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The Annual conference was hosted by H. Troop Taupo.  The meeting was opened by his Worship Clayton Stent, Mayor of Taupo.  It was blessed by the Salvation Army Officer.

The meeting broke for morning tea:  restarting after:

HQ members
Major S. Parrish, Colonel D. Yorke, Major D. Yearbury, RSM D. Yearbury, QM G. Webb, Capt J. Rose
Fm D. Alexander 'F' Troop, Cpl M.D Smith 'E'. Squadron, Lt L. Bentley Waihi Troop ('D') Pnr T. Lynch, Pnr A. Lepper 'L'. Troop, Lt A. Townsen 'C' troop, Pnr R. Hammond 'C'. Troop, Pnr D. Nelson, 'B'. Squadron, Pnr N. Taipeti 'B' Squadron, Sgt A. Myer 'B' Squadron, Fm C. Hohepa and Fm N. Hohepa 'B' Squadron, Cpl M. Courtney 'H'. troop, Lt P. Vince, 'I' Troop, Sgt/Sec K. Bracegirdle 'I' troop, Cpl S. Bracegirdle 'I' Troop, Lt V. Baker, Cadet F. Baker, Cadet A. Baker (Cadet T. Price and Fm T Signal arrived late) all of 'J' Troop, Fm M. Subritzky 'P/E' Squadron, Pnr N Parrish 'M' Squadron, Pnr D. West Pnr, Pnr Sgt A.M. Meredith 'Z' troop, Fm C. Bishop 'Z' Troop, Cpl J. McNaughton 'Y'. Squadron, Lt Pnr P. Kane 'Y' Squadron, Sgt W. Fairless, Fm R. Jordan, Fm V. Jordan, Fm J. Singh, all of 'Y' Squadron, Sgt M Stokes Pnr and Cpl W. Stokes Pnr of 'W'. Troop, Pnr Lt DR Vaile 'F'. troop, Fm FH Smith 'M' Squadron, Fm S.M Smith 'M' Squadron, Sgt R. West 'M' Squadron, Fm S Smith 'M' Squadron, Cpl T. Tahatika,  Fm GE Addison, Fm 'E'. Marsh, Fm M Smallman all of 'E' Squadron, Sgt I Bowman and Fm Bowman, both of 'H' Troop, Pnr A. Lane of 'Waihi Troop'. Lt K. Butler of 'N'. Squadron, Fm K. Kelland 'O' troop, Sgt M. Hamblin 'O' Troop, Lt K. Wilson 'H'. Troop.

SSgt G. Dowe L Troop, Cpl J. Stinson L Troop, Fm C Broadworth B Squadron, Pnr D. Reidy H. Troop, Fm P Webb I Troop, Fm A. Goldsworthy I Troop, Pnr F. Anthill I Troop, Pnr R. Ostler, Brig D. Baker J. Troop, Pnr S Nelson P/E Squadron, Pnr ID Cameron Z Troop, Cpl RR Hicks Z Troop, Fm J. Bishop Z Troop, Fm M Mate Y Squadron, Pnr GM Stokes W. Troop, Pnr K. Wallis, Sgt R. Cawte, Greymouth, Fm D & L Bradley, GPNR D. Funnell N Squadron, Cpl A. Hepburn N Squadron, Fm S. Funnell N. Squadron, Fm A Smith Pnr N. Squadron, Sgt/Sec B. Priar L Troop,

Moved that” Apologies be accepted” Pnr R. Hammond C Troop/Pnr W. Stokes W Troop

10.45 am
The Commandant, Col Des Yorke Lead the meeting with God Save the Queen.
A Prayer was spoken By Pnr Nick Taipeti B Squadron,

The Last Post was read: L210 Harris M. Y Squadron, 3107 Fm P. Mayo Y Squadron, Fm R. Wilton, and from CMO NZ Fm 3583 H. Munro A. Squadron, Fm 1463 D. Dawson J. Squadron.

