepper A.W - 57 years - 'L' Squadron
1246 Dalton I - 57 years - 'L' Squadron
1379 Turvey I.K - 56 years - 'R' Troop
1435 Wallis K.D - 55 years - 'W'. Troop
1570 Yearbury D.A - 53 years - 'F' Troop
1656 Kane P - 51 years - 'Y' Squadron
1846 Lynch E - 48 years - 'D' Troop
1850 Parrish N - 48 years - 'M' Squadron
1916 Reidy D.C - 44 years - 'H' Troop
2126 Myers A.G - 43 years - 'B' Squadron
2127 Vaile D.R - 43 years - 'J' Troop
2112 Smith A.H - 42 years - 'N' Squadron
3019 Nelson D.P - 40 years - 'B' Squadron

Initiation of New Member:
Cadet Leighton Hu was marched into meeting and in front of those present to bear witness, was initiated into the ranks of the Legion of Frontiersmen.
Once completed RSM ordered everyone to stand for the laying down of the axe and meeting was adjourned at 9.30.

Members formed up for parade drill before morning tea.
10.30 meeting commenced:

Minutes of the previous meeting:
Moved Gold Pnr Ray Hammond/Sgt/Sec Clive Bracey “that the minutes as circulated and read be accepted as a true and correct record.” carried

Matters Arising from Minutes:
Awards:  Lt Colonel Geoff Webb, spoke on awards and where NZHQ has gotten with ordering of replacement medals.
Outward/Inwards Correspondence: Colonel Parrish had only one letter which would be left as listed on the agenda for discussion, on the horse. Moved Lt Colonel G. Webb/ Gold Pnr Ray Hammond “That this letter be left to later in the meeting” carried

Commandants Report:
Welcome members to yet another Legion Conference here in Katikati.  I would like to firstly Thank “J” Troop for Hosting the Conference for us, and to all members and companions for making the trip as it is getting harder to find the finance; with Units not having duties and donations not coming in.  Funding is also getting harder and harder to come by now.  A no win situation all round.  Hopefully when this happens personal who still wish to belong to the Legion will look at transferring to another Unit or if not at least keep in contact with each other.
We have lost two members who have passed over the Great Divide and taken with them a host of valuable Legion History.  Our condolences go out to their families, “We will remember them”.
I have been in contact with Lt Dave Bradley from Ashburton, the Unit has lost the hall where they had everything stored and also had their meetings.  Duties are very few and far between down there as well.  They have a model horse down there that needs re-homing and this will come up in General Business.  To those Units who have taken on New Members, Congratulations it is not an easy thing to do, most people especially some of the younger generation still want to know what’s in it for them, “what no pay and no drinking” well we are not interested.” They do not understand what a Volunteer is all about.  We all have heard this cry.  If you are taking on new members please once again follow protocol and remember to put prospective members through their initializations.  If you are registering members from an area that does not have a Unit, please speak with your Headquarters as to which unit would be the easiest one for them to be attached to; so that they do feel they are part of the Organisation also the Officer Commanding of that Unit can keep them involved, perhaps to the extent of them becoming a new Unit in time.
2015 will be 100 years since World War 1 in Gallipoli.  I would like to see if we can, muster members together and parade in an Anzac Day Parade at a central city or town to honour those who gave their lives so that the world could be a better place to live.
As of this Conference 2013 Headquarters Members will not have the extra week to get their Journal Reports in to the Editor, and Officers Commanding Units please make sure your scribes have their reports in by the stated time unless they have previously spoken to the Editor.  We are finding that time is of the essence in this day and age, so please help Capt Baker in doing this.
I hope you all have an enjoyable Conference and I look forward to speaking with you all at some part of the Weekend.

