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Minutes of the Legion of Frontiersmen New Zealand Command Inc.
held at Te Awamutu Saturday 2nd of June 2012: starting at 9 a.m.

Colonel Sandra Parrish, Lieut Colonel Geoff Webb, Major Arthur Myers, RSM Ross Vaile,  Major Dawn Yearbury, Lieut Don Yearbury, Gold Pnr Des Yorke, Fm Clive Bracey, Fm Dale Bracey, Fm Doreen Alexander, Lieut Nga Hohepa, Pnr Maurice Tawhi, Fm Don Ellery, Capt Val Baker, Fm Florrie Baker, Fm Ali Baker, Lieut Neil Parrish, Fm Dave West, Fm Ray West, Capt John Rose, Fm Barry Coker, Gail Coker, Fm Alf Hepburn, Lieut Kathy Butler, Lieut Derek Gordon, Gold Pnr Ray Hammond, Fm Alistair Webb,  Lieut Murray Hamblin, Fm Richard Paton, Cadet Sean Armstrong, Fm Reg Clarke, Fm Viv. Clarke, Cadet Anthony Clarke, Cadet Michelle Clarke, Cadet Katie Hunia, Fm Vicky Jordan, Fm Jill McNaughton, Sgt Julia Stevenson-Renwick, Lieut Mike Smith, Cadet C. Stevenson-Renwick, DJ Ehu, Tim Rendall, Pnr Don Nelson, Catherine Gordon, Fm Lyall Bowen, Fm Mae Courtney, Junior H. Grant, Cadet Leighton Hu, Gold Pnr Alan Lepper, Suzanne Mary Smith, Fm Mike Subritzky, Pnr Solomon Nelson, Ella Nelson, Geoff Bell.

Headquarters and guests come into the meeting room:
RSM brings everyone to attention for the bringing in of the Axe:
Gold Pioneer Ray Hammond brings in the Axe to notify that the meeting is about to start: 
Fm Mike Subritzky as host unit welcomes everyone to Te Awamutu:
Colonel Sandra Parrish welcomes everyone and introduces the Mayor Allan Livingstone.
Mayor Livingstone welcomes members to the Waipa District informing us of the qualities of the area; he then officially opened the conference:
The minister Dave Becker then blessed the conference wishing all present well for the coming debates.

Roll Call:
Moved Captain Baker/Lt Smith “That the registrations be taken as the roll call” carried

New Faces:
Captain Baker introduces new members to the conference that either hadn’t been for a while:  Fm Lyall Bowen and Pnr Solomon Nelson.

Fm Graham Burling, Captain Robin Cawte, Gold Pnr Dave Funnell, Pnr Sonny Hooke, Pnr A. Smith, Associate Member S. Funnell, Pnr Pat Kane, (noting that Pat Kane sent in his well wishes to the meeting. Fm Gavin Bowater, Lt Ian Bowater, Pnr Dave Reidy Sgt. S. Smith, Fm F. Smith, Fm B. Buckland, and Associate Member T. West.
Moved Colonel Parrish/Lt Colonel Webb, “That apologies be accepted” carried

Last Post:
L31 K. Wilson 'H' Troop
1967 D. (Pae) Mason 'Y' Squadron
1900 Dalton N - past Commandant 'L'. Squadron
3316 Beaumont 'J' Squadron
3473 A Lennan 'A' Squadron CMO
2131 G. Thoumine 'G' Squadron CMO.

Members asked to stand for a one minute silence to remember those who have past this last year.

