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Minutes of the New Zealand Legion of Frontiersmen Conference
held at the Devon Hotel New Plymouth June 2nd 2007.

A welcome was done prior to morning tea by the local Maori representatives, after morning tea the ranks formed up inside the conference room and NZHQ members marched into the conference venue.
Pioneer Ross Vaile brought in the ceremonial axe and then everyone was seated.
Meeting was called to order at 10.45 a.m.
The commandant addressed the meeting and welcomed everyone for attending:

HQ & 'F' Troop Major D. Yearbury, HQ & 'M'. Squadron Colonel S. Parrish, HQ & 'F' Troop, Lieut Col D. Yorke, HQ & 'B' Squadron Major A. Myers, HQ & 'O' Troop Capt A. Webb, HQ & 'L' Troop Capt JD Rose, 'L' Troop Pnr AWG Lepper, 'L' Troop Sgt George Doeg, 'F' Troop D. Alexander, 'N'. Squadron Lt K. Butler, 'C'. Troop Ray Hammond Gold Pnr, 'B'. Squadron Sgt D Nelson, 'B' Squadron OC Nga Hohepa, 'B'. Squadron C. Hohepa, 'B'. Squadron Nick Taipeti, 'H' Troop Mae Courtney, 'H' Troop OC Pnr K. Wilson, 'M'. Troop Lieut N. Parrish Pnr, 'M' Troop D. West, 'M' Troop Smith, 'Z' Troop Lieut A. Meredith Pnr, 'E' Squadron M. Smith Cpl, 'J' Troop Lt V. Baker, 'F'. Troop Pnr R. Vaile, 'M' Squadron R. Parrish, 'Y' Squadron RH Rosser,  'Y' Squadron Mike Buckley, 'Y' Squadron Judith Singh, RSM DA Yearbury, 'W'. Troop Lieut MC Stokes Pnr, 'W' Troop W Stokes, Cpl D. Alexander 'F' Troop, Sgt M. Hamblin 'O' Troop. 'U' Troop R. Cawte, 'Y' Squadron Fm RJ Jordan, 'Y' Squadron J. McNaughton, 'Y' Squadron W. Fairless.

'N'. Squadron Gold Pnr D. Funnell, 'L' Squadron Sgt/Sec BV Priar, 'L' Squadron Fm K Parker, 'Y' Squadron Pnr P Kane, 'L' Squadron K Wallis, 'W' Troop G Stokes, 'H' Troop Pnr D. Reidy, Fm F Antill, Fm C Bishop, 'Z' Troop, Fm B. Shaw, 'J' Troop T Signal & T Price.

Last Post:
913 Baker D.J. “J” Troop
1863 Siataga B. “V” Troop
3224 Cameron I.D. “Z” Troop
3446 Bishop J. “Z” Troop
3467 McLean G. “B” Squadron
3528 Hicks R. “Z” Troop
3534 Officer M.J. “O” Troop
3810 Bentley L.E. “D” (Waihi) Troop.
Read by D. Yearbury Records Officer.

Minutes of Previous Meeting: Moved by R. Vaile/W. Stokes “That the minutes be taken as read” carried.

Matters arising: 
Although a discussion took place regarding the information that Neil Parrish was to give to everyone on charitable status from the Incorporated Societies.

Correspondence: Relating to Conference:  Nil

Long Service:
Read by Mayor Yearbury:
705 Rosser R 56 Years L Squadron
801 Funnell DS 55 years N Squadron
1105 Yorke RD 52 Years F Troop
1106 Hammond R 52 years C Troop
1264 Dalton I 51 Years L Squadron
1360 Lepper IK 50 years L Squadron
1379 Turvey IK 50 Years R Troop
1435 Wallis KD 49 Years W Troop
1570 Yearbury DA 47 Years F Troop
1580 Waswo W 47 Years L Squadron
1656 Kane P 45 Years Y Squadron
1686 Antill JD 45 Years I Troop
1762 Stokes MC 44 Years W Troop
1846 Lynch J 42 Years D Troop (Waihi)
1850 Parrish N 42 Years M Squadron
1874 Malcolm ES 41 Years F Troop