Unit Reports:
Moved Capt V Baker/Lt Colonel G. Webb. “That the following reports as received by NZHQ with yearly returns be accepted, D.J.F.M.N.O.” carried
Moved Capt V. Baker/Lt Colonel G. Webb “That the following unit reports be accepted as presented to the meeting. C & H. Troops” carried
C. Troop Report:
Another year has passed we have managed to carry on through with sickness and old age getting to some of us it is getting harder all the time.  We still have the odd duty that keeps us financial but like all other organisations they are struggling also.  We still managed to help the R.S.A on Poppy day and a Couple attended Anzac Day Ceremonies.  That’s about all that’s happening in the sunny Hawkes Bay. God Guard Thee Ray H. 1106
Acting O.C. Report D. Troop
Firstly apologies for being late with reports etc.  Bank statement are sent to one member who then passes it on to me for audit this works very well till someone decides to go on holiday for 2 months with no contact.  The financial sheets have been past over to the accountant to do urgently.  Duties have been very light but what ones done with the assistance of J. troop and volunteers we got through them.  No donations were accepted as they are struggling too.
Fire fighting we have been lucky with the extreme fire risk that the country has been in.  One bad our crew turned out to a Bowentown, our crew stopped it from crowning over the ridge which was a dangerous situation but our line held.
Donations given to the Coastguard for their new boat “some machine”, when this coast guard started many years ago it was our Troop that helped them to get financially and equipment. My wife and I attended a Fire Service presentation of a 25 yrs Gold Star award at Athenree. This unit again is one that the Troop helped to get going. Well so much from our small part of the world. God Guard Thee, Frontiersman LW. Bowen Acting O.C.
O.C’s Report “F” Troop:
It is with pleasure that I present this report 2013 has been quite a good year.  I would like to thank you all for your assistance during the last 12 months as due to my health problems I have not been able to put in as much time as I would like and without your help and dedication we would not be able to continue to function.
I would also like to thank the members of the Rock N Roll Club who have helped us as without this help we would not have the numbers to continue with some of the bigger jobs.  Duties have remained steady with our usual Growers Market every Saturday, car park surveillance for the Old Time dance Club twice a month Waipu Caledonian Society games on New Years Day Cr Parking Mid Northern rodeo 2 days car parking and gate keeping, unfortunately we were unable to do the Pahi Regatta due to the health of our members but hope that next year will be doing it again, to Dale and Chris I hope you will both be back to full health again soon.
Finances remain in a healthy state with annual donations going to the usual charities.  In conclusion a big thank you to each and everyone who have worked so hard to support their unit.
God Guard Thee Lt Don Yearbury O.C F. Troop Whangarei
H. Troop Report:
Kia Ora and greetings from Taupo.
Winter is on us with vengeance.  It is good to be able to attend this year’s conference in Katikati.  We have no duties now until the horse racing starts in October.  As we are not doing so many duties our bank balances are fast dwindling.  We are all well with no illnesses at the moment touch wood.  I hope all troops and squadrons are keeping well and those who are unwell I wish them a speedy recovery.
God Guard Thee Sgt Mae Courtney.
J. Troop Report:
To everyone thank you for attending to the meetings and duties through the year.
Barry and Ross for handling the assistance to J. Squadron for the duties at the race course, also with Leighton who assisted at the Cultural Festival earlier last year.
There was a great turn out for Anzac Day thanks to all, especially to those who made the papers, putting the LOF back in the fore of people’s minds.
We have had a varied year of duties, from Waihi in November through to Tauranga, quite a big area for the few of us in the Troop, great effort and turn out. Some duties have been the Waihi A & P gate keeping, Coastguard parking and security both duties assisting Waihi Troop, the last one was in early January 2013 in the heat, also Katikati Float parade traffic control with the usual discourteous public, mainly locals who never remember the parade from one year to the next.
