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Behobeho          East Africa 1915 - 1917          Nyangao          Kilimanjaro          Great War 1917          Belgium 1914 -18
Official website of the
Legion of Frontiersmen (New Zealand) Command
Behobeho          East Africa 1915 - 1917          Nyangao          Kilimanjaro          Great War 1917          Belgium 1914 -18
Official website of the
Legion of Frontiersmen (New Zealand) Command
New Zealand Command Headquarters 2010

New Zealand Command Pioneers 2010


Start 9.00am. 

WO1 Ross Vaile - NZHQ - 'F' Troop
Major DS Yearbury - NZHQ - 'F' Troop
Lieut DA Yearbury - 'F' Troop
Major Arthur Myers - NZHQ - 'B' Squadron
Pnr Don Ellery - 'E' Squadron
Fm T Irwin - 'C' Troop
Fm Stewart Barr - 'C' Troop
Fm Alfred Hepburn - 'N' Squadron
Lieut Kate Wilson, Pnr - 'H' Troop
Cadet Santana Kiukau - 'H' Troop
Cadet Levi Kiukau - 'H' Troop
Fm Vanessa Wilson - 'H' Troop
Sgt Sec Murray Hamblin - 'O' Troop
Cpl Richard Patton - 'O' Troop
Lieut Alistair Webb - 'O' Troop
Fm George Doeg - 'L' Troop
Cpl Doreen Alexander - 'F' Troop
Gold Pnr Des Yorke - 'F' Troop
Lieut Kerry Townsend - 'C' Troop
Colonel Sandra Parrish - NZHQ
Lieut Neil Parrish - 'M' Squadron
Lieut Colonel Geoff Webb - NZHQ - 'N' Squadron
Captain John Rose - NZHQ - 'L' Troop
Cpl Gavin Bowater - 'H' Troop
Cadet Crystal Mills - 'H' Troop
Fm Derek Gordon - 'C' Troop
Catherine Gordon - 'C' Troop
Sgt Wayne Stokes - 'W' Troop
Pnr Malcolm Stokes - 'W' Troop
Sgt Jill McNaughton - 'Y' Squadron
Fm Sean Armstrong Snr - 'Y' Squadron
Cadet Sean Armstrong - 'Y' Squadron
Fm Julia Stevenson-Renwick - 'Y' Squadron
Cadet Meredith Kingi - 'Y' Squadron
Cadet Catherine Stevenson-Renwick - 'Y' Squadron
Fm Vicki Jordan - 'Y' Squadron
Fm Vivian Clarke - 'Y' Squadron
Fm Reg Clarke - 'Y' Squadron
Captain Val Baker - NZHQ - 'J' Troop
Cadets Winnie Chung - 'J' Troop
Emily Thomson - 'J' Troop
Pnr Dave West - 'M' Squadron
Fm Ray West - 'M' Squadron
Fm Morris Tawhi - 'B'. Squadron,
Gold Pnr Ray Hammond - 'C' Troop,
Sgt/Sec Ian Bowater. - 'H' Troop
Fm Mike Subritzky - 'P' Troop
Lieut Mike Smith - 'E' Squadron

Commencement of the conference:
NZHQ was brought into the meeting lead by the Commandant Sandra Parrish.
On Behalf of B & H Major Arthur Myers welcome everyone to Taupo.
The Mayor of Taupo welcomed everyone to Taupo, then taking his leave to attend another engagement. The Salvation Army Major Peter Roberts, asked us to pray to bless the conference.
The meeting stood to sing the National Anthem “God Defend New Zealand’ lead by Major Arthur Myers.
Broke for morning tea at 9.30.