Long Service and Life Members Roll Call:
Members to stand if present as names called.
801 D.S. Funnell 60 years “N” Squadron
1105 R.D. Yorke 57 Years “F” Troop
1106 R. Hammond 57 years “C” Troop
1246 I Dalton 56 years “L” Squadron
1360 A.W. Lepper 56 years “L” squadron
1379 I.K. Turvey 55 years “R” Troop
1435 K.D. Wallis 54 Years “W” Troop
1570 D.A. Yearbury 52 years “F” Troop
1656 P. Kane 50 Years “Y” Squadron   
1846 J. Lynch 47 Years “D” Troop
1850 N. Parrish 47 Years “M” Squadron
1916 D.C. Reidy 43 Years “H” Troop
2126 A.G. Myers 42 Years B. Squadron
2127 D.R. Vaile 42 years J. Troop
2112 A.H. Smith 41 Years “B” Squadron

Colonel Parrish asked for Fm Lyall Bowen to come forward to receive his award which was to be made that evening but due to Lyall not being able to attend the evening function and was on call for the Fire service.
Fm Lyall Bowen was presented with the Pioneer Axe.
Mayor Livingstone and Minister Becker excused themselves and left the meeting to attend other functions.
The meeting stood to sing God Save the Queen:

Minutes of the 2011 conference:
Moved Gold Pnr Ray Hammond/Lt Colonel Geoff Webb, “that the minutes as recorded are a true and correct record of the meeting.” carried

Outward Correspondence:

Commandants Report: As Read by Colonel Parrish:
This year has gone by very quickly it seems that our Centennial Conference was only a few months ago. What an event; grateful thanks must go out to Lieut Col G. Webb and Lieut K. Butler for the amount of time and effort that was put into organizing the Conference. Also to those who put together the book “Soldiers of the Empire; History of the Legion of Frontiersmen New Zealand Command 1904 - 2011."
    At this point I must also thank my staff for all their help during the year, I could not have worked this position without them.  Thank you all most sincerely.
This year is Election Year for your Commandant if re-elected I will endeavour to carry on to the best of my ability.
    This year has not gone as well as I would have liked with some problems within Units. Let’s hope this year runs more smoothly. It is also very upsetting to hear of Units closing their doors due to member’s health, work commitments and also lack of duties.  I am pleased to hear that some Units are still managing to recruit new members or attracting back some members who had left the organization.
    As Lieut Col G. Webb has mentioned in his latest Journal Report, we need to discuss in General Business how and what we are going to do with regards to conferences from now on.  Finances in Units are dwindling because of lack of duties and members are finding it very difficult to pay their own way. You may say look into Funding; but this is becoming harder to come by.  Especially the Pub Charities, of course there are other organizations that you can apply to.
    I have heard via the Grape vine and you all know how that works, that some members in the South Island are very disappointed in our Headquarters because we do not visit.  Times are tough and getting tougher.  Headquarters do not have the funds to be sending us all over the Country.  Communication is a big thing but no contact has been made from Units either.  Perhaps a report in the Journal could also help. Headquarters now only meet twice a year, once in July to deal with any matters from conference and again in late March early April when awards and remits have been sent in for discussion.  We are only a phone call / email away from each other and this is a regular occurrence.
    Please remember the correct protocol when contacting Headquarters; you should be dealing with Major Myers the Adjutant who will in turn make contact with me.  Regional meetings you should be contacting either the Officer Commanding hosting the Regional Meeting or else the Secretary.   With Regional meetings we are finding that only a few members are attending these, which is a pity as they are usually very informative.
    I hope you all enjoy this Conference hosted by P Troop & E Squadron in Te Awamutu.
God Guard Thee
Colonel Sandra Parrish Pnr L73

Moved by Gold Pnr Ray Hammond/Major Dawn Yearbury “That the Commandants report be accepted” carried.

Election of Commandant:
Major Arthur Myers read out the three citations as printed in the journal, Major Myers then announced that as there was no other nominations that Colonel Parrish was elected for a further three year period.
Colonel Parrish thanked everyone for their continued support.

Unit Reports:
Moved by Colonel Parrish/RSM Vaile “That all reports supplied to NZHQ with financials be accepted as unit reports” carried

C. Troop:
Greetings from Hawkes Bay, we have managed to see out an other year.  Financially we are doing alright, still have a couple of duties to keep us in view of public only have a couple of members able to do duties which we are very grateful.  The same couple attended ANZAC Day parades.  Age seems to be catching up with a lot of members these days, but it is not a reason to resign from the Legion stay attached as most are life Members, we do not want to loose you.  1106 Ray Hammond.