The cemetery project still continues, Ross doing his bit with spraying/painting and the rest of us working on the plaques board painting and back ground work. The board is now up and running with the LOF emblem at the top of the supporters board, well worth a visit. We have also done weeding about 12 hour’s work, over the Christmas break; this was on the wildflowers that were planted earlier last year.  We also saw the benefits of our efforts in spring with the first round of daffodils nearly 2,000 flowered.
Leighton has turned 18 earlier this month and will now apply to become a full Frontiersman and this will be sent away shortly, thanks Leighton for continuing to support us and we look forward to you helping out when you can during the year when you return from Auckland University, don’t forget Anzac day and the conference this year dates for all of us to put onto our calendars. I would like everyone on deck for those dates please.
Our conference as the host unit is well under way with planning and I will fill you all in with matters during the meeting.
Our next duty is the Folk Festival towards the end of February just before many of you return to University.  This will help us increase our funds to assist with conference.
Once again I would like to thank everyone for their own particular assistance and flare of expertise that they have added to the Troop, everyone gains from you sharing your own experiences with others.
OC Val Baker L247
M. Squadron Report:
Greetings to all Members thank you for coming tonight.  We have had no duties for the whole of 2012.  Not good for our Bank Balance. This is a real shame and means that it is getting very hard for M. Squadron to carry on.  Some of our Members are working long hours and others have health related problems.  Here in M. Squadron we are to decide at this AGM if we are to carry on as a Unit after the Katikati Conference.
There is nothing else to report except to thank Sandra for doing our Balance Sheet this year as the cost of getting someone to do it would have meant we couldn’t pay our Capitations, and they are more important to our Members.  We wish you all the best for the coming year.  Neil Parrish Lt 1850.
N. Squadron Report:
Once again, it gives me much pleasure to present the Annual Report for the year ending 31st December 2012.
Although duties have hit an all time low, income from the two clients we have, has decreased, as the financial reports shows.  The unit’s investments have put us in an extremely good position, with a healthy balance sheet.
I extend my thanks to those members who paraded on ANZAC DAY.  Following the parade, I received mixed praise from members of the public, for those members that turned out in their uniforms.
The Squadron was represented at Conference in Te Awamutu this term, with three members able to attend.  Staff unable to attend, covered the duties over the Queens Birthday Weekend.
2012 has been a mixed bag for the unit this term.  There have been some downs and some disappointments.
It is with sadness that we lost our longest serving Member of 60 years, this term 801 Gold Pnr David Funnell QSM, on the 6th August, then later in the year Cyril Rosewarne on the 14th November who had served 31 years, before having to resign in 2008, due to continued ill health.  NZHQ and Legion Members attended their serves, represented both Gentlemen by form of Guard of Honour, at the chapel and Graveside.
The Squadron didn’t have a Xmas get together this term; instead Members were each given a grocery voucher.  The ones that acknowledge this gift appreciated this.
In closing I must extend to all members of N. Squadron, my thanks for the assistance given to me during this last year.
I wish you all success in the coming year of 2013. God Guard Thee K. Butler Lt O.C N. Squadron
O. Troop Report:
I would like to thank everybody for coming to the AGM and to welcome Jeremy into our unit as a perspective cadet.
2012 has been a challenging year but we got through it with the help with our dedicated members and that makes my job as O.C much easier.
Of course our bbqs have been our main earner; my thanks must go to the members for making the bbqs a success.
Duty wise we’ve done 425 hrs, all members including our cadet are to be commended as some duties were all day with out a break and there no complaints they just got on with it.
We had a couple of resignations but we will carry on the best we can.  Behind the scenes I must thank the partners for helping with bbqs and paper work which makes our job a lot easier.
Capt M. Hamblin