Pnr Dave Reidy 'H' Troop Taupo, Lt Kathy Butler, Fm D. Smith, GPnr Dave Funnell, Fm Shane Funnell, Fm S. Hook, Fm W. Taylor, & Fm D. Taylor all of 'N' Squadron, Pnr Alan Lepper 'L' Troop, Pnr Nga Hohepa 'B' Squadron, Fm Pat Kane 'Y' Squadron and Cadets Florrie and Ali Baker 'J' Troop.
Moved Captain Baker & Colonel Parrish “That apologies be accepted”

Minutes from the Previous Conference:
Moved Gold Pnr Ray Hammond/Lt Colonel Geoff Webb “That the minutes are taken as read” carried.

Matters Arising:
GPnr Ray Hammond raised the matter in the minutes of the numbers that the command agreed to send to the celebrations in the South Island and how in fact NZHQ had sent four personnel to the south island and that this was not agreed upon.
Motion recorded in previous minutes as:
D. Nelson (B) regarding Ashburton in August.  Has anyone thought about going to support? HQ has been trying to find someone able to go.  Moved “That the Commandants expenses be paid to attend the Ashburton Centennial”. Moved Hammond G Pnr/WO1 R Vaile Carried Unanimously.
Discussion followed regarding this, it was then moved by Gold Pnr Ray Hammond/Lt Colonel Geoff Webb, “That the money be paid back to NZHQ funds.” Carried by a majority.  Captain Baker recorded her undecided vote:

Election of Commandant, 2009:
It was not recorded in the minutes that Colonel Sandra Parrish was re-elected as Commandant unopposed, for a second term of office.

Last Post:
Major Dawn Yearbury read out those Frontiersmen that had past away since the previous conference.
1580 Waswo M.S - “L” Troop (28 October 2009)
3977 Townsend A - “C” Troop (19 Jamuary 2010)
4048 Jordan R - “Y” Squadron.(17 December 2009)
Meeting stood for one minute’s silence.

Long Service:
Read by Major Dawn Yearbury:
801 Funnell D.S - 58 years - 'N' Squadron
1105 Yorke R.D - 55 years - 'F' Troop
1106 Hammond R - 55 years - 'C' Troop
1246 Dalton I - 54 years - 'L' Troop
1360 Lepper A.W - 54 years - 'L' Troop
1379 Turvey I.K - 53 years - 'R' Troop
1435 Wallis K.D - 52 years - 'W' Troop
1570 Yearbury D.A - 50 years - 'F' Troop
1656 Kane P - 48 years - 'Y' Squad
1762 Stokes M.C - 47 years - 'W' Troop
1846 Lynch J - 45 years - 'D' Troop
1850 Parrish N.J - 45 years - 'M' Squad
1967 Mason D.P - 42 years - 'Y' Squad
1916 Reidy D.C - 41 years - 'H' Troop
2112 Smith A.H - 40 years - 'N' Squad
2126 Myers A.G - 40 years - 'B' Squad
2127 Vaile D.R - 40 years - 'F' Troop

Commandants Report:
Moved by Gold Pnr Ray Hammond/RSM Ross Vaile “That the commandant’s report as read by Colonel Sandra Parrish be accepted.”  Carried
Greetings comrades, This year had been one of mixed emotions, losing some very valuable members of the Legion passing over the Great Divide, to their families we offer our deepest sympathies and on the other hand it’s really great to hear that some Units are joining up new members, both Cadets and Frontiersmen.
Members it would be really good if you could follow the Chain of Command when writing to your Headquarters.  Our Adjutant is feeling that he is being side stepped with letters coming straight to me.  Quite often these letters could be dealt with by him with copies being sent to me or perhaps talking to me and then writing back to the person querying certain matters.
Balance sheets are still a bone of contention, with Units not posting these into the Records Officer, as you are all aware they have to be in to the Records Officer by the 28th February each year.  It would be really something to see that next year we have them all in by that date.
Black Berets are becoming very hard to come by, so the Russet ones that “N” Squadron have in their store may be purchased from them for the Cadets to wear. I would like to see all Cadets in the Russet Colour for our Centennial Conference in 2011.
My sincere thanks must go out to the two Mikes for the wonderfully hard work they have been doing in collating all the information for the Official History Book of our Command for the Centennial.   Many many long hours have been put in up to this date.
It is pleasing to hear that several Overseas Members are looking at coming over for the centennial.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank my staff for their dedication and help that they have given to me throughout the year.
God Guard Thee Sandra Parrish L73 Commandant.

