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The adjourned annual conference was held at Hastings on Wednesday, June 24th 1925,
at the National Service Club rooms.

The following delegates were present
K Squadron [Wairarapa]
Capt HW Martyn-Roberts
Lieut Wright
Fm Page
B Squadron [Heretaunga]
6749 Fm Alfred Amory George
4339 Capt Arthur Tyrell Whitehead
14176 Fm W Heslop
14174 Fm G Neale
Fm ET Ingram
Fm G Brunsden
L Squadron [Taranaki]
12866 Fm William D. Thompson
16671 Fm Rewi Alley
16713 Fm Claude Walter Carncross
H Squadron [Wellington]
7981 Fm Charles Gordon MacKessack
C Squadron [Whatatutu]
7502 Fm Albert Pritchard
Fm R McIvor
[Auckland City & Northern Wairoa Sqn]
6172 Capt Ernest Gladhill D’Esterre

Captain D’Esterre presided.  Frontiersman C. Carncross was selected as conference secretary.  The Minutes of the last annual conference, on the motion of comrades Thompson and Pritchard, were taken as read.  Captain D’Esterre reported verbally that Auckland City was showing unmistakable signs of revival, and he hoped that before long they would once more be in a flourishing state.  Northern Wairoa had plenty of men and money, but at present they had no leader.  However, that difficulty he hoped would be overcome very shortly.  Since the War, Poverty Bay appeared to have gone to pieces.  Why that was so he could not altogether understand, as at one time they were exceptionally strong and keen.  But, perhaps like the experience of many other troops, it was only temporary, and he would be very much like to see an effort made to pull it together again.  At Whatatutu there was an excellent opportunity of making a fresh start, as there were a good many Frontiersmen in the district.  He moved that a new troop be formed at Whatatutu, seconded by comrade W. Page and carried.  They newly formed troop had reported good progress for the short time that they had been formed.  They had held an inaugural dinner, which had proved a great success.  Lectures had been given with a view of adding interest to the meetings.  The following letter from the commander of the Taranaki ‘L’ Squadron was read:- Sir, I have again to report, with great pleasure, an increase in the membership of the troops of this squadron.  At the time of the conference in 1923 our roll stood at 157 active members.  Today the number of our financial members is 179 and that does not include a number of new members in the Hawera district whose returns have not yet been forwarded.  I and my staff, are very gratified at the sustained life and continued growth of the Legion of Frontiersmen in Taranaki.  The squadron now comprises nine (9) troops, namely, Parihake troop, Egmont troop, Paritutu troop, North Taranaki troop, Ati-Awa troop, Awakino troop, Waverley troop, Hawera troop, Hunterville troop.  The troop reports are and have been encouraging.  In some of the troops the members are scattered and regular meetings cannot be held.  However, a good spirit is shown and the membership is increasing.  These meetings have been well attended, and many happy evenings have been spent either in song or in story.  A feature of the past two years have been the extension of the movement to the Waverley, Hawera and Hunterville Districts.  Waverley is now a strong and vigorous troop.  Hawera recently held a grand reunion and good progress is reported, while Hunterville having several good unattached members in the district has now formed themselves into a trop.  A representative of our staff, on returning from a visit to Hunterville reported that they have the makings of one of the finest troops in the squadron.  An effort has been made to revive the Legion in Wanganui and district, and the Legion is fortunate to enrol Lieutenant Colonel F.K Turnbull, MC, of Wanganui as a member.  Lieut Col Turnbull has undertaken to attempt to organise the Legion in Wanganui and he has already gathered a number of good men and true around.  We expect great things from Wanganui, and already there is the nucleus of a fine squadron in the Waverley and Hunterville troops.  We also have Scouts at Inglewood (Frontiersman W.H Morine) and Taihape (Frontiersman K.S McRae), from each of whom we expect results.  The squadron has continued to hold its annual camp of instruction each year.  These camps are well attended and are a great success.  In a scattered district such as this, no better scheme could be devised for getting the members together once a year.  The main feature of the camps is the shooting (both long range and miniature) and we have various trophies which are keenly competed for.  Light physical training, lectures on various subjects, military and otherwise, and a reunion dinner, make up the rest.  Members state that the camps provide the cheapest a most enjoyable time possible

--- Owing to pressure of space we are unable to publish the full report of proceedings at this time ---

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