Financial Report: Moved Gold Pnr R. Hammond/Pnr M. Tawhi “That the financial report as presented be accepted.” carried
Capt Baker spoke about Pnr Nelson requesting information about the Midlands money this will be covered in items of general business.

Moved RSM Vaile/Major Dawn Yearbury “That Phil Cullen remain the auditor” carried

Moved Major Dawn Yearbury/Pnr Dave West “that they remain the same” carried.

Conference Venues:
2014 Whakatane
2015 Whangarei
2016 Whanganui

Colonel Parrish handed the meeting over to Lt Colonel Webb to chair for the remits:
Remit 1.
Insert new section
Section 4.2.1 Remits shall be considered individually & not be passed in bulk.
J. Troop spoke to the remit: Carried unanimously
Remit 2.
Section 14.4.3
Insert after the words “continuous service”, “, or a cumulative broken service of not less than 23 years,”
Rule will now read
Section 14.4.3Subject to these regulations the Pioneer Axe is awarded by New Zealand Headquarters upon the recommendation of a unit commander to a person who has rendered not less than 20 years continuous service, or a cumulative broken service of not less than 23 years, to the New Zealand Command.
Captain Baker spoke to the remit.  Carried unanimously
Remit 3.
Section 2.3.2
Line 8 Amend “Troop Leader” to “Squadron Troop Leaders”
Lines 9-11 Amend “Leader” to “O.C.” (in the last three lines of rule)
Rule will now read
Squadron Troop Leaders            Appointed by O.C. (Squadron Leader)
Troop O.C. of Detached Troop.  Elected at Troop Annual Meeting for one year.
Troop O.C. of Unattached Troop.Elected at Troop Annual Meeting for one year.
Detached & Unattached Troop Secretaries & N.C.O’sAppointed by Troop O.C

Fm Barry Coker J. Troop spoke to the remit.  Carried Unanimously
Remits 4 & 5.
Delete Rule:
Section 14.1.6
“There will be no post-nominal to any award except the Pioneer Axe and Gold Pioneer Axe”
Or 5.
Section 14.1.6
Amend rule to read:
There will be no post nominal to any award except the Gold Pioneer Axe, Pioneer Axe and NZ Pioneer Cross.

The difference here is either for members to use Post Nominal’s like LMSM, LSM or the LSEM as well as the three listed in the second remit or not at all.
J. Troop spoke to these remits they proposed the first and seconded the second remit to allow different views on the subject to be discussed.
After much discussion the following was voted on.
Remit 4. Carried unanimously
Remit 5. Withdrawn
Remit 6.
Insert new Rule
Section 14.6.6
The recipient may use the post-nominal LMSM
Carried Unanimously
Remit 7.
Insert new rule
Section 14.7.7
The recipient may use the post-nominal LSEM
Carried Unanimously
Remit 8.
Rule currently reads
Section 14.8.7
There will be no post nominal for this award.
Amend to read
Section 14.8.7
The recipient may use the post-nominal LSM
Carried unanimously
Remit 9 & 10.
Insert new Rule
Section 14.7.8
After each and every subsequent period of five years of service to the New Zealand Command, and after previously being awarded the New Zealand Long Service & Efficiency Medal, a member shall become eligible under section 14.7.6 to be awarded a clasp/bar to the above award, for each subsequent five years of service.
Add new section:
Section 14.7.7
After each and every subsequent period of ten years of service to the New Zealand Command, and after previously being awarded the New Zealand Long service & Efficiency Medal, a member shall become eligible under section 14.7.6 to be awarded a clasp/bar to the above award, for each subsequent ten years of service.
The difference between these two remits 9 & 10 is for each five or ten years of service.
Remit 9: After Lengthy discussion on both remits remit 9 was voted on 6 For 2 against 2 abstained. Motion carried
Remit 10. Withdrawn
Remit 11.
Section 14.1.8
Amend ‘metal bar’ to ‘clasp/metal bar’
Rule will now read
Section 14.1.8
When a second and/or subsequent award of a medal is made, the multiple awards shall be indicated on the suspension ribbon of the original award by the wearing of a silver clasp/metal bar 32 mm wide with a representation of a Mural Crown thereon.  When ribbons only are worn, by the wearing of a Silver Star device centrally on the ribbon.
Meeting broke for recess as the room was becoming so hot at 11.40 to 12.30 for photos and lunch.
Remit 12.
Section 14.3.9
Increase the period of time to a minimum of twenty five years, from twenty.
To Read:
Subject to these regulations, the New Zealand Pioneer Cross is awarded by the Commandant, upon the recommendation of a Unit Commander, to a person, who is a member of the Legion of Frontiersmen (New Zealand) Command, and who has rendered continuous and exceptional service to the New Zealand Command for a minimum period of twenty five years.
E. Squadron spoke to the remit.
Carried Unanimously
Remit 13.
Section 14.3.5
Post nominal for New Zealand Pioneer Cross be NZCP
To read:
The Recipient will be entitled to the post nominal “NZCP.”
Several members spoke for and against the changing of NZPC to NZCP sighting different organisations names of each letter formation. Motion was 1 For rest against motion lost.
Remit 14.
Remove entry:
Section Uniform...
(If past then an administration motion would be put to as shown below)
“Delete the wording but leave the section number.’
Motion was amended by E. Squadron seconded J. Troop to leave section and title but delete wording after Utility Uniform and replace with Subject to the discretion of unit OC”
Carried amendment became motion and was carried.
Remit 15.
Section 14.5.0 Silver Fern:
Section 14.5.1 & Section 14.3.3
These are the only two of the four recorded to be altered need to do these as 15 a) & 15 b)
15 a)
Amend to read:
The Legion of Frontiersmen New Zealand Command has instituted the Silver Fern in order to recognize a minimum of fifteen years of exceptional service to the New Zealand Command.