D. Troop:
Pen to paper again year ending 2011 has been a very hard year no break with an average of a 6 day week 12 hours a day.
Duties within the Troop is practically non-existing as the men are scattered to the 4 points of the compass.
In saying that Rural Fire training has been very active, but touch wood no fires over the Christmas period, one before caused through arson.
The area that we cover is from; Hauraki, Coromandel, Port Waikato back east to Maramura, Thames to Te Aroha sth, Katikati a very large area again run by volunteers.
Very little or no assistance given to these units, so they have to sell sausages, raffles etc. training also has to be given free of financial gain were as the units that they have to do the ITI3 for the NCQA hold there hand out.  All volunteers most retired off the street and try and give their community coverage for emergencies have to be trained, very hard to keep them active.
One of the biggest problems we have come up against is personal with N R F well paid, but no knowledge of rural fire procedure but soon stand up and take credit after the event.
This leaves the Legion future in New Zealand age is catching up with everyone, to bring in younger blood what can we offer, not much, Civil Defence, Arm Forces or skills that would assist in the community in the hour of need.  Doing door duties one does not want to be involved owing to the attitude of the general public.  Booze being the major problem.  When one looks back when the Legion was active the Waihi Troop had a very strong cadet unit, catering corp. and equipment.  This unit was formed in 1969 to 83, trained with the Army, bush skills, shooting NRA, civil defense.  This unit shone it took a lot ones free time but of pleasure was gained, involving the family, mothers and fathers, probation service from which we assisted with problem youths to give them an outlook on like.
The biggest problem that arised from the LOF was too many officers in our Mother unit would not assist or criticize the Troops progress as they were out of their depth anti woman and cadets.  These cadets were never recognized in any way.  This applied to the NCO of the Troop, some with long service etc, same problem in NRF, one active unit folding through certain people causing problems and think they know better and have no human resource management skills.
I sign on in 1967 to 1984; pulled out along with 7 members of the Troop, cause certain members of J. Squadron caused strife, back stabbing because they could not get rank or access to troop funds.  The troop was taking most of the hours, shooting, army and civil service to the community.
I myself was rewarded the long service medal in 1983 but never received it cause I could not make the conference through illness within the family.   Personal that caused the demise of the Troop all but one have gone.  I maintain a silent member of the Legion for a number of years still fund raising etc for them before rejoining as the Troop was falling apart. 
How long one can keep going as no one wants to step in and take over and give the Troop uplift, it is any ones guess.
Rural fire is our main input to the community it takes most of my time, on call 24 hrs, training over 300 hrs, these hrs are weekends and week nights.
God Guard Thee Fm L.W. Bowen Acting OC.

E. Squadron:
Well another year has passed and we are all showing the inevitable signs of getting that wee bit longer in the tooth.
I can only reiterate what I have stated in the past.  Our Squadron is suffering the usual crippling blows of lack of duties and downturn in membership.  At one time about 40 years ago the annual increase in members about the nation was about 50 annually and now I see that we have had only that number in 13 years combined.  This shows the problems that all units are having in recruiting.  Recruiting is that one thing most important to all of us as we survivors get older, but at the same time recruiting is one of the, if not the most difficult of matters to address.  Something that we must think about.
3997 Lieut M.D. Smith O.C.