Minutes of the previous Conference Held in Whakatane:
Moved Pnr M. Stokes/M. Subritzky that “minutes as circulated are taken as read.” Carried
Matters Arising from the minutes: No matters arising:

Commandants Report:
The report from Col Des Yorke was read by Major Parrish.  Moved G. Webb/S. Parrish that the report is accepted.  Carried.  (To be supplied)

Financial Report: 
A request was made for the auditor’s report, which had not been supplied in the circulation prior to conference; Major Yearbury duly supplied 27 copies. Pnr R. Vaile congratulated NZHQ on the financial position of the LOF
As there was no queries on the balance sheets it was moved by Pnr R. Vaile/M Subritzky “that the financial statements be accepted” carried.

Unit Reports: 
These where taken as received as the reports where given by all Officers and Delegates the previous evening.
The only one in writing was A. Meredith L104 Z Troop Report: Which reads:
We have 5 members. One in hospital/rest home permanently. Ian is now unfortunately bed bound. He sends his love to everyone. We must once again thank I. Troop, M Squadron, and L. Troop for the duties that we have had.  We unfortunately only have 2 members who are really able to do duties now.  Financially we are very well off.  Unfortunately after conference we are going to look at winding our unit up.  We may be able to look at joining forces with our neighbouring units.  We as good as do that now.
(Discussion took place on this and it was suggested to look at other options before taking up this option)

Long Service: Life Members
705 Rosser R. 'L' Squadron, 55 years, PNR
801 Funnell D.S. 'N'. Squadron, 54 years, GPNR, PC
943 Baker D.J. 'J' Troop, 66 years, GPNR, NZC
1105 Yorke R.D. 'F' Troop, 51 years, PNR
1106 Hammond R. 'C' Troop, 51 years, LDSC, GPNR
1246 Dalton I, 'L' Squadron, 50 years
1360 Lepper A.W. 'L' Squadron, 50 years, PNR
1379 Turvey I.K. 'R' Troop, 49 years, PNR
1435 Wallis K.D. 'W' Troop, 48 years, PNR, SF
1570 Yearbury D.A. 'F' Troop, 46 years, PNR, SF
1580 Waswo W, 'L' Squadron, 46 years, PNR
1656 Kane P. 'Y' Squadron, 44 years, PNR, SF
1686 Anthill J.D. 'I' Troop, 44 years
1762 Stokes M.C. 'W' Troop, 43 years, PNR, SF
1846 Lynch E. 'D' Troop, 41 years, PNR, SF
1850 Parrish N. 'M' Squadron, 41 years, SF
1874 Malcolm E.S. 'F' Troop, 40 years

“That the New Zealand Command adopts the revised rule book Mark ‘A’ with all appropriate typing errors corrected and new remits added.”
Val Baker proposed remit stated all typo’s had been changed, no need for discussion, put it to the vote.
Motion was carried

“That in the rule book all units which are currently not printed are re-instated and those units who are no longer operational are deleted by town only.”
Val Baker as this was also the same as the previous motion no need for discussion.
Motion was carried.

“That the NZ Command introduces a chart into the rulebook on the design of the flashes”
There was a little discussion on this and C. troop pointed out that their flashes were white at the back and black on front triangle.  Neil Parrish suggested also having a colour chart. This could be done.
Motion was carried.

“That the NZ Command delete rule passed at 2005 which clarified the standing of the command and replace with the following,
1.Legion of Frontiersmen NZ Command agrees to associate with other commands under the common title of Legion Of Frontiersmen.
2.New Zealand Legion of Frontiersmen agrees to form associations where no money shall be demanded nor paid between parties.
3.Legion of Frontiersmen New Zealand Command shall only associate with other commands so long as the other commands accept Legion of Frontiersmen New Zealand Command has its own autonomy and that they shall both agree not to interfere with the governing of either command.
4.To record this each command forming an agreement may send a certificate to recognise the agreement signed by their various Commanding Officers as passed at the appropriate meetings.”
Val Baker spoke on this topic: It is straight forward NZ Members do not want to see our money going overseas – it allows us to govern ourselves and change the name of either affiliation or association means very little this spells it out clearly.
Motion was carried.

“That so long as the terms are agreed and maintained that the Legion of Frontiersmen New Zealand Command Inc, forms an Association with Legion of Frontiersmen Australian Division.”