(Changing from a qualifying award to a time service based award)
15 b)
The award will be worn superimposed upon the ribbon of the Long Service & Efficiency Medal or the ribbon of the NZ Legion Star of Merit.
(Individual Choice)
Discussion view points from Lt Mike Smith, Pnr Ray West, Gold Pnr Des Yorke Lt Don Yearbury and Capt Val Baker.
Remit 15 a. 1 For 1 abstained rest against motion lost
Remit 15 b. 1 For 1 abstained rest against motion lost
Remit 16.
Constitution rule change: Clause 24 Auditor:
Delete 24b and replace with:
An auditor shall be appointed at the General Meeting each year, which shall be a suitably qualified accountant or finance professional, and shall not be a member of the Headquarters.”
Carried unanimously

Auckland Museum:
Captain Baker informed members of a meeting that was held between Hughie Fraser’s daughter Sharyn McLean and herself, discussing her work with the museum on the LOF and NZ Home guard, and the possibility of mounting a display.
Moved Lt Colonel Geoff Webb/Gold Pnr Ray Hammond “That Captain Baker assists with equipment on loan to the museum from stores if called upon to do so.” carried
W. Troop:
Colonel Parrish spoke on the loan to a troop member which was originally $25,000 but due to non repayment and interest is now at a balance of $37,000. The matter has been handled at present through the court system.  It has been a difficult process and NZHQ had to supply a photograph to be able to track him down. Members would be kept informed as the matter progressed.
T. Troop:
Captain Baker informed the meeting of the bank account held in the name of the troop which has not being able to be closed as there is only one past member in the town.  NZHQ was to work with Mr Caddy to transfer and close down the account with the option of splitting the money between a local charity and NZHQ.

Z. Troop Midlands:
Z. Troop funds had been invested with Midlands, however it was like a share price and the funds in this account was infact reducing and in the last year the account lost about $5,000.00. NZHQ required a motion from the command to withdraw the funds which would take up to 90 days and then to have the money put on fixed deposit with the bank.
Moved Capt V. Baker/Lt M. Smith “That the money be withdrawn from Midlands and re-invested with NZHQ under Z. Troop.” carried

Colour Standard request from U.K.
Captain Baker explained the flag structure and the request from the Junior Calvary in the U.K for the blessing of the use of the NZ Badge to be included on their new standard.
Moved Capt V. Baker/Pnr M. Tawhi “That permission be granted for the purpose of including NZ Badge on the U.K. Junior Calvary Standard” carried

Horse Ashburton:
Colonel Parrish spoke on the horse and the how the unit did have a buyer for the horse display, the saddle did not belong to the Legion only the horse itself.  The cost of transporting and packaging may it very costly to try to bring to the North Island.
Originally the command put a pro-rata amount into the purchasing of this item at $2.00 per member.
Moved Pnr Dave West/Sgt Clive Bracey “Upon receipt of the unit Balance sheets, we sell horse. The Commandant to negotiate the price with the saddler who wishes to buy the horse, cheque to be made out to NZHQ, divide money in half, half to NZHQ and half to the unit”