F. Troop:
It is with pleasure that I present this report 2012 has been quite a good year unfortunately we have lost two members but gained 4 associate ones.
I would like to thank you all for your assistance during the last 12 months as due to my health problems I have not been able to put in as much time as I would like and without your help and dedication we would not be able to continue to function.
I would like to thank the members of the Rock & Roll Club who have helped us as without this help we would not have the numbers to continue with some of the bigger jobs.
Duties have remained steady with our usual Growers Market every Saturday, car park, surveillance for the Old Time Dance Club twice a month. Waipu Caledonian Society games on New Years Day, car parking Mid Northern rodeo 2 days car parking and gate keeping 2 days at the Pahi Regatta car parking and what ever else is needed School Cross Country races at Barge Park 2 days.
Finances remain in a healthy state with annual donations going to the usual charities although due to our conference expenses we will probably show a loss rather than a profit for the year.
In conclusion a big thank you to each and everyone who have worked so hard to support their unit.
Lieut Don Yearbury

H. Troop:
Kia Ora and greetings to Headquarters and all units and far from the sunny but cold and windy Taupo.  It is with regret that I cannot be with you at conference this year as I have other commitments that I have to attend to.  I hope you all have a very enjoyable conference and if someone could keep an eye on Des and Ray to make sure that they do not have too much Glenfiddick.  Our year has been up and down we have lost a lot of duties to not having enough personal.  I know we are all getting older and new members are hard to find.  If anyone has any ideas on how to recruit new members please let me know.  To those who are unwell I wish you a speedy recovery and I hope to see you at the next conference.
Lieut Ian Bowater.

J. Troop:
To everyone thank you for attending to the meetings and duties through out the year.
We attended a very successful 2011 Conference held in Palmerston North in which prior to we were lucky enough to have won the money from the 2010 Trust Power Supreme Community award; this was used to pay for all the expenses for those members attending.  This year 2011, we have supported duties in Tauranga, Katikati, & Waihi, none of which are large paying events. Therefore we need to be more careful with our money.
The Troop continues with our cemetery project and the grounds are looking lovely with some of those earlier bulbs planted are now flowering.  The Troop receives a lot of local praises for this work and as more bulbs are supplied we are planting, to those of you who continue to support this unpaid work a big thank you.
Karl & Nami joined us at the beginning of the year and attended ANZAC day service with us, and many commented on the turn out of so many young people.  Also we have had to attend the 2011 Trust Power Award presentation evening and have attended functions to speak on our work at the cemetery; this is always in uniform and promotes the organisation.
Later year we have had an increase in numbers with our new cadet Leighton Hu, a transfer from F. Troop of RSM Vaile and the returning past member Fm Barry Coker.  Welcome, welcome welcome. 
Since the increase in numbers and the expertise knowledge that our two senior men have, we have been able to undertake training in rifle drill and completed the duty for cenotaph guard at National park, a great effort by all those involved.
We have two large tasks in front of us; the one that is to the forefront is the assistance with running the 2012 conference at Te Awamutu.  This needs the support of all members to accomplish, one that has been thrust on us at a NZHQ meeting.  However one that I am sure we will all rise to the occasion.
The second one will be ANZAC day this year, which we will no doubt discuss later, as we will also discuss the hosting of a 2013 conference here in Katikati.
To our younger Frontiersmen we senior members wish you all the best with your university studies and we look forward to your assistance in 2012 with Anzac Day & Christmas parade. 

L. Troop:
Once again I have pleasure in presenting my Annual Report to Paritutu “L” Troop.  Our duties during the year have dropped from other years.  With only three members able to carry out duties we have to cut back on the bigger duties.
We carried out 540 ½ hours on duties, down around 200 hours from 2011.  We have seven members, but only three are capable of doing duties.  We still sponsor a horse for the R.D.A here in New Plymouth.  And also give donations to Hospice, Rescue Helicopter, and New Plymouth Cancer Society.
The new year of 2012 hasn’t started out very good for us.  Jim Stinson has been struck off for having a Police record with recent Assault charges and loss of license DIC for 12 months.  George Doeg is also under investigation as to whether he wishes to remain a member.  Sixteen months ago he asked for three months leave while he was in the South Island.  Since the conference in Palmerston North we have not heard from him.  Things do not look bright for Paritutu Troop.
Captain John Rose, Pnr

M. Squadron:
Welcome to this our AGM for the year 2011.  Duties have been very light this year; we had the Stock Cars in the early part of the year but nothing else since.  As our members are all busy with either work or themselves driving stock cars, we could not do the duty at the Stock Cars from October onwards and this was given over to a Security Firm.
Bevan it is good to have you back in the Unit again.
My thanks must go out to Dave for being my right hand man during the year as my health has not been good and to Sandra for keeping the book work in order.
It was a sad day when we heard that our ex Commandant Neil Dalton had passed away.  We send the family our sincere condolences.