Financial Report:
Moved Pnr Neil Parrish/Major Arthur Myers “That the financial report as presented be accepted.” Carried.
Lt Colonel Geoff Webb congratulated the auditor for the presentation lay out of the financial reports as they were easy to understand.
Pnr Wayne Stokes asked the question regarding the stock on hand and as a lot of this was old had been written off and much of it had been forwarded to Captain Baker for archives.

Lt Kate Wilson asked if any person knew the whereabouts of the Lass Black Belts, as they brown belts were getting harder to come by and some of the cadets would be becoming full frontiersmen next year and felt that the Lass belts would be better suited.  Both Lt Wilson and Captain Baker had the same problem and they hoped to get together on this matter before too long.

This is to be held over until remits.

1.“That the NZ LOF Command agrees to withhold the right of units to put forward remits for a period of one year to allow for the Centennial Conference”.
No Need for discussion motion was put and carried.
2.“All awards can be issued within New Zealand, for members of the Legion of Frontiersmen New Zealand Command, Notwithstanding the aforesaid, for the period 1 January to 31 December 2011 the awards of New Zealand Command shall be awardable to those official guests who are in attendance at the Command Annual Conference that calendar year, and to any Associate members of the New Zealand Command.  Recipients must qualify in the same manner as any other member would, to receive any award.”
RSM Ross Vaile spoke against this motion as did Pnr Mel Stokes, Captain John Rose against the motion, Mike Smith the proposer spoke for the motion he felt it was a way of giving appreciation to those associate members the rest felt that associates needed to join to be awarded a medal.  Fm Ray West felt that maybe that the command should be looking at giving out certificates instead of the medals for associates. It was suggested that maybe an associate membership certificate could be designed for the Centennial.  Motion was put and lost.
3. “New Zealand awards may be awarded to any overseas member regardless of where they reside so long as they met all the criteria of any award as recorded in the rule book.” 
   There was a lengthy discussion on this remit and once most had stated their reasons of concern, Captain Baker spoke to the motion, stating that the command needed to have a motion put into the rule book otherwise it wasn’t covered,  she had been asked to do so, all awards would have to follow the current criteria before they could be awarded, that Frontiersmen needed to know the reasons why NZHQ over the previous years had given out awards to overseas personnel, and if that was the only reason that they had against the current motion they had to remember those who had done so may have done more good than harm, and move on past this point,  when considering this motion, and the NZHQ was now different to those in the past, and as for the matter relating to the silver fern or that the New Zealand silver fern was brought back to New Zealand Command to be awarded by our command, as it was not an emblem for overseas staff to hand out as a mentioned in dispatches award but a privilege  for our command to award to those who didn’t quiet make the years of quality service and have the knowledge of the command to be worthy of becoming a Pioneer.  The fern was held in such high esteem by its members that if this was awarded to any overseas members that it would be held in as high a regard as the Pioneer Axe itself. Those awards are an honour for those to wear who are worthy to represent our nation overseas. 
Fm George Doeg thanked Captain Baker for explaining the subject.
Motion was put, carried unanimously.
4.Amend section 14.9.0 to read “The commemorative Medal is made available to all Frontiersmen while supplies last and maybe awarded to any member who was a member and or prior to February 28th 2011.”
No discussion required motion was put and carried.
5.“That capitation is raised by $5.00 per head on full registrations.”
Gold Pnr Ray Hammond felt that life members should be paying something to NZHQ the $5.00 could be charged to them of the 19 life members it would only raise $95 and with the 78 full Frontiersmen that would only raise a further $390.00, further discussion took place, Pnr Don Nelson felt that it should be raised by $10.00 instead of having to raise it again in a few more years time.
Motion was put and lost.
6.“It is requested that some of the funds held in Trust by NZ LOF Command belonging to P Troop, be used to print the centennial book in hard back form.  Profits of the sales to be returned to the Command as general funds, principal to be added back to account and that also quotes for the publication are supplied, to NZ Headquarters, and final accounts paid by NZHQ.”
Captain Baker and Fm Mike Subritzky both spoke to this motion how important it was to have this publication done, there had been many hours of work gone into the book and that Mike had available a few copies for those to read if they so wished at this conference, Major Dawn Yearbury wanted to know how much money so she could work out her term deposits of the money by November. Fm Mike Subritzky assured her that this would be done.
Motion was put and carried.
7.& 8.
Amend section 22.1.10 & 22.1.11 to read the following:
22.1.10 “Shooting teams shall consist of three financial members.”
22.1.11 “Units may enter more than one Team”
This allowed for teams of three to be made up from any unit, the names had to be given to the RSM at the time of applying for the targets.  This should encourage teams of shooters as some units did not have enough shooters to make up a team but could make one up by using members from more than one unit.
Motion was put and carried unanimously.
Meeting broke for lunch and photos at 11.55 a.m.