Commandants Report:
Report read by Colonel Parrish:
Firstly I would like to welcome all to the 2007 conference on behalf of I Troop – Inglewood and to thank everyone for coming to this conference and for your support though out the past year.
It has not been a very straightforward year, with “R” Troop being disbanded and several units amalgamating, resolving issues within some units, as well, several of our older members passing over the great divide.
Headquarters have had two constructive meetings throughout the year and I have also attended two regional meetings, one in Whakatane and the other in Katikati. It was a pity that more members could not attend these regional meetings, as they are a very good forum for discussing and overcoming issues.
There are a number of items that have not been resolved in 2007 that will require effort from us all in the coming year.
Some members have concerns with the size and content of our Journal.  This will be reviewed in the coming year by headquarters however I need to remind you that the Journal is only as good as the information provided to the editorial team, so Units please be prompt and detailed with your unit reports.
Some have requested that the Journal be “lean and mean” but not as lean as the some editions this year, so I would ask you all too actively contribute.  We can not continue to republish the History of the Legion as all Units must have copies of older Journals available for members.  In addition we are working towards having more general information available in the public domain so we do not need to continue repeating ourselves.
My biggest concern is the future of the Legion in New Zealand.  We all know that membership is waning; and all units are having difficulty in obtaining more members.  How are we going to overcome this? I would like to see some serious discussion given to this question during this year’s conference.
In saying this, I would like to end on a positive note.  Next year is in fact the 100th year celebration of the forming of the Legion of Frontiersmen of the Commonwealth – New Zealand Division.  It does not matter which partition of the Legion you belong to it is a milestone in the development of the Legion in New Zealand.
Next years conference will be held in Palmerston North, hosted thanks to “N” Squadron.
On this note, I will close and wish you all a very productive and constructive conference.
God Guard Thee.

Moved Ray Hammond/Wayne Stokes “That the report as read be accepted.”carried

Records Officers Report:
Read by Major D Yearbury:
Just the usual grizzles.  Returns were slow again with none from 2 units yet and one with only the nominal roll, change of officer forms not complete some with addresses missing Duty sheets one returned with duties done no hours kept written on it how is someone in the future going to be able to check the service records when an award is applied for 7 had no O.C’s reports and 3 no balance sheets why when HQ are expected to put out a 6 months Income and Expenditure.
Acting on a suggestion from the auditor I have looked into our Public Liability Insurance as he felt that with our falling membership and units amalgamating it was costing to much as a result of this the premium has now been reduced by half unfortunately as these will be less units to divide it amongst it will not mean the same reduction to the units.
It was pleasing to see the F/m Cawte in Greymouth has at last got a new member.
Moved by M. Stokes/N Parrish “That the records Officer report be accepted”Carried

Financial Report:  As supplied to units prior to conference:
Moved W. Stokes/D West “That the financial report be accepted” carried
Don Nelson Brought up the fact that the 2004-2005 balance sheets had never been official accepted at a conference.
Moved by Don Nelson/Wayne Stokes “That the 2004 balance sheets be accepted” Carried.

Remit 1. Moved by J. Troop/D. Troop.
:”That so long as the terms are agreed and maintained that the Legion of Frontiersmen New Zealand Command Inc, forms an association with The Legion of Frontiersmen Independent Command Canada.”  Carried unanimously
Discussion followed a few queries arising from NZHQ on who this command was, and that some felt it was not necessary.  When it was pointed out to read the entire rule, which was past and noted that the Commandant had been written to direct from Barry Metcalfe

Commandant of the Canadian command and that a copy of the letter had been sent to Lt Baker to ensure that the correct procedure was carried out.  We did not want a repeat of the CMO getting through without the units being notified by way of remit then a remit must come forward as it did. The command name is clearly stated in the remit and that in fact there are six commands in Canada more than just the one that Lt Col Yorke was corresponding with.  All other commands would have to approach independently.
M. Squadron’s Remit 1:
Read by N. Parrish: “A Member may rejoin the Legion of Frontiersmen NZ Command and retain his/her year’s service so long
As there are no outstanding subs on those years; i.e. 10 years service 2 un-financial. He/She will only be credited with 8 years unless he/she pays the two years subscription on rejoining the Troop or Squadron.”
Discussion followed on this it was noted that members who where rich could buy years of service.
Lt V Baker stood and handed the commandant two amendments typed that the meeting may agreed to.
The amendments were moved by V. Baker/W. Stokes
1.Add to section 5: Transfers: by changing title to read “Transfers/rejoining members”
2.Add after section 5.3 the following.
“All financial years of service for rejoining members will be accredited to his/her total service.”

The amendments became the motion and the new motions where put by the commandant.   Carried.

Both remit 1 & 2 where read together from Y & J. One is an authority for NZHQ and the other is to go into the rule book.
Moved by Y Squadron/J. Troop

Remit 2.
“The 100th commemorative medal is made available to all Frontiersmen while supplies last and maybe awarded to any member who was a member and or prior to February 28th 2008.”
Carried unanimously