“That so long as the terms are agreed and maintained that the Legion of Frontiersmen New Zealand Command Inc, forms as Association with the ‘Welsh Auxiliary Corps Volunteers Independent Command Wales U.K Legion of Frontiersmen”

“That so long as the terms are agreed and maintained that the Legion of Frontiersmen New Zealand Command Inc, forms an Association with the Scottish Command, 1st Highland Brigade Legion of Frontiersmen Volunteers (Yeomanry).”
It was moved by Val Baker/Geoff Webb “that remits 5, 6, & 7 be moved in bulk.”
Remits 5, 6, & 7 moved in bulk carried: F. troop recorded vote against

“Add to current rules (C4) Duties: the following after the words offensive nature.
2. Cadets cannot perform duties that would be contrary to rules governed by New Zealand Law.
3. Cadets may not take traffic control.”
As the mover Val Baker spoke: these needs to be passed to safe guard ourselves. The rules at present are not clear. 

REMIT 9   
”That NZHQ supply the forms 5,6,7, & 8 plus forms 11,and 12, 13 that are stated in the rule book to be included in the back of book, or delete reference from the rule book if these forms are no longer relevant, and possibly re-numbering those that are relevant.”
As the mover Val Baker spoke on this subject asking members to look in the current rulebook and noting pages 81/82 where the form 8 was in fact shown as form 9 in the back of the book. 
Motion was carried

Add to section 29a) after the words “In very special circumstances, dispensation may be sought from the Commandant” insert
“The following may be some reasons to grant dispensation for Sgt/Sec
AThe member has held rank within a regular force unit within NZ Armed Forces.
BThe member has had professional training in this field.
CThere are no other members of the unit who wish to hold this position.
DThe unit is new and no other Frontiersmen have been members for greater than three (3) years.
There was a lot of discussion on this topic Val Baker moved motion that it will make it easier for our command to increase and expand our numbers taking away any personality problems.
Commandant Col Des Yorke spoke in regards to an ex-army officer,
Les Bentley “This is a position of survival”
John Rose “I am in favour of this”
Wayne Stokes stated, “It was a units prerogative”
Ross Vaile “it needed the approval of commandant I have a woman who is capable in my unit”
Col Des Yorke raised concerns about sticky fingers and it was pointed out that there should be two or three signatures to an account and not two from the same family.
Geoff Webb “We would be very remiss if we didn’t utilise the skills of people with a recommendation by unit OC.”
O Troop OC, he also had problems and contacted HQ and was told give him a go.
Motion was carried.

Add to section 57. Making sub-clause, between Amalgamation and disbanding and add in the following:
“If at any stage any unit amalgamates with a neighbouring unit, that nay funds held by that unit and/or any funds held on behalf of that unit, by NZHQ, then such funds be automatically transferred to the new combined unit.  This also applies if an amalgamation is sought at the behest of NZHQ”
Val Baker as the mover: It is not covered in the current rules.
REMIT 12   
“That NZLOF adopt form (14) Marked ‘B’ and Form (14a) marked ‘C’ for identification purposes as the official format of voting papers to be used in the year of elections of Commandant and these shall be printed in the rule book.”
Val Baker spoke as the mover, it is self-explanatory there have been several instances where this has been abused, and it is a secret ballot,
There was considerable discussion on why not a black pen could be used, and why they could sign if it was a secret ballot, once explained that the Justice of peace didn’t know the signatures or the member’s numbers. 
Motion was carried.

REMIT 13   
Section 19a) delete and replace with the following:
“Immediately after the 28th of February the Records Officer shall prepare a list of all Squadrons and Unattached troops showing the number of financial members as shown in the Unit Strength Returns for whom Capitations have been paid to New Zealand Headquarters on or before the 28th of February in the year of elections.
Ballot papers shall be prepared containing the names of the nominated candidates. Sufficient Ballot papers for the financial members of each unit shall be send to the Squadron Adjutant or Unattached Troop secretary, filled in, in accordance with (NZLOF Form 14) and inclusive of Form (NZLOF form 14a) which lists financial members in NZLOF form 14, with a non self sealing envelope addressed to NZHQ Voting Papers C/- (a member appointed by NZHQ in the year of elections).
These voting papers on NZLOF form 14 to be distributed to the financial members of the unit for return to Squadron or Troop Headquarters and to be posted with signed by O.C Form 14a in official envelope to reach the appointed NZHQ, member not later than 7 days before the date fixed for the annual conference.
Votes shall be counted by a Justice of Peace (who is not a member of the command,) provided by the host unit on the morning of conference, who will sign a declaration as to the result of the poll and will hand same to the appointed NZHQ member for presentation to the Chairman officiating at conference.
Ballot papers, received at NZHQ after the date will be rejected as informal.  All Ballot papers, when counted, must be enclosed in a sealed A4 package and handed to the chairman.”
Val Baker as the mover spoke that this would remove a lot of problems that have occurred over the years.  It was pretty self-explanatory.
Ray Hammond also spoke on the matter.
Motion was carried.