General Business:
Midlands: Discussion regarding the money on fixed term through midlands, it is due for re-investment: Lt Neil Parrish spoke on Midlands and if anyone wanted information on this organisation they could contact him.
Moved Captain Val Baker/Lt Mike Smith “That the money is re-invested at the best rate and best term possible.” Carried.
Conferences:  Discussion followed and even though Te Awamutu had been withdrawn due to Fm Subritzky’s health, he stated that everything was still o.k. to carry on forward.
2011 Palmerston North (N)
2012 Te Awamutu (P & E)
2013 New Plymouth. (L & M)
Lt Neil Parrish pointed out that he was looking at some real major funding from large business groups and organisations for the 2011 conference.

National Park:
As we form up to commemorate this every four years it was noted that November Remembrance Day parade would be due 2011.  If everything was still in place for Kawerau November remembrance parade would go ahead this year at Kawerau, all who could attend either function would be appreciated.  Y Squadron would have more information available at the Regional in September.

Captain Val Baker spoke on the journals that she had collected quiet a few journals from NZHQ and L Troop and a few others from other units archives, she had complied a list of journals.  It was important that members realised how important it was to get as many old journals to copy onto the Mike’s so that they can research and record the history of the last 100 years of the LOF in New Zealand, if anyone could assist with missing journals please come forward.  The other point raised by Journals was the concerns of some regarding the cost of the journals and the supplying of these to associate members, Captain Baker stated that she was happy to see associate members receive the journal as once we collected no subscription for them, yet now we are, plus many of those people do the work for their units and it was one way of promoting the LOF as a whole, she pointed out that as a member of NZHQ she waiver the rights to expenses and this would more than cover the cost associated with giving these people journals, if however it was cost issue, maybe those with two in the one household could share, and if the members did not like the size and lay out of the journal she was happy to alter it and now was the time to discuss and decide such matters.
Pnr Wayne Stokes, asked for the list of journals printed into the journals and backed up that associates should get the journal.
Major Arthur Myers stated that he had a series of early 1950’s journals and he would forward them on.
Captain Baker stated she was lucky that in amongst her father’s archives her mum had found two journals one dated 1928 & 1939.
Pnr Don Nelson spoke about the article in the last journals regarding the Queen’s visit and stated he had done some research and that the writer of the article was in fact AA Brown who was also Quartermaster for NZHQ at the time.
Moved Colonel Sandra Parrish/RSM Ross Vaile
“That associate members are supplied a journal” carried

Restoration of old Photos:
Captain Val Baker spoke on the issue of costs associated with the restoration of  old photos and the keeping of these photos for prosperity, she asked if any unit had funds that they could give to this cause please assist as it was too big a cost for her own unit to find the funds to cover the costs of this task, she did not have the time or the scanner big enough to do the work required, we need to seriously consider that charity starts at home first and the Legion needed to look after its own history before it was lost.  The photos would be scanned and put to disc. Fm Sean Armstrong suggested that the photos could be put to disc and maybe copies could be made available for sale at the 2011 conference.