N. Squadron:
I wish to submit my Annual Report to the Membership of ‘N’ Squadron, for the year ended 31st December 2011.
The duties we have been asked to cover during 2011, was less than last year.  The Balance sheets shows, income from these duties has decreased dramatically.  I would like to thank all members for there contributions in all facets of duties, and their loyalty to the unit, during this term, sometimes at short notice.
The Squadron hosted the 2011 Centennial Conference here in Palmerston North. There were many hours of planning and work put into the whole weekend.
I would sincerely like to thank Lt. Col. G. Webb Pnr, and all members of ‘N’ Squadron, for the way we put together this very special, 100 yrs Centennial Celebration event.
As you read through the balance sheet for 2-011, the financial report will show that we have had a lost this term, of $14,000.00. What is keeping us a float, is the interest from the term deposit, paid into the working cheque account, quarterly.
The membership of the Squadron still remains critical, and it seems we aren’t the only unit with this concern.  Where do we see ourselves in 12 months time, can we hold this organisation together in numbers?
To members that are unwell, I wish a speedy recovery.  To end my report, I wish each Member and their families, all the best for the festive season.
L84 Lieut K.J. Butler Pnr

O. Troop:
I would like to welcome everyone to the AGM. We’ve had a few ups and downs in 2011, but let’s talk about the ups which outweigh the downs.  You the member’s are to thank for that.  This makes my job as OC much easier, and I’m very proud to have member’s that are willing to do the work. Considering the lack of membership, this show’s the dedication from the member’s.
We have had a good year for duties, quite a few bbqs and as far as I’m concerned there has been no cause for concern about how these duties were carried out. I would like to thank the member’s that gave up their new years eve to help out at Curio Bay and Wachner Place.  It was very much appreciated by myself and the organizers.
Finally, I would like all member’s to know that this unit wouldn’t function without people like yourselves, and I know it’s not going to change in 2012.  In fact I think it will only get better.  Also I would like to welcome Janice Dore to the unit.  I hope you enjoy being a member as much as we do, and I’m sure everyone will make you feel welcome.
Lieut M. Hamblin

U. Squadron:
It is my pleasure to once again present the annual report for U. Squadron.
Sadly our membership is getting rather small with 10 members at the present time and one life member Les Turvey Dunedin.
Our sympathy goes to those who have lost family members this year particularly to Fm Eddie Phillips family.  Members attended his funeral.
My thanks to those who have attended the few duties we have had this year, races and swap meet. Duties are getting very hard to come by.
Our finances are in a better position than last year but we may be having to pay more rent for the den this year.  Possibly having to find a new home.
David Bradley.

Y. Squadron:
Well another year over.  I would like to thank you all for the time and commitment that you have put towards duties and the Legion as a whole.
Thank you all in the way you presented the Squadron and yourselves at conference.
Hopefully we will have more duties this year and that we can assist the community patrol in Kawerau.
Thanks to Secretary ‘Julia’ for her time in preparing the minutes and keeping members informed of meetings.
Thanks to treasurer ‘Jill’ for keeping the financial side of the Squadron and the balance sheets.
I am happy to serve you as officer commanding for the next year.
Arthur Myers.

Financial Report:
Moved Major Dawn Yearbury/Gold Pnr Ray Hammond “that the annual balance sheets as presented be accepted” carried.
Major Yearbury read out the reference in the balance sheet report regarding the need to make changes in our constitution as referred to by the auditor.
Moved by RSM Ross Vaile/Colonel Sandra Parrish “that a constitution rule change be brought forward for 2013 conference.” carried.
Moved Captain Val Baker/Lt Neil Parrish “that as they are the two remaining members who put forward the previous constitution changes that they work on formatting the rule required.” carried

Moved RSM Ross Vaile/Lt Colonel Geoff Webb “That the current auditor remains as auditor” carried.

