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Legion of Frontiersmen (New Zealand) Command

When this award was concieved it was meant to be the most prestigeous medal awardable by the New Zealand Command, and when worn, was to take presidence over all other New Zealand Command awards.
Only a very small number of these medals were awarded before it was taken off the books in 1984 for reasons unknown, and replaced with an almost identical New Zealand Cross of Merit
The design of these two awards was the same, a silver cross patee 36mm wide and bearing in the centre the Legion badge surrounded by a laurel wreath, the reverse of the medals being blank for the inscribing of the recipients details
The ribbon was identical to that of the wartime Pacific Star except that the central stripe was white and not yellow.  The award was to be sespended from a buckle type clasp to the uniform.
The Pioneer Cross is recognisable by the words 'PIONEER CROSS' on the medal suspension bar and the New Zealand Cross of Merit by the letter 'N.Z.C.M' on the suspension bar
It appears that this 'New Zealand Cross of Merit' award went into disuse not long after it was bought in and very few were awarded.  Only three Crosses of Merit medals were known to have been struck and only two of these awarded.
In the proposed changes that were to take place in 1995-6, the Legion Distinguished Service Cross was bough in by the then Commandant General.  This award was to be the new premiere award for the legion.  The ribbon was dark green and the suspension was a single narrow bar.  Only two members were ever awarded this medal.
At the 2006 Conference there was remitted a set of regulations for the reinstatement of the New Zealand Pioneer Cross, as mentioned below.  This was done after the original dies were said to have been located for the first Pioneer Cross.  This new Pioneer Cross is therefore identical to that of the original award from the 1970's and is currently that which is being awarded

New Zealand Cross of Merit
913 Douglas John BAKER
Sir David BEATTIE (Patron)

Pioneer Cross
913 Douglas John BAKER
27547 Louis Ronald Henry Burns BURLING
20972 James William Squire  CLEVELY
484 Jack COOPER
823 Frank Kenneth Charles DALE
299 Edward Herbert DOUGLAS
1466 Graham Ronald DOWMAN
569 Hugh Montgomery FRASER
801 David Spencer FUNNELL
1066 Royal Albert GEAR
25966 Cyril Ferdinand McIVOR
25937 George Lawrence Sinclair POWELL
752 Allan Frederick PUKLOWSKI
343 Frederick REICHARDT
1312 David WALKER
25809 Leslie Roy WOOLDRIDGE

Legion Distinguished Service Cross
1106 Raymond HAMMOND
1242 Charles O'Neil SOMMERVILLE

NZ Pioneer Cross (2006)
3019 Donald Padgett NELSON
1656 Patrick KANE
1850 Neil John PARRISH


1The Legion of Frontiersmen (New Zealand) Command has reinstituted the New Zealand Pioneer Cross in order to recognise exceptional
and exemplary service to the New Zealand Command

2The award will be properly known as the "New Zealand Pioneer Cross" which is described as a silver Maltese cross 32mm in diameter with
a central representation of the Legion Badge.

3The Medal is suspended from a bar suspension and a 36mm ribbon still to be designed.

4The Medal will be worn on the left breast pocket of the Legion Uniform in accordance with the New Zealand Command Order of Wear.

5The recipient will be entitled to the post nominal "NZPC".

6There shall be no more than one award made in any one calendar year.  No more than 5 members of New Zealand Command can be holders of
this award at any one time.  Years of non-issue cannot be accumulated.

7In uniform when ribbons only are worn, the wearing of a ribbon bar shall denote the award.

8Those to whom the Medal is awarded may wear Miniature Medals on appropriate occasions.

9Subject to these Regulations, the New Zealand Pioneer Cross is awarded by the Commandant, upon the recommendation of a Unit Commander, to a person, who is a member of the Legion of Frontiersmen (New Zealand) Command, and who has rendered continuous and exceptional service to the New Zealand Command for a minimum period of twenty five years

General rules on awards of the New Zealand Command
1The Commandant New Zealand Command may, by order under his/her hand, reinstate, cancel, or annul any award to a member of the Legion of Frontiersmen (NZ) Command by recommendation of an Appeals Board, or other such committee empowered to investigate the awardees for the command, with the exception of the Gold Pioneer Axe.

2Every Award made or revoked will be notified in Routine orders. (Journal)

3There will be no post nominal to any award except the Gold Pioneer Axe, Pioneer Axe, and Pioneer Cross

4No award shall be made to a member who has been convicted of any criminal offence in a civil court or Military Tribunal, during that time being accumulated for the award

5If and when a second and/or subsequent award of a medal is made, the multiple award shall be indicated; on the suspension ribbon of the original award by the wearing of a silver metal bar 32mm wide with a representation of a Mural Crown thereon.  When ribbons only are worn, by the wearing of a silver star device centrally on the ribbon.
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