Conference 2011 commemorative T Shirts:
Major Arthur Myers spoke on T shirts that had been made and five sizes were available for viewing, people could order them now for 2011 conference the sizes ranged from S – 2XL, Fm Jill McNaughton displayed a T Shirt so that members could view more clearly.  Y Squadron had put together these T Shirts as it was a wish of the late Ross Jordan as a way of their unit’s contribution to the centennial conference and although the costs of the T Shirts was greater than the sale price of $30.00 it was their way of supporting all those who attended.

Aluminium for Pioneer Plagues:
Captain Val Baker spoke of her requiring assistance with collecting aluminium for the making of the Pioneer Plagues for presentation at the 2011 conference, she had hoped to collect sufficient to make 10.  Pnr Doreen Alexander had returned her plague for archives which could now be used for the production of the mould, discussion followed regarding this, Fm Derek Gordon spoke to Captain Baker regarding this and hoped to assist her in the collection of, Its just not any Aluminium it’s the likes of Cast Aluminium old car engine blocks, cast pistons etc and Fm A Hepburn also offered to assist with some of the work required in the production of the plagues.

Copyrights of photos:
Pnr Don Nelson spoke on the sale of white poppies and in particular his concern that a paper article showed himself saluting a white cross at a venue during the year and the article was about the sale of white poppies.  Pnr Don Nelson wanted to know what protection we as an organisation had about the paper misleading the public by its inferred association. 
It was suggested by Fm Mike Subritzky that NZHQ should write to the paper stating the date and page number of the article and ask for a retraction as the command did not appreciate the inference of the use of a photo showing one of our members.
A discussion followed on the sale of white poppies, and although most agreed they were not against the sales it was not felt appropriate to sell on ANZAC day itself.

NZ Command Plagues:
Captain John Rose spoke on the availability of the Command plagues he had one available anyone who wanted it could discuss the matter with him.  It was generally felt by the members that a new look be procured and have on sale.  Lt Colonel Geoff Webb took note and was to look into it.

Frontiersmen lapel badge:
These had become very popular and it was asked of Lt Colonel Geoff Webb, whether any of these also would be able in 2011, again Lt Colonel Geoff Webb took note and would address the matter with his unit.

Thank you Cards:
Lt Kerry Townsend would like to thank all those who sent her and her family sympathy cards after the passing of her husband Arthur.

Lt Alistair Webb stated that his unit had a surplus trophy which is no longer being contested and if any unit wanted to use the trophy to contact him.  If no unit wish to do so, it was then suggested to have the trophy sent to archives.

Attendance to 2011:
Lt Colonel Geoff Webb, spoke on the conference 2011, he had quotes now for the Coachman complex fully under one roof, venue and conference at a cost of $8,500 against the convention centre and then the accommodation being separate costs amounting to $12,000.00 plus, it was decided beyond a doubt that N Squadron need to seek a refund from the convention centre and book the Coachman Hotel, their complex has 72 rooms, and Lt Colonel Webb asked for a head count on those who would be attending. Once a unit count was done 80 members would be attending and then there would be overseas LOF and other guests.  The command also recognised that the invitation was also to past members as well to attend.

Centennial Medals:
Lt Colonel Geoff Webb had sought the help of the Two Mike’s to assist with the production of this medal. 
Meeting adjourned at 2.15 as no further business and would reconvene after afternoon tea and allow members to have open discussion and for the cadets and ladies to return form the bus trip to award the shooting trophies.

Meeting reopened at 3.30.