Items for sale:
Lt Colonel G. Webb spoke on plaques and other items from Palmerston North conference still available for sale to see Lt Butler.
Meeting broke for Morning Tea:
Companions and cadets left the meeting to go down stairs:

Editor’s papers:
Captain Baker handed out papers for the next four journals to those who required them many now would send in by email.  Captain Baker also handed out map of Katikati, which showed proposed sites of venues.

Moved Major Yearbury/Gold Pnr Hammond “That the capitations remain the same” carried

Conference Venues:
2013: Moved Colonel Parrish/Lt Colonel Webb “That J. Troop host the 2013 conference in Katikati”. Carried
2014: Whakatane

Broke for Lunch:

Moved Lt Neil Parrish/Lt Col Geoff Webb “That all remits to do with Grammatical, syntactic, Phraseology, and tidying up procedural matters, decorations, honours ceremonial uniform miniature medals i.e. all remits 1 – 13 be taken as one motion and be passed.”
J Troop wished to record, that they objected to the motion that was passed as there was not chance for discussion. 9 Votes for 4 against
Remits 1 to 13 are:

Remit 1:
Heading preceding Section 1 Amend ‘Rules and Regulations and by-laws’ to ‘Rules, Regulations & By-laws’
Section 14.3.5NZ Pioneer Cross Amend ‘NZCP’ to‘NZPC’
Section 16.2.6 Traffic Control Insert full-stop after Hat   Amend Whit to White
Section WORKING DRESS Amend F/1m to F/m     
Remit 2:
Section 1.2   delete wording “on pages 37 to 38, hereunder” add after out “in Section 23.0”Will now read:  “The procedure for initiation is set out in Section 23.0”
Remit 3:
Section 1.2.1 delete “possess an official Legion Handbook” add “become familiar with the Constitution, Rules, Regulations & By-laws”
Will now read:  “After an applicant has been initiated and approved, he/she will be required to become familiar with the Constitution, Rules, Regulations & By-laws”.
Remit 4:
Section 2.3.2Appointments
Remove space between Troop & Leader of Unattached Troops
Amend Troop Secretaries  & N.C.O.s Appointed by O.C. toDetached & Unattached Troop Secretaries & N.C.O.s Appointed by Troop Leader
Remit 5:
Section 4.5.1 Conference
Insert between words after ‘A Stenographer approved by N.Z.H.Q’ and ‘shall be engaged’ add ‘or a recording system may be used for assistance which”
Will now read: “A Stenographer approved by N.Z.H.Q or a recording system may be used for assistance which shall be engaged by the entertaining Squadron for conference to take a record of the proceedings.  Report of Conference proceedings to be supplied to all Units within TWO MONTHS of Conference date.”
Remit 6:
Section 7.5.3Financial - Cheques
DELETE WORDS ‘payable to bearer’ ADD WORDS ‘and the words or bearer are cross out’
Will now read: All cheques for capitations (or any other liability) shall be made payable to “Legion of Frontiersmen NZ Command” and crossed Not Transferrable, and the words or bearer are cross out. Etc
Remit 7:
Insert new section after 14.2.8 Section 14.2.9 “The Recipient of the Gold Pioneer Axe shall be addressed as Gold Pioneer”  
Remit 8:
Section 14.11.1 Order of wearing of Legion awards:
Add 100th Commemorative Medal (2011) after Legion Centennial Medal (2004)
Remit 9: Part A:
Section 16.2.1DRILL ORDER
(Men) Insertafter ‘black socks’waist belt, (Sam brown for officers) black tie, white shirt.