Remit 3.
“New Zealand Command to strike a commemorative medal, which shall be designed and colour of ribbon to be set after conference 2007 and prior 2008.”
Carried unanimously
John Rose then spoke about the medal from the minutes from Taupo on asking for assistance for the ideas on the medal, Mike smith spoke on having a 50 – 50 black and white ribbon and that he had given the information to G. Webb,
Ross Vaile spoke on why we where having a centennial conference in 2008 when it reads in the rule book that it states “early in 1911, actual recruiting for the Legion commenced in New Zealand, although prior to that date one or two members who had joined in London were living in the Dominion.”
Wayne Stokes spoke that he had records showing that it was 2008 and felt it may well be in this area that it started.
The meeting felt that it was too late to change any of the current arrangements; a lot of the problems arose by the fact of the command using the CMO dates.
Discussion followed regarding medal and the following was moved by V. Baker/M. Smith “That the centennial medal is the hat badge (for design) with the words Centennial medal and the Southern Cross on reverse.” Carried
A further remit had arrived to the commandant who wished for it to be past as it was dear to her it was read.
“That the New Zealand Command adopts the present format of the Frontiersman of the Year award as standard procedure for all time to come.”
The reason given, as this was the wishes of Claude Bathe’s family and they had donated the trophy, he thought their wishes are paramount and should be adhered to.
The commandant also added that she agreed to this but felt that the award presentation should be cut back to less than half an hour.
Lt Baker stood up and asked to speak, this remit should have come through correctly as it had not no matter how anyone felt Brigadier Baker, nor Claude would not have been happy for this to be put incorrectly and although discussions had taken place at regional meetings for a remit to be put forward they had not.  It was better that it was done correctly so that no one could dispute it in future.
The format should state (Baker family or representative) as the award was not only a memorial to Claude Bathe but also to Doug Baker.
Wayne Stokes also spoke on this not being put forward correctly and that it should not be put.
Moved Ross Vaile/Sandra Parrish “That the remit presented late be brought forward to the next conference.” Carried.

Report from Major Yearbury who felt it was not necessary to raise the capitation.
Moved Major D. Yearbury/W. Stokes “That capitation remain the same” carried

Future conferences:
2008 Palmerston North
2009 Whangarei:  after discussion by members of F Troop.
2010 not allocated

Lt Baker presented a proof journal to be perused during the lunch break so it may then be discussed in general business after lunch.

Meeting broke for lunch at 11.55 a.m.

Meeting resumed at 1.30 p.m.

Fm Baker spoke on the Journal presenting a written quote for the production of journal in A3 format stapled in the centre. There was some discussion on this, topic.
Moved S. Parrish/R. Jordan “That Fm Baker be made the Editor of the journal”

Moved R. Hammond/M. Stokes: “That the Editor sends the journal to be perused to the commandant prior to publication.”   Carried
It was pointed out that in no way was anyone not supporting the commandant.
K. Wilson pointed out that she wanted to see harmony in the command.
Moved R. Hammond/V. Baker “That a vote of confidence is placed in Sandra Parrish as commandant.” Carried
A discussion took place regarding the signatories on the New Zealand Command account:
Moved by D. Yearbury/W. Stokes “That Errol Board be removed as signatory on the account and be replaced by Arthur Myers.”  Carried
Discussion on old journals:
Moved W. Stokes/S. Parrish “That all old journals are forwarded to Mike Smith”

A discussion took place on archives, what is to happen with some of the material that the people are having when some of the units are closing down.
Y. Squadron in act had brought up material from Gisborne and wanted to know once NZHQ had gone through the material what would happen with it.
Ross Vaile stood and suggested that if NZHQ approached Baker Timber they had a spare office that had just been transport to their property which was vacant and could be used if approached.
V. Baker said it was possible and could be kept along side the historical papers etc that where being held by the family of Brigadier Bakers.
National Park Parade: This was discussed and in fact Don Nelson, Ian Bowater and Dave Reidy where working on the cenotaph so they expected there to be a parade on November 11th 2007 as it fell on the Sunday this year. It was decided that the parade would take place.   (Information to follow from NZHQ)