Val Baker spoke on the remit and reminded the conference the history of the awards, and the reason for the order of wear, UK being the home command and thus the reason for it coming first in part B.  There was a lot of discussion on this topic and it was further moved as an amendment.
Moved N. Parrish/S. Parrish
“That a slash (/) be put between the words military and service in part C”
It was also moved by Mike Smith/M. Stokes
“That the order of wear to take effect from 2008 the year of our centennial.”
With these inclusions of the amendments the following motion was put:
“1. Order of Wear of Medals
A.The following shall be the order for wearing of Legion awards by members of the New Zealand Command;
New Zealand Cross of Merit
Pioneer Cross
Legion Distinguished Service Cross
New Zealand Legion Meritorious Service Medal
Legion Meritorious Service Medal
Legion Cross of Merit
New Zealand Long Service and Efficiency Medal (with silver fern)
Legion Long Service and Efficiency Medal
New Zealand Legion Star of Merit
Legion Star of Merit
Legion 90th Anniversary Medal
Legion Centennial Medal
B.If any member of the New Zealand Command holds any award from one or more other overseas Commands then such awards shall be worn in accordance with the Command’s Order of Wear of the issuing Country, in the following country order, after awards issued by New Zealand Command.
United Kingdom
United States
C.All Legion medals and awards are to be worn after any military/service medals and any foreign decorations.
D.The order of wear to take effect from 2008 the year of our centennial.
Moved J. Troop/D. Troop

“Section 14 c
Delete section 14c and replace with:
“90th Commemorative Meal. This award is recognised by the New Zealand Command and was awarded to members who were members of the command in June 1994.  It is no longer available for presentation.”
Moved J. Troop/D. Troop

Delete from ‘If approved, the application goes to the Commonwealth Council who will either approve and decide the type of award or disapprove the award. In this way, there will be standardisation of awards throughout the Commonwealth Commands.”
Moved J. Troop/D. Troop
Little discussion as it was no longer relevant to this command having its own autonomy.
Motion carried.

“That New Zealand Headquarters have the medal of the New Zealand Legion Long Service and Efficiency Medal redesigned.  The reason was first brought up in General Business at the 2005 conference with the mention n that the current design does not meet Heraldic Standard in that it has the Kings Crown on the obverse (front).
It is very much doubted that the Queen would authorise the use of the Queens Crown on the medal, so that basically requires that the medals be redesigned with the effigy of the Legion Badge surmounted by a Mural Crown and framed by a fern leaf each side.”
Don Neilson spoke on the history of the royal family, motion amended moved by Neil Parrish/Mike Subritzky
“Remove second paragraph of original motion” carried. There was much discussion on this remit.
Remit was then put and Lost 13/2 for done by unit vote.
Moved E. Squadron/J. Troop  LOST

“Section 114 c words ‘by 15 October annually’ and replace with ‘the last day of February annually’
Moved E. Squadron/J. Troop
Discussion took place Mike Smith as the mover of the motion stated it was self explanatory.
Ross Vaile on behalf of F. Troop requested that it be the end of December.  Val Baker spoke for the motion saying that all returns had to be in by the last day in February now so it would keep everything the same as it is, it always used to be this date before 1997. Geoff Webb had advised the meeting that he could order the medals in sufficient time with the proposed date change, to make available for conference.
Motion was put and carried.

It was pointed out by Sandra Parrish that at the time M. Board had put this remit forward she was the Sgt/Sec of Y. Squadron and was legal.
Kate Wilson seconded the motion, so it could be discussed openly at the meeting. Mike Smith spoke in Favour of an amendment to 40 years, Val Baker spoke against the remit and against forty years as at 40 frontiersmen receive the life membership certificate, the previous year when all the awards where put in place this was left as a separate discussion point because of the 50 years of service.
It was asked that a rule on remits not being able to come forward for another three years from when a remit is put. It was pointed out that in fact there is no rule governing this point in the rulebook.
Geoff Webb emphasised the ladder structure of the Legion awards.
Ross Vaile stated if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
Remit” That the presentation of the Gold Pioneer Axe be for service of not less than 35yrs.”
Moved Y Squadron/H. Troop

Colonel Des Yorke made the announcement for the results of the elections of Commanding Officer. The signed paper in a sealed envelope was read by Geoff Webb.
That Sandra Parrish was the duly elected commandant for the next three years.
It was moved by Ross Vaile/Geoff Webb “that the voting papers be destroyed.”

The meeting broke for photos and lunch 11.45
Meeting reconvened at 1.30 pm
Lt Colonel Des Yorke asked Major Dawn Yearbury to read the list of long service members.  (Note on page 2)

“2002 Rule book. Page 75, part 2. Proposed rulebook. Page 38. Part 2
“Delete word duly and replace with maybe to read ‘After the three months probation the applicant maybe accepted.’”
Moved Paritutu ’L’ Troop/M. Squadron
Sandra Parrish stated this was self explanatory motion was put

“Delete all reference to chairman/chairwoman in rule book and replace with Chairperson”
Moved Paritutu ‘L’ Troop/M Squadron
Pnr M Stokes self-explanatory
Motion was put and carried.

“That the Host Unit who wishes to have the Colour Party at their conference pays the following: - Accommodation and travel only. Meals and Registrations to be met by the Unit they belong to or else the individual member.  No wives or partners will be paid for by the host unit.”
Sandra Parrish spoke that as NZHQ were not able to put remits forward the only changes to the remit was that M. Squadron and F. Troop now moved and seconded the motion.
Sandra spoke that it was self-explanatory. Was discussion on remit on previous years and it was put forward because of an instance at Wanganui, Lt Kathie Butler stated she did not know on any partners in the colour party being paid for.  Moved M. Squadron/F. Troop

As it was similar to remit 14 and lacked a seconder no vote was taken.
Moved E. Squadron

“Para 16. To read Association and delete all reference to affiliation. As per remits 13 & 14 Whakatane 2005.”
Moved F. Troop/M. Squadron
Ross Vaile spoke we do not wish to affiliate, we wish to associate with other commands, regardless what Val read as the meaning in the dictionary.
Val spoke against the motion as it was a constitution rule change it was not worded correctly, as it was a constitution change it could not be amended off the floor as it presently read it did not make sense.  It needed to read delete word and replace with.
Ross Vaile then withdrew the remit.

“Subject, Para 4a (ii) to read, “cadets are to be those aged 14 and under 18 years of age.”
Moved F. Troop/M. Squadron
Ross Vaile spoke briefly on this remit and requested discussion. It was a troop majority that felt that it should be 14, and to not shoot the messenger.
Val Baker spoke on this topic, you have just passed a rule on maybe accepting members, cannot you as individual units not decide if you want to take on under members, we have had mascots under than 14, new members can join with their families we should be encouraging children and young people to be involved at all levels of the Legion, and then stated I wish this remit to be lost.
M. Stokes stated we could decide for ourselves what we want in the way of young people not headquarters.
Motion was Lost

“Sunday Parade:  The parade order will be set by the Command R.S.M on the Friday of conference, and handed to the Commandant Friday evening.  This gives the Commandant and host O.C 24 hours to make any changes that may be required, and the parade should then fall into place.
Parade Order.
R.S.M. Calls Parade to order, then gives the command ‘Marker’ the designated marker comes to attention, marches out and comes to a halt 3 paces in front of the R.S.M, then stands at ease.  The R.S.M. then gives the command “Parade will fall in, in three ranks, Fall In.”  The marker who is already in position will come to attention; the rest of the parade also comes to attention marches out and form up in three ranks to the left of the marker and also to the rear forming three ranks.  The R.S.M. will then dress the parade off. After the parade is dressed the R.S.M. will then give the command “Parade for inspection open order march” the front rank will take three paces to the front, and the rear rank will take three paces  to the rear, with the centre rank remaining still.
The R.S.M. will then give a quick dressing of the parade again, with the command “right dress”. After parade is dressed off, the command will be given “eyes front”.  The R.S.M. then marches out to Commandant, salutes and says “parade ready for inspection sir.”  The R.S.M. falls in on the left hand side of the Commandant and the inspection is carried out.  After inspection is completed the Commandant and R.S.M. march out to the front and the Commandant passing any comments, i.e. dress, bearing, etc to the R.S.M.
The R.S.M. then salutes the Commandant and marches back five paces, halts and gives the command “close order march”.  The parade then comes back to close order.   The R.S.M. then gives the command fall in the officers.
The Officers come to attention march out and fall in to the right of the troops, leaving enough room for the colour party.
The R.S.M. turns to the right and marches to the flank of the troops and falls in line with the centre rank, five paces to their left.  This in effect now handed over the parade from the R.S.M. to the Commandant.
The Commandant then gives the command ‘fall in the colours’.  The colour party comes to attention and marches on across the front of the parade, around the officers and falls in from the rear of the parade.  The commandant then gives the command ‘parade will move to the right in column of route, right turn.”
The Commandant then marches into position, at the head of the column and takes up position behind the band who at this time should be in position to lead the parade.
The commandant will then order ‘Parade by the centre quick march.”  And the parade will march off to the Cenotaph for wreath laying etc.
Upon arrival at cenotaph the parade is halted with the colour party directly in front of the Cenotaph.
The Commandant will then order “parade will move to the left in three’s, left turn.”
The Commandant and Adjutant will then proceed to lay the wreath and parade will remain in position for the last post and the reveille.
After all the protocol has taken place, the Commandant will turn to position within the parade.  The Commandant will command, “parade will move to the right in columns of three’s, right turn.”
If it is possible Parade will march forward, complete a 180 turn and march back past the cenotaph completing an eyes right as it passes back past the cenotaph.
The Parade is marched back to a suitable location and halted.  The parade will then do a flank turn, (left or right) and be addressed by the Commandant.
Then the Commandant will order “march off the colours” the colour party will an about turn and march out behind the officers and around to the front of the parade.  They will then march across the front of the parade and break a position to re-case the colours.
Once the colour party has left the parade ground, the Commandant hands the parade back to the R.S.M, after ordering them to Parade again in twelve months time at the next conference venue.
The R.S.M will then fall out the parade, and everyone can then leave feeling extremely proud of themselves.
Moved F Troop/M Squadron
Ross Vaile stated that the parade has in recent years been a shambles. Mike Subritzky stated that parades should be kept simple, and as well a drummer should also used so as to keep the cadence. Geoff Webb spoke in regards to the current remit.
An amendment was put by Val Baker/John Rose “that both Geoff Webb and Ross Vaile to get together and put forward a parade order to be included in the rule book”
The amendment became the motion and was carried.
Motion was put by Val Baker/Mike Smith
“To create a new section in the rule book, Parades:”

“When a second and/or subsequent award of a medal is made, the multiple award shall be indicated; On the suspension ribbon of the original award by the wearing of a silver metal bar 32mm wide with a representation of a Mural Crown thereon.  When ribbons only are worn, by the wearing of a Silver Star device centrally on the ribbon.”
Moved E. Squadron/J. Troop.
Mike Smith spoke that it was to tidy things up, a policy that had been carried out but no rules to permit it to be done.
Motion was put and carried.

New Zealand Pioneer Cross: -
A.The Legion of Frontiersmen (New Zealand) Command has re-instituted the New Zealand Pioneer Cross in Order to recognise exceptional and exemplary service to the New Zealand Command.
B.The Award will be properly known as the “New Zealand Pioneer Cross” which is described as a silver Maltese cross 32 mm in diameter with a central representation of the Legion Badge.
C.The Medal is suspended from a bar suspension and a 36mm ribbon still to be designed.
D.The Medal will be worn on the left breast pocket of the Legion Uniform in accordance with the New Zealand Command Order of Wear.
E.The recipient will be entitled to the post nominal ‘NZCP’
F.There shall be no more than one award made in any one calendar year.  No more than 5 members of NZ Command can be holders of this award at any one time.  Years of non-issue cannot be accumulated.
G.In uniform when ribbons only are worn, the wearing of a ribbon bar shall denote the award.
H.Those to whom the Medal is awarded may wear Miniature Medals on appropriate occasions.
I.Subject to these Regulations, the New Zealand Pioneer Cross is awarded by the Commandant, upon the recommendation of a Unit Commander, to a person, who is a member of the Legion of Frontiersmen (New Zealand) Command, and who has rendered continuous and exceptional service to the New Zealand Command for a minimum period of thirty years.
Geoff Webb spoke on the ring suspension being changed to a bar suspension as he had recently re-located the original dies for the Pioneer Cross that had been though lost many years ago, and then it was moved by Geoff Webb/Val Baker “that rule C delete the word ring and replace with bar”

The motion put by E. Squadron/J. Troop was then put to the meeting and carried

The end of the remits.

Ray Hammond called for a vote of thanks for Val Baker and asked for NZHQ to pay for the expense that it cost Val for her time and printing.
Val Baker spoke that the time was not necessary but she would appreciate if the printing cost paid out by the Troop was reimbursed.
Moved Sandra Parrish/Ray Hammond “That the $151.20 be paid out to the troop.”
There was some discussion that took place in regards to the size and style of the rulebook.   The units to have a master copy in A4 size with colour as much as possible.  The members to have an A5 size booklet, the costs should be found out for the options and NZHQ should apply for a grant to cover the costs.  Neil Parrish, Mike Smith and Val Baker to work through these options.

General Business:
The Commandant Sandra Parrish spoke in regards to medals being taken at Whangarei that have not been returned. A Member gave the medals to someone to mount unfortunately they had not been returned; Mike Smith stated he did not have any members medals.  It was suggested by Mike Subritzky to consider contacting other members in the CMO NZ Command, as there are persons who would have been present in 2004 that mount medals who are now in that Command.  Don Nelson spoke on getting hold of Kevin Torrey he has an unlisted phone no. You may need to get hold of the O.C. in his area, even though Kevin is no longer with CMO.  Anne Meredith can supply his address and she would pass it on.

Neil Parrish spoke in regards to the new law changes that are happening with Inland revenue on charities, especially in regard to the booklet ‘A Guide to Charities Book’ the contact details are ( ( and 0508 242 748 free phone or Wellington 04 978 7785.
If there are any questions which need to be raised to this matter they should be direct to Neil Parrish to ask on behalf of NZ LOF.  Geoff requested information from Neil Parrish about getting further information on obtaining funds; Val suggested that she would help with regard to this if anyone needed help.

Geoff Webb spoke on an idea of a NZ Centennial medal or badge for 2008, as it would be the 100th year since the Command was formed.  He felt that it should be open to all members to help design and that they need to come back to him with ideas before Labour weekend 2006. A general discussion followed on the topic.

Val Baker showed the list of stocks available through Myles Penny in Canada for those who needed to purchase some equipment. 

The members showed their appreciation by hands, in a vote of thanks to Colonel Des Yorke and his out going staff.  Neil Parrish said a pat on everyone back should be given for an excellent conference.

The Shooting awards: The RSM Don Yearbury spoke on this topic as only one unit had in fact competed this year, that being F Troop.

The new Commandant Sandra Parrish spoke thanking all members for voting for her and she would like to name her staff.
Deputy Commandant Des Yorke
Adjutant Arthur Myers
Records Officer Dawn Yearbury
North Island Liaison officer John Rose
South Island Liaison officer yet to be decided
QM Geoff Webb
RSM Don Yearbury
Editor for present to remain Sandra Parrish

The meeting stood to sing ‘God Defend New Zealand’
No Declaration of Allegiance was taken.
Meeting was dismissed at 1550.

Gold Pioneer Axe                                                                    
1106 Raymond HAMMOND
Meritorious Service Medal
1570 Donald A. YEARBURY
L3 Dawn S. YEARBURY         
L73 Sandra G. PARRISH
Long Service & Efficiency Medal
3977 Arthur Colin TOWNSEND
Service Medal
4035 T. URWIN
Frontiersman of the Year
1105 R. Des YORKE

The Awards of the Legion
Past & present Patrons and Commandants of the Command