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Legion of Frontiersmen (New Zealand) Command

This emblem of membership, proof of fidelity, of good comradeship, a passport to the best that one comrade can afford another is, indeed, a
token very highly prized among Frontiersmen.
It is their badge not only of membership in common, of a comradeship that encircles the globe; it is also, and above all, a pledge of honour,
of high endeavour, a pillar of support, an appeal to be refused by no worthy Frontiersman.  Such being the case ,it is, above all things, necessary
that such a token should be held in reverence.  It should be granted only to those who can unreservedly be trusted to protect it with jealous care,
to part with it to no-one, but to hold it for what in fact it is, a sacred trust to be surrendered to the authority from whom it was received, when for
any reason membership of the Legion is discontinued.
It is indeed a fact, and a fact well known to those of the overseas dominions, that this little badge is an invaluable passport in all circumstances.
When Frontiersmen meet for the first time in some  remote place, even in war, the sight of the badge is sufficient; the men are brothers, neither
has to face the difficulty in solitude nor to hear a burden unshared.  But how many of the Legion members are informed as to the origin of their badge?  Who designed it?  How has it become the badge of the Legion of Frontiersmen?  Well, the badge formed the centre of a ring worn by General Gordon, who "Being dead yet speakith" Whether it was designed by himself or by some devoted relative or friend, the latter most probably, we do not know for certain.
But the story goes that on one occasion in his great career the Chinese afforded Gordon a room full of costly jewels in exchange for what they believed to be a mystic ring and the source of all the General's many astonishing victories.  Having regard to the design, it is clearly one after Gordon's own heart.  The Legion owes its badge to its founder, Captain Roger Pocock, who acted a truly wise and prescient inspiration in adopting it.  And on the Legion rests the corresponding duty, viz.,  to be worthy. 
Let us cherish the badge and all that it stands for, and all will be well with the Legion.
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