Rob Parrish then rose and spoke, introducing himself:
Madam Commandant, Comrades,
For those that do not know me, I am the Great Grandson of Mr Herbert Sampson one of the original founders of the Legion in NZ, The Grandson of a former Commandant Mr JH Sampson and son of the current commandant.
I spent only 2 short years in the RNZA graduating from the former RFCS, but have spent the past 21 years managing various operations around Asia for an International Company. Today I am the Managing Director our operations in Indonesia and Vice President of our Global Food Safety operations.
My exposure to the Legion started when I was quite young, perhaps the age of 6 or so thank to my parents and grandfather.  I highly respect the values or objectives of the Legion and initially joined the Legion back in 1985 but became in-active when I took a position in Australia.
During my overseas career, I have been lucky to be able to keep in contact with the Legion through my parents and have in the past year identified that there is a way I can support the Legion in NZ even living overseas.  I have reactivated my membership and I am proud to support the official Legion web site.
What I have discovered in the past year while conducting research for the web site as well as listening to may Legion members is of great concern, no stronger than that, truly alarming to me.
It is clear that members of this command truly share the spirit and objectives of the Legion, however I seriously believe membership of the Legion is now in a grave state and needs urgent attention if the Legion wish to continue in the coming decades.
In my travels all over the world, reviewing our business operations, I realize that not one size and shape solution fits all, however in saying this there is common strengths among the top performers.
A strong vision and supporting strategy as well as committed leadership are essential to the success of any successful organization, and it is evident to me that this command has a strong heritage, dedicated members and committed leadership.  I do however believe that some serious work is needed to rejuvenate your strategy to ensure that your membership is increased and the Legion continues on into the future.
There are examples of unit activities globally that could inspire a rejuvenated legion in New Zealand for example the SCOTTISH COMMAND, 1ST Highland Brigade – Legion of Frontiersmen Volunteers who are active in ‘life-saving’ and medical instruction and even in the past a New Zealand has unit ventured in to Volunteer Coast Guard activities.
I am not saying that the Legion in NZ needs to follow the for mentioned, however I am sure that there are areas of the community that can truly benefit from the wealth of experience that the Legion has –experience that should never be lost or forgotten.
I would strongly urge this conference to form a special committee to tackle this serious and take the actions needed before it is too late and there are too few members to drive change.
God Guard Thee. Rob
Moved V. Baker/M. Smith “That report be added into the minutes” carried.

Open discussion took place regarding youth in the legion, public recognition,
Units who had excess of money could spend some of it on advertising for membership in the paper. Discussion took place regarding forming a committee but meeting felt more thought and time was required to form this committee.

K. Wilson spoke on helping youth at risk, and taking these young people under the wings of a unit, it was pointed out that it was in the rules up to the O.C of the unit to decide on taking on young cadets.

Rule Book:
Commandant requested Fm Baker to explain the folders and rule book printing formats.
Moved R. Hammond/R. Vaile “That one of the folders displayed and the contents be made available to every unit, and forwarded”      Carried

Neil Parrish spoke on having an amendment page that could be added to so all units would know when amendments where done.
Moved N. Parrish “That an amendment sheet page be placed into the book.”

V. Baker spoke against this if a unit could not change the page in the folder they where not going to make the changes required on the amendment page.  It was only necessary that the rule book was completely up to date with NZHQ and the computer disc.
Motion was withdrawn:

A discussion took place on A5 size copies for individuals, it was discussed that they are to wait until the A4 copies are done and then work on the A5 ones after that.

S Parrish would purchase the 25 copies of folders and then forward to V Baker to produce the rule books for units and NZHQ staff.

R. Parrish to produce 25 copies of the first two pages in the colours that NZHQ wished and forward to V Baker for inclusion.

D. West spoke on the Protocol of saluting and the correct procedure for conference and the bringing in men to conference, the RSM needs to brush up on the finer points of his job. Several others muted their concerns on this subject.

D. Nelson brought up that he felt that citations should be read out when giving out awards. V Baker requested also that that protocol was followed that the longest awards to the highest should be the format not as it was done at the last conference.

NZHQ was aware of this and would endeavour to do so; the citations also in future would also be read. S. Parrish stated she is only learning this and would take on board the comments.

J. McNaughton had been working on uniforms and one of the members spoke on her behalf, she had found a place wear large uniforms could be procured, more details to be made available by way of the journal.

R. Vaile stated that he had the original police uniform pattern if any one wished it.

Meeting broke for afternoon tea.

Resumed meeting:

Roy Ostler asked to leave the meeting.
S. Parrish dressed down the men, “if you have a complaint about my staff then see me first not the person.”

The shooting trophies were presented.

Shooting results for 2007.
Western Cup 1st F. Troop 261.12nd J Troop 151
Pioneer Cup 1st F Troop 1362nd J Troop 105
De Sterre Cup 1st F Troop 281.22nd J Troop 232.2
Allen Bridge Shield 1st F Troop 286
Memorial Cup 1st F troop 232
Garden Cup 1st F Troop 241.2
Trans Tasman Cup 1st F Troop 124.6
Adelaide Davidson Trophy 1st Cadet FV Baker 48    2nd Cadet A.J Baker 43
Chalk Cup 1st Lt D. Yearbury 135 2nd Major D Yearbury 132.1
Daldy Cup 1st Major D Yearbury 89.1 2nd Lt V Baker 60

Meeting sang God Defend New Zealand,
Conference closed by removing the axe.
Dismissed officers.

Gold Pioneer Axe
1105 R. Des YORKE, Pnr
Pioneer Axe
L82 Doreen Rosena ALEXANDER
Silver Fern
3832 Vincent Brett PRIAR
3868 John Daniel ROSE
Long Service & Efficiency Medal
4006 James Samuel STINSON
Service Medal
Frontiersman of the Year
3868 John Daniel ROSE
1360 Allan W.G LEPPER

The Awards of the Legion
Past & present Patrons and Commandants of the Command