Remit 9: Part B:
(WOMEN) replace with “Hat, tunic, waist belt, white shirt, black tie, black low heeled shoes and slacks with black socks or navy/black skirt with black stockings”
Remit 9: Part C:
Add new section:
“SKIRTS: Will be navy/black skirt, length should be measured by being level to the ground when kneeing”.
Remit 10:
Delete No 1 black dress & No 2 plain green Dacron InsertDrill Order & Utility Uniform
Remit 11:
Section 16.2.3
Delete Paragraph after EVENING DRESS:
Insert after EVENING DRESS:  ‘Mess Dress or Drill Order without hat & belt ’
Remit 12:  
Section DRESS
Delete Paragraph after (WOMEN)
Insert after (WOMEN) same as for men except trousers and cummerbund may be replaced by ankle length black skirt (A line) & black stockings, black shoes.
Remit 13:
Between Section and Section 16.2.4 insert words for new section “Section” before words Miniature Medals”
Remit 14:
Parade order, withdrawn by J. Troop after discussion on two or three steps being a check step.
Remit 15:
Section 16.2.7Amend 1-1/8 inch to 29 mm (1 1/8”)
Section 16.2.7Amend ½”   to 13 mm (1/2”)
Section 16.2.7Amend 1/2 in       to 13 mm (1/2”)
Section 16.2.7Amend 1-1/8 inch to 29 mm (1 1/8”)
Section 16.2.12      Amend 2 in to 51 mm (2”)
Section 16.2.12      Amend 2 3/4 in x 2 in  to 70 mm x 51 mm (2 ¾” x 2”)
Section 16.2.17      Amend one half inch    to 13 mm (1/2”)
Section 16.3   Amend 1 ½ in long & 1 in deep   to 38 mm (1 ½”) long and 25 mm (1 in) deep
Section 16.3   Amend 1 in  to 25 mm (1”) deep
Section 16.4.7Amend 6 ½ into 165 mm (6 ½”)
Section 16.4.8Amend 6 ½ into 165 mm (6 ½”)
Section 17.1.1Amend 6 ½ into 165 mm (6 ½”)
Section 16.2.7Amend 1-1/8 inch         to 29 mm (1 1/8”)
Remit 16:    
General Section 19.2 Replace with “Refer to Section 1.2.1” Passed
Remit 17:
Section 24.2.5 Discipline Replace words ‘NZ Handbook Regulations’ to ‘Rules, Regulations & By-laws’ Passed.
Remit 18:
Interpretation: “Section 20 add new section 20.4 Every page of the Rules, Regulations & By-laws shall have a left footer inserted depicting the year of rule change after the word “Amended”” Passed
Remit 19: 
Section 16.2.5 Change section heading to include the word “/Ceremonial” which will now read Church/Ceremonial Parade.     Passed
Remit 20:
Section 16.2.5 Add the word ‘full size’ between the words “with” and the word “medals” plus add to the end “(not miniature medals)” passed
Remit 21:
After section Add new section heading “Members Parents Medals” To be followed by “Full size medals may be worn above the right breast pocket, on Legion Church/Ceremonial parades only” Passed
Broke for afternoon tea:

General Business:
Colonel Parrish announced her Headquarters staff for the next three years: Two changes Lt Murray Hamblin of O Troop Invercargill would replace Robin Cawte who is now living in Napier as South Island Liaison Officer, and Major Arthur Myers would add to his current roles also North Island Liaison Officer, due to Captain John Rose possibly closing down L Troop.

Overseas Request:
Discussion followed regarding the request of Jack Floyd to seek appointment as Overseas Liaison Officer USA or as an honorary Member of the NZ Command in the USA.
Moved by Lt Neil Parrish/Captain John Rose “that Captain Baker continue dialog with Jack Floyd but the command felt no to appointment of position or as an honorary member.” carried