Shooting Trophies:
Trans Tasman 500 (50.30)
F Troop 129.2 Y Squadron 142.13 Rick Ruiterman 49.4
Garden Cup 300 & 500 (Max 300.60)
F Troop 242.6 Y Squadron 284.19 Rick was 96.6 and Bill Teddy was 96.10
Allan Bridge 100m (Max 100.10)
Cadet Michelle Clarke 79 Cadet Sean Armstrong 80.0 Bill Teddy 92 total 251
Rick Ruiterman 90.2, John 75.2 Cadet Antony Clarke 90.1 total 255.5
Bill Teddy 91.1, both teams from Y Squadron
D’Esterre Cup 75m (300.30)
Bill Teddy 91.1 Cadet Michelle Clarke 87.1 Cadet Sean Armstrong 83.1 total 261.3
Rick Ruiterman 90.2, John 75.2 Cadet Anthony Clarke 90.1 total 255.5
     Both teams from Y Squadron
     Andrew Cup Runner: Runner up of the D’Esterre cup see above for names also of 
Y Squadron:
Memorial Cup 50m (Max 300)
Three teams from Y squadron:
Rick 96, John 96, Cadet Anthony Clarke 81 = 273.1
Cadet Katie Hunia 77, Neil 81, Fm Julia Stevenson-Renwick 89 = 247.2
Bill Teddy 97, Cadet Michelle Clarke 64, Cadet Sean Armstrong = 245.3
J Troop: Capt Val Baker 61, Cadet Florrie Baker 78 Cadet Ali Baker 87 = 226.4
F Troop: Lt Don Yearbury 69, Major Dawn Yearbury 71, Peter 75 = 215.5
Pioneer Cup25m (max 150)
Y Squad: Rick 50, John 48, Cadet Anthony Clarke 47 = 145
Y Squad: Bill 50 Cadet Michelle Clarke 46, Cadet Sean Armstrong 47 = 143
Y Squad: Cadet Katie Hunia 41, Neil 50, Fm Julia Stevenson-Renwick 42 = 133
J Troop: Capt Val Baker 38, Cadet Ali Baker 47, Cadet Florrie Baker 42 = 127
Weston Cup 25m (Max 100.10)
Y Squad: Rick 97.3, John 97.7 Cadet Anthony Clarke 80.1 = 274.11
Y Squad: Bill Teddy 100.9 Cadet Michelle Clarke 74.0 Cadet Sean Armstrong 93.1 = 267.1
J Troop: Capt Val Baker 69 Cadet Florrie Baker 86, Cadet Ali Baker 78 = 233.0
Chalk Cup:  (Max 150.10)
Y Squad: Bill Teddy 150.9
Daldy Cup: (max 100.10)
Cadet Katie Hunia 75.0
Jack Oldfield Cadet Trophy:
Cadet Sean Armstrong 93.1

Meeting closed by singing God Save the Queen.

Awards: Presented Saturday night:
Pioneer Axe:
3436 S Smith - 'M' Squadron
3905 R. West -'M' Squadron
3242 G Webb - 'N' Squadron
Long Service and Efficiency Medal:
4054 G. Bowater - 'H' Troop
4086 T Irwin - 'C' Troop
3978 D Gordon - 'C' Troop
L235 F Smith - 'M' Squadron
4008 M Subritzky - 'P' Troop
Legion of Star of Merit:
3577 R. Patton - 'O' Troop
3437 M. Smith - 'M' Squadron

Stirrers Spoon:
Fm Murray Hamblin for stirring at the previous conference:
Brigadier Baker Memorial Round Tuit Award:
Captain Val Baker for not getting around to putting NZHQ flashes and captains pips onto her mess jacket.
Claude Bathe Memorial Shield - Frontiersman of the Year 2010:
Jointly: Lt Nga Hohepa 'B' Squadron and Sgt George Doeg 'L' Troop
Claude Bathe Rose Bowl:
Best Dressed Woman: Vicki Jordan 'Y' Squadron
Men’s Plate:
Best Dressed Frontiersman: Don Ellery

The Awards of the Legion
Past & present Patrons and Commandants of the Command