Members Transferring:
Captain Baker spoke as did other members, asking that some of the larger more financial troops and squadrons look at transferring the members as units were being closed down due to insufficient duties and finances to their units.  Too much of the Legion funds where being given to local charities when we were loosing members, charity starts at home it was time we took these people under the wings of others.  This was especially important to those who had been in the Legion for 15 years plus.
Pnr Dave West spoke on his time in the Legion, and reminded everyone that the Legion had forgotten the Maori past members, it was their custom to acknowledge those people.
Pnr Ray West stated this would be his last conference also, he wanted it recorded that he was very proud of the girls as he himself had trained in honour guard drill at 15.
Meeting wanted to convince both to remain with the command. 
Some of the bigger units would look at accepting Capt Baker proposal.

Public Liability:
Much discussion on this as the amount had only slightly increased but as the unit numbers where being reduced the amount each unit was to pay would go up. It was discussed whether it was necessary to continue with the policy.
Moved by Gold Pnr Ray Hammond/RSM Ross Vaile “That in future NZHQ would pay the insurance for the Command.”  Carried.
3.00p.m. to 3.20 Afternoon tea.

Shooting Awards:
All won by Y. Squadron Members.
Allen Bridge: Irene 84, John 83, Anthony 83, Stuart 69, Michelle 55.
Desterre Cup: Stuart 91.0 Irene 90.1, John 86, Anthony 86, Michelle 70
Garden Cup: Rick 300 - 50.5 500 - 49.3, Irene 300 - 50.4 500- 46.6 John 300 - 48.5 500- 47.2
Trans Tasman: Rick Buterman 500 – 50.5, Irene 50.4, John 47.2, Rick 49.4 Irene 45.1 and John 47.4
Weston Cup: Irene 98.3, John Bull 97.3, Sean 92.2, Antony 92.2, Stuart Cameron 84.1, Katie 83
Memorial Cup: Irene 88, John 86, Stuart 81, Anthony 77, Michelle 59.
Pioneer Cup: Anthony 48, Sean 48, Irene 48, John 44, Katie 43, Stuart 42

General Business continued:
Scotland Flag:
Captain Baker pointed out that in fact the Command had a new flag on display behind the NZHQ table this she was sure Julia would recognize.  On behalf of the Scotland Command and Ken Walker Officer in Charge they have made a presentation of the flag to be displayed with all other country flags of whom we are affiliated. The NZ Command thanks Ken and the Jocks for the gesture, especially for completing the set.

Capt Baker spoke on the badges which the unit had commissioned to have on the black jerseys to be used now in replacement to the cadet badges, the younger Frontiersmen would wear one on either arm shoulder, while older Frontiersmen choose to have theirs on the front breast pocket area. They could be purchased at a cost of $30.00 each.

Lt Colonel G. Webb, spoke on N. Squadron were happy to accept all M Squadron members into their ranks either as an attached unit or complete transfers.
Pnr Dave West thanked N. Squadron and stated it was hard for them to get new members.

Oath of Allegiance:
All members stood for the taking of the oath of Allegiance.
Mayor Myers led the command in singing God Defend New Zealand.
Gold Pnr Ray Hammond marched forward to receive the Australian Axe and then the meeting was dismissed.

Meeting closed 4.30p.m

Awards 2013 Conference:
Long Service & Efficiency Medal:
Sgt Clive Bracey
Fm Dale Bracey
Silver Fern:
Lt Ian Bowater
Gold Pioneer:
Lt Don Yearbury
Round Tuit award:
Pnr Ray West
LASS of the year:
Fm Vicky Jordan
Frontiersman of the Year:
Lt Col Geoff Webb
Rose Bowl:
Lt Kathy Butler
Frontiersmen Plate:
Gold Pnr Des Yorke.

The Awards of the Legion
Past & present Patrons and Commandants of the Command