Kitchener Cross:
Discussion followed Lt Mike Smith spoke on the request received from overseas IOC, Lt Col Geoff Webb spoke on our medals being dear to the command and there use overseas. Captain Val Baker spoke on the rights of awards and the current medal is being used for four different awards now only that the ribbon and the bars are different for each named award.  They are NZ Cross of Merit: (NZCM) Pioneer Cross both used in NZ, the Annand (AFSC) IOC and the Dartnell Cross Australia.
This lead the meeting into the Securing of Command Medals: Lt Col Webb spoke on several months of tracking the dies then was told that no medals would be given out from Hansen and Berry without permission from Bob Chessum CMO.
Moved by Gold Pnr Ray Hammond/Colonel Sandra Parrish “That Lt Col Webb has authority to seek the recovery of the NZ Command medals and dies” carried
Moved by Lt Mike Smith/Fm Mike Subritzky “that NZHQ have the authority to take legal action if necessary against Hansen & Berry Jewellers for the recovery of the medals and dies.” Carried.
Fm Lyall Bowen spoke on the UK Command supplying documents of that period to assist with their recovery.
Revisited Kitchener Cross: Moved by Gold Pnr Ray Hammond/Colonel Sandra Parrish “that once the dies are secured that the IOC may procure through NZHQ medals as per NZPC with the following alterations and conditions for the use as the Kitchener Cross”
1.“Change the ribbon colour/s
2.Suspension bar to be above cross with the words Kitchener to be included.
3.That the criteria for the awarding be approved prior to production by NZHQ
4.Each order of medals must be accompanied by a list of recipients”.

Reducing Conference costs:
Saving money at conferences; e.g. B & B accommodation this is one of the biggest factors of coming to conference. Billets were another option. Maybe reducing days start later of a Saturday.  Lieut Murray Hamblin said it cost $1,700.00 for the three members to travel to conference from Invercargill.
Moved Captain Baker/Colonel Parrish “That remits for any changes to conference procedures be sent in next year.” carried

Storage of Papers:
Discussion followed request from Captain Baker regarding types of papers to be held.
Moved Gold Pnr Des Yorke/Pnr Dave West “That RSM Vaile and Captain Baker go through papers currently being held, keeping all appropriate papers but to destroy all else.” carried.
Collection of items for collection: These are slowly being sorted and added on display, members could arrange to site displays at the next conference.

Charities Funds:
Lieut Neil Parrish spoke on aspects of the changes that were taking place to the charities commission. People would find it more and more difficult to receive funds because of the red tape.

Units closing down:
Discussion followed on what changes can be made to the rules to accommodate this. Gold Pnr Ray Hammond suggested that life members become attached to NZHQ; Lt Colonel Webb suggested making maybe a regional troop.
Ella Nelson wished to speak and stated that she is now going to join the Legion she was so impressed. Colonel Parrish supplied her with an application form.

Query on matter in minutes regarding Wayne Stokes:
Colonel Parrish informed meeting that papers are to be served on Wayne Stokes for the recovery of funds, Lt Neil Parrish spoke on the progress and the process that NZHQ was making at present. NZHQ are at present meeting the costs, which W. Troop will reimburse at a later date. Was originally $25,000.00 but has increased due to interest payments also not being met.

Major Myers stated that the Whakatane Conference was to be held at Awakeri and that cheap accommodation was at the Awakeri hot springs.

Shooting Awards:
Presented by RSM Vaile all trophies won by members of Y. Squadron.
Oath of Allegiance: Lead by  MajorArthur Myers
Meeting sang God Defend NZ
Meeting closed.

Saturday night awards:
Pioneer Cross
Fm Pnr Pat Kane.
Pioneer Axe 
Fm Alister Webb ,
Captain Val Baker
Colonel Ken Walker Commandant Scottish Command
Fm Lyall Bowen
Long Service & Efficiency Medal
Fm Richard Patton

Frontiersman of the Year 2012: Fm Mike Subritzky & Lt Mike Smith.
LASS of the Year: Sgt/Sec Julia Stevenson-Renwick
Round Tuit Doug Baker Memorial Award: Lt Murray Hamblin,
Best dressed Female on Parade: jointly Fm Florrie Baker & Fm Ali Baker,
Best dressed male of Parade: Fm Alistair Webb.
Stirrers Spoon: wasn’t